Diwali in Canada

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How to Celebrate Diwali in Canada as an International Student

Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “triumph of light over darkness, godliness, and wisdom over ignorance”. Diwali is celebrated globally by Sikhs, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Jains, Buddhists, Tamils, Nepalis, Sri Lankans, and East Indians. Diwali commemorates Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana and his victorious return to home. Celebrating this festival of lights is a special time for thousands of people in Canada. The real question is, is Diwali celebrated in Canada? The answer is yes because there is a mini India in Canada as well. Read on to know how Diwali in Canada is celebrated!

How is Diwali in Canada Celebrated?

Diwali in Canada is celebrated on a cold night, and you’ll discover too late that the clay lamps and candles wouldn’t remain lit in the damp Canadian breeze. During Diwali, one of the most popular activities among Canadians is to stroll around the neighbourhood with their family, bringing trays of sweets. Some new customs emerged gradually, such as bringing the lights and decorations inside to accommodate the normal Canadian weather. A large Diwali party is a recurring tradition in Canada. Indian and Hindu populations can be found all across the country, but the festival of Diwali in Canada is a sight to behold.

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People Buy Sweets in Scarborough

Even the most basic Diwali festivities include a visit to the confectioner who brims with joy on this auspicious festival of Diwali in Canada. There’s something for everyone among the thousands of vividly coloured culinary goodies on display. Canadians buy sweets and distribute them to their families and neighbours.

Did you know that in Malaysia, Diwali is celebrated as Hari Diwali in the month of Aswayuja!
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Diwali Mela in Toronto

Every year, the Diwali Mela is held in Toronto, Canada’s capital city. The finest way to celebrate Diwali is in a crowd on the streets. For this annual social festival, Canada will be extra bright and extra loud. People of Indian descent from all over the world, as well as Canadians, converged here to see this light festival. 

Did you know: Outside of India, the city of Leicester in the United Kingdom hosts the largest Diwali celebrations. Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to the streets to watch spectacular light, music, and dance displays!

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Grand Diwali Dinner

Dinner with live music by Sur Sangeet Orchestra and dances by Footsteps Dance School is being held at the Voice of Dharma Temple in Toronto, Canada’s capital. If you are celebrating Diwali in Canada, you must pay a visit to this location.

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Diwali Razzmatazz in Mississauga

Indo Canada Arts Council organizes Diwali Razzmatazz in Mississauga, Canada. The Diwali Razzmatazz is a joyful celebration for the whole family. Bollywood headliners, musical concerts, dancing performances, a Diwali bazaar, kids’ rides, Diwali lucky draws, and other sponsored gifts and prizes are all part of the stage programming. The genuine flavours of Diwali celebrations are provided by food sellers. 

Did you know: In Thailand, Diwali is celebrated by lighting lamps which are made up of banana leaves! The festival is known as Lam Kriyongh! 
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Diwali Pooja at Sanatan Mandir 

Sanatan Mandir is a Gujarati temple, however, it is open to everyone in Canada. Take some time to be calm and silent and ponder on what has happened and what will happen in the future. Diwali Poojan begins on every Diwali night, according to Hindu customs. 

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Did you know: During Diwali, Hindus in Bengal worship the goddess Kali, the slayer of bad forces and people celebrate Lord Krishna’s triumph over the wicked monarch Narakaasura in Nepal. 

Party on Cruise and “Diwaloween” 

Diwali in Canada is also celebrated by people partying on cruises in traditional Punjabi style. Wear your glitziest, most traditional Indian costume on Diwali night for the Bollywood Diwali Night. Dance, bhangra, games, and a buffet are all on the menu at Friends Entertainment. In addition, Bollywood Social Toronto and Desi Beatz event companies in Canada team up to bring you a Bollywood-inspired party that is both frightening and dazzling. 

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After reading this blog, you’re probably had a brief idea of how Diwali is celebrated in Canada. Canada will celebrate this festival of light with glitz and glamour, as it does every year, and this festival represents forgiveness, aspirations, joy, love, reflection, learning, and light. For more such content, keep following Leverage Edu!

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