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Nepal, the land of dynamic history not only carries a rich culture but also a range of opportunities by means of Educational Institutes and other development opportunities for students internationally. Different students come with different needs, be it the urge to explore, to gain academic knowledge, to become independent or to experience a different culture. Desire of students, of whichever kind needs financial support to sustain, and considering the academic needs and boundations of work hours, a part-time job comes out to be the best solution.


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Benefits Of Working Part Time In Nepal

part time jobs in nepal
  • One of the major benefits of working part-time is that it gives you a practical experience of the work environment to students providing clarity in the career choice.
  • Working while studying not only gives you an extra source of money but also gives you a sense of independence at a very early age leaving you desiring it more in the future alongside giving you a sense of responsibility and accountability.
  • You develop work ethics and learn work culture which will help you grow in your full-time job after your graduation.
  • It provides you with hands-on work experience to strengthen your resume and expand your reach in the corporate world. 
  • It enhances skills and teaches money management.

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Types Of Part Time Jobs In Nepal For Students

part time jobs in nepal

Data Entry 

Data entry is one of the most pursued part-time jobs by students. Many companies hire employees to organize their data and keep track of their records. This can be done both online and offline. Data entry jobs can easily be found on job search portals and with the help of city locals. The skills required for data entry are proficiency in typing speed with a speed of around 40 -50 words per minute, typing accuracy, attention to detail, research skills, and software knowledge.

The average pay for data entry jobs is 10,000 – 12,000 a month. 

Insurance Agent 

Being an insurance agent is one of the most popular sources of earning across the student community across most countries. All the insurance-providing agencies hire a good number of agents to sell a variety of insurance such as Health insurance, home insurance, motor insurance, term insurance, etc . And the ratio of earnings is pretty good depending on the skills of the employee. The basic requirement for being an agent is having good knowledge of sales, convincing ability, good communication skills and financial planning skills.

The average pay for an Insurance Agent in Nepal starts from 12,000 and increases based on the number of insurance the person sells as it is a commission-based job.

Stock Market Investor

Investing is coming out as a very strong market-driving source in the market of ROI. Be it a student or a working professional, be it a person with high knowledge of finance or not everybody is trying their hand out in the share market and also it does not have any time boundation, any rules or any employer, you just need a good knowledge about analyzing, finance, math, risk quantification and technical skills, also a good mental stamina.

There is no specific fixed amount of average income in Investment, the ROI completely depends on the Investment amount and market trend.

Blog Writing or Content Writing

Blog writing and content writing jobs can easily be found on portals or through other resources and are one of the easiest ways to earn if you are good in literature, have research abilities, know about Search Engine Optimisation, and have a good hold of English grammar. Instead of working for a company a content writer can also work as a freelancer by registering themselves on online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com etc.

The average salary of a content writer in Nepal on a part-time basis is 8,000 – 10,000 a month.

Content Editor

Along with content writers companies hire content editors to produce good quality content which is error-free and publicly acceptable. The content editor is expected to work on story editing, copy editing, line editing and proofreading. The job requires the candidate to be good with content creation, content quality assurance, excellent writing skills and attention to detail. Content editors are mostly experienced in content writing as prior expertise.

The average pay for a part-time content editor is 8,000 – 10,0000.

Real Estate Agents

With people shifting In and out of the city, the residential requirements keep on changing and increasing, there’s always a need for accommodations and people to provide, hence the job of a real estate agent comes with a great opportunity for students. Real estate agents deal with all rental properties, purchase properties, commercial properties etc, but a single type can also be chosen as a major functional area. A real estate agent should have good interpersonal skills, communication skills, marketing ability, real estate knowledge and very good negotiation skills. Pay in real estate for real estate agents is not fixed as it is a commission-based job, usually the commission rate is between 2-3 % of sale value, and  it can get you a whopping amount of cash if done with dedication.

