All About Part Time Jobs in Czech Republic for International Students in 2024

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Part Time Jobs in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the parent land of more than 25 cities including some popular attractions like the capital Prague, Liberec, Brno, and Olomouc which offer students around 61 good institutions to study, a vibrant history of the place, cultural heritage and a very amazing student life offers a great scope of financial development too. The Czech Republic provides students with a wide ground for part-time jobs building the element of self-dependence in return nurturing the quality of life, fulfilling and developing the overall student life with financial flexibility expanding the area of reach and activities. Read this blog to know about Part Time Jobs in Czech Republic.


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Types of Part Time Jobs in Czech Republic

Being one of the most functional countries in all the segments, the Czech Republic offers a variety of part-time jobs starting from the tourism industry and covering a wide spectrum.

part time jobs in czeh republic

Jobs in Tourism 

The country is a well-known tourist attraction across the world. The high cultural heritage and history attract a lot of tourists each year bringing with it a big open door for the tourism industry to flourish and requiring more and more employees into full-time and part-time jobs. Additionally, if you are fluent in the native language, it is going to be a win-win for you.

Given are different types of tourism jobs in Czech Republic: 

  • Digital tourism specialist (multiple language experts)
  • Customer service representatives (multiple language experts)
  • Travel assistance coordinator (multiple language experts)
  • Service centre specialist (multiple language experts)

Jobs in Finance 

part time jobs in czeh republic

Finance in itself has a vast pool of jobs for part-timers in the fields of financial management, financial consultant, receptionist, accounts manager and many more. So if you have a good hand in finance you can work your magic in finance-related jobs easily.

Jobs in the IT Industry

IT is a growing industry across the world. Information support specialists, technicians, engineers, and developers are always in high demand, so students studying in related fields in the Czech Republic have an upper hand on these jobs with ease of availability and access. 

IT jobs are in the highest demand and the job options are in the fields of software development, technician, operations manager, junior it administrator, support specialist etc. With increasing field exposure the competition is rising across the bar, and so is the selection process for jobs.

Jobs in Real Estate 

part time jobs in czeh republic

As the Czech Republic provides several good universities, there are a lot of students moving in from different parts of the country every year leading to a boom in the real estate industry as all the accommodations, rentals and possessions are in high demand by students. If you are a person of a cheerful nature, love to meet new people and want to make a good amount of money, real estate is the right place for you. 

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The list of jobs keeps going in other industries too like manufacturing, departments, administration, etc. There is a part time job in the Czech Republic for every student, you just need to find the right fit for yourself.

Average Income in Different Part Time Jobs in the Czech Republic

part time jobs in czeh republic

The average income for part time jobs in the Czech Republic varies between CZK 100 to CZK 250 for most of the jobs but the pay usually varies for different job roles considering the skills and amount of work the job needs. 

Part-time jobAverage salary per hour
Junior IT TesterCZK 160 – CZK 180
Senior AccountantCZK 180 – CZK 250
ReceptionistCZK 120 – CZK 140
Tourism CZK 120 – CZK 200
Administration CZK 110 – CZK 200

Working Hours for Part-Time Jobs

  • Students in the Czech Republic are first of all meant to fulfil their basic purpose of moving to the place i.e. studying. A part-time job is a good option but should not come at the cost of studies, at the same time should help manage the cost of living.
  • Although the working hours for each job are different, on average working hours for part time jobs in the Czech Republic are around 21.5 hours a week, which is pretty manageable with studies.
  • To be on the safer side, the working hours should always be looked at and checked if they align with the study hours because overlap or extra working hours will hamper academic progress defeating the sole purpose.
  • The working hour rules apply to the third country citizens and not the EU/EEA and Switzerland students. 
  • All other third country students if found violating the working hour rules might end up losing their student status. 
  • The student working part time shall also not be of age more than 26 and should not be working more than 30 days per calendar year. 

Requirements for Part-Time Jobs in the Czech Republic

  • Students moving from the EU/ EEA and Switzerland are free to work part time jobs in the Czech Republic without any permit provided the similarity in rules and regulations of the countries.
  • Students moving from other countries with student visas for degree programmes accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports don’t need an employment permit but need to inform regional officers about the employment.
  • Students of up to 26 years of age coming from other countries for student exchange programs are permitted to work without a work permit in the Czech Republic but only when work does not exceed 7 working days consecutively and 30 days a year.
  • Apart from these, any students coming from other countries need to avail a permit card or a blue card to work in the Czech Republic. The work permit should be availed from the local employment office by filling in an application form for two years which can be renewed after the permission period is over.

Once you have availed permit card you are all set to bang on a part-time job of your choice.

How To Find Part Time Job in the Czech Republic 

Finding a part time job in the Czech Republic is not a difficult task, you just need to find the right source of information on vacancies and hiring. The following are the sources to find jobs ;

  • Information desks in the universities: All the universities have a placement cell that has information about the company hiring, and current openings which can be used to get the right information.
  • Career centers: There are multiple private consulting and placement companies that offer job-providing services in return for a fee which can be used when looking for a job.
  • Friends: Information from already working friends can always be used to stay up to date regarding job openings in the company they are working for. 
  • Local citizens: Locals of the Czech Republic might be better aware of local jobs better than consultancies and other sources, therefore you can also reach out to the local working public if wanting to grab a job.
  • Job search portals: A lot of online portals are running across the internet providing details about various jobs as well as providing the portal for application, making the whole process easy.
  • Company websites: If you are looking for jobs in some particular companies then applying through the website of that chosen company might prove to be most useful.

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Top Part Time Job providing portals 


Can students in the Czech Republic do part-time jobs?

Yes, students in the Czech Republic are free to do part-time jobs until the Job Permit requirements are fulfilled.

Working hours of a part-time job in the Czech Republic?

On average, working hours of a part-time jobs in Czech Republic are about 21.5 hours a week.

Are there enough jobs for part-time work in the Czech Republic?

There are plenty of part time jobs in the Czech Republic in all the industries for part-time work.

What is the average pay for part-time jobs in the Czech Republic?

The average pay of part time jobs in the Czech Republic lies between 100 CZK to 250 CZK per hour.

What is the average cost of living in the Czech Republic?

The cost of living is 34.4% lower in the Czech Republic as compared to the United States.

What are tax rates in the Czech Republic?

There are 2 tax slabs in the Czech Republic as of now. The basic tax rate is 15% and the top tax rate is 23%.

What are some tips to crack an interview in the Czech Republic?

Appear for the interview dressed according to the dress code followed by the company or a simple crisp formal. 
Know about the functioning of the company.
Be prepared with your subject and specialization.
Maintaining good posture, and displaying positive body language and confidence throughout the interview. 

This was all about Part Time Jobs for students in the Czech Republic. A lot of international students need knowledge about various other aspects of student life in the Czech Republic, to explore more of such information kindly follow jobs abroad and for more study abroad information follow Leverage Edu

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