GRE Preparation Tips

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GRE Preparation Tips

Scoring 330+ in Graduate Record Examination (GRE) seems like a daunting task. Although, this can be achieved with proper planning and guidance. GRE preparation is not about sitting in a corner for hours and mugging up, but It involves planning and smart study. It is very important to take a structured approach to GRE preparation as it requires you to solve more questions in a limited time period. Here are some GRE preparation tips which will help you design a fool-proof plan to succeed. 

GRE Exam Pattern 2022

GRE Exam Pattern

To start with the GRE preparation, first thing to know is what do you exactly have to study! Learn everything about the GRE study material through this blog!

GRE Preparation Tips

Referring to the right books, getting the correct guidance and following the accurate GRE preparation tips can help you in getting an excellent GRE score. Hence, we have curated a list of some GRE tips and tricks that are going to aid your preparation:

Identify your Weak Points

One of the most important GRE preparation tips is to identify your strengths and weakness. This has to be done very precisely as GRE syllabus is very vast. A single topic can make or break your GRE preparation. Diagnosis is a very integral part of your planning since it is the base of the whole structure. But this can be done very easily, all you need to do is follow these steps.

  • Go through the syllabus properly to get an idea of what topics are included in it.
  • Identify the topics you are not comfortable with, analyse its syllabus, and try to figure out whether you have to study the entire topic or some parts of it.
  • Find the suitable study material for the same. 

Devise a Study Plan 

Once you have documented the syllabus as per your requirement, you can move ahead with your GRE preparation. Consistency is the key to score well in GRE. However, it is possible only when you make the right choice between hard work vs smart work. GRE preparation doesn’t require endless hours of studying. It can a done with a mere 1.5 to 2 hours a day effort. The plan mentioned below will allow you to work on your strengths and limitations.

  • Try to finish at least 3 topics in a day. Out of which, 2 topics should be the ones which you are confident about and 1 weak topic.
  • Devote an hour to each topic and solve 20-30 questions every day for the ones which you find easy to comprehend. 
  • Spend more time on weak sections and spare 15-30 minutes to analyze the mistakes.

Solve Mock Tests

Solving mock papers on a regular basis is one of the most important GRE preparation tips.
Make sure that you dedicate 10 to 15 days in solving GRE sample papers. This will not only help in increasing accuracy but will also enhance your speed. Furthermore, solving questions won’t suffice. You need to assess your mistakes and revise a concept which you couldn’t understand. 

Choose the Right Study Material

Everyone follows different learning methods. While some prefer watching short videos or clearing concepts through books, others believe in learning the concept by using a practical approach. However, it is advised to not stack your rack with lots of books. Choose those study guides which cover all the topics of syllabus comprehensively and also offer a wide range of sample papers. You can read our blog which lists down the best books for GRE preparation! 

Stick to Your Schedule!

Make sure that you have a fixed schedule. You might end up procrastinating thinking that you’ll skip some topics for today and sit for 4 hours the next day. But let’s be honest, that never happens. So, it is important to have and follow a fixed schedule religiously. Studying for 2 hours a day will do more benefit than sitting for 12 hours straight before the GRE exam date.

Clear the Clutter

Solving questions on a regular basis is certainly one of the important GRE preparation tips, however, it won’t benefit you until you focus on your mistakes too. Being able to solve eight questions correctly out of ten, in one go, will definitely boost up your confidence, but the remaining two questions are the true scope for improvement. Here is what you should do. 

  •  Keep a track of the topics where you are making mistakes. 
  • Try to solve the questions again to rectify your mistakes but limit them to three attempts per question. You shouldn’t waste an entire day on understanding one concept. 
  • If you are stuck with a problem even after trying a couple of times, ask someone to help you with that or try to search for similar questions online. 
GRE-Preparation Tips

Section Wise GRE Preparation Tips

Important Tips for Verbal Section!

  • Distinguish the main argument from the auxiliary ones.
  • Do not get flustered by any unfamiliar data. 
  • Understand the writer’s orientation.
  • Solve GRE sample papers to increase accuracy and speed

Analytical Writing

  • Read from the start to end thoroughly.
  • Try to know the central issue of the “issue” or “argument” given.
  • Look for assumptions taken by the writer and analyse it.

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Avoid unnecessary calculations. 
  • Try to simplify the equation.
  • Memorise the mensuration formulas in order to increase the speed.
  • Break down word problems into small units.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online GRE Prep

Finding out how to begin GRE preparation is a major problem that everyone taking the test encounters. The most recent student favourite is taking online preparatory courses, however some prefer traditional individual tutoring, coaching sessions, or self-study. Here are a few facts that will help you understand why online exam preparation has suddenly become popular among test-takers worldwide if you are unsure whether to join coaching classes or go it alone online.

  • Flexible and practical
  • Personalized instruction
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Evaluation
  • Cost-effective


What is the best way to prepare for GRE?

Your performance will be enhanced by using the following GRE preparation advice Your performance will be enhanced by using the following GRE preparation advice i.e. read a lot of thought-provoking nonfiction ; follow a consistent study schedule for the GRE; practice exams are advised; be aware of your weaknesses; track your progress and believe your gut.

How long does it take to prepare for GRE?

Since the GRE is primarily a test of patterns rather than facts, you will need enough practise time if you want to improve your score. We advise you to dedicate 4 to 12 weeks to GRE study.

Is 2 months enough for GRE?

Yes! If you plan your study well and adhere to it, you may prepare for the GRE in just eight weeks. You can definitely reach your target score with two months of preparation, but it requires effort, commitment, and good time management.

Is GRE test hard to pass?

When compared to the SAT and ACT tests, the GRE test is frequently thought of as the most challenging graduate college entry exam. The GRE is a difficult exam, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult because of the difficult essays, reading, and vocabulary components.

There are scores of GRE preparation tips, but implementing them strictly is what you’ll need to ace the exam. If you feel stuck in any section and require guidance then don’t worry! Enroll in Leverage Edu’s online classes where you’ll not only get to learn from the industry experts but will also get to solve a plethora of mock papers and receive feedback on the same!

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