Know About Part Time Jobs in Chicago 2024

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Part Time Jobs in Chicago

Chicago provides ample job opportunities to international students in order to help them manage their expenses while studying. Students interested in working in Chicago as part-time workers can find jobs in top industries such as restaurants, transportation, etc. Part time jobs in Chicago will not only help the students to earn extra income but also will help them in managing their overall expenses. The following article will help the students to know more about part-time jobs in Chicago.


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How to find Part time Jobs in Chicago?

Students find it quite challenging to find part-time jobs in the city. Therefore, it is important to know the resources from where they would get relevant and updated details regarding jobs. Check below some resources:

  • Career Services Office: The career offices