Social Media Handling

The matter of presence over social media has gained popularity in the recent era of socialization. Each company needs to offer an online face to the consumers to have a hold over the market, therefore all the companies, however small, are hiring social media managers. The job does not require many working hours and is a cakewalk for students these days as the young generation is well-versed with social media algorithms. Social media manager manages different platforms for a company like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other place where the company has a presence. To become a social media manager you need to be good at marketing, designing, copywriting, research, public relations skills, communication proficiency and good knowledge of the product.

Pay of a part-time social media manager in Nepal comes out on average to be around 7,000 to 12,000 a month. 


The top most popular part-time job profession amongst students is teaching. You can make a couple of hours a day after your college and teach a handful of students from your locality and make whooping cash to survive in the country by giving tuition. Teaching knowledge is the basic skill required apart from which you need patience, empathy, creativity and knowledge of curriculum development. You can teach students the subjects that you are good at, like if you have a commerce background go with taking tuitions of accounts.

The average pay in being a tutor in Nepal is 5,000 to 8,000 a month but the pay can vary as it is a self-employment job and the pay depends on the number of students you teach, the amount of fee you charge, the level of student and the number of hours.

There are many other professions that can also be pursued as a part-time job option depending on skills, needs and consideration criteria, some more of which are Video Editing, Graphic Designing, Photography, Guest service coordinator, Digital marketing, Administration,  Radio jockey and the queue keeps going.

Watch the video below to learn more about online and offline part time jobs in Nepal for students

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Average Pay In Part Time Jobs In Nepal

part time jobs in nepal

Most of the students work part-time to earn money, so average pay becomes one of the major factors when deciding to choose a job.

Talking about a full-time job, the average pay for a normal full-time job including allowances, basic wage comes out to be around 17,300 making it to be a daily earning of around 418 and per hour to be of around 89 rupees.

Similarly for a part-time job considering the same hourly rate the average pay lies between 8,000 to 10,000 approximately.  

Average Working Hours In Part Time Jobs In Nepal

part time jobs in nepal

Part time jobs are mostly flexible and fit the lifestyle needs of students because of very generous and moldable working hours. Each job has a different work hour slab but the average working hours for a part time job come out to be around 25 – 30 hours a  week. 

Requirements For Part Time Jobs In Nepal

  • Availability of skills and time to perform the desired job.
  • Availability of resources like a laptop and a good internet connection as most of the jobs are performed online.
  • Foreign students need a work agreement from the Ministry of work affairs to do a part-time job in Nepal except for Indian students.
  • Working freelance does not require any permit but does require resources and skills.

Ways To Find a part time job in Nepal

  • Getting referrals from working friends.
  • Applying through the specifically desired company website.
  • Getting knowledge about different job openings through the locals of the city.
  • Using the college information desk to gain knowledge about jobs.
  • Searching through various job search portals online.

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Portals to find a part time job in Nepal

Making your search easy here are some of the most used portals you need to know about:

  • Naukri.com
  • Jobsnepal.com
  • Merojobs.com
  • Jobejee.com
  • Kumarijob.com
  • Careerinnepal.com


Can any International student work in Nepal?

No, students can not just work on a student visa until a permit is granted from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Is it expensive to live in Nepal?

The cost of living in Nepal is 64.5% lower than that of the US.

Do Indians need a Visa or work permit to study or work in Nepal?

No, Indians do not need any visa or work permit to study, reside or work in Nepal considering good ties between the countries.

How can I get good job in Nepal?

To get a good job in Nepal you must create a CV and cover letter for the desired post. Make sure to draw the attention of the recruiter to yoiur work experience, education, and talents. Attending events and employment fairs and networking with business leaders can be useful in getting a job. 

How can I get good job in Nepal?

To get a good job in Nepal you must create a CV and cover letter for the desired post. Make sure to draw the attention of the recruiter to yoiur work experience, education, and talents. Attending events and employment fairs and networking with business leaders can be useful in getting a job. 

This was all about the part time jobs in Nepal. Students traveling internationally need a lot more information on such topics to make the student life comfortable, to read more such blogs kindly follow Jobs Abroad and to gain more knowledge about study abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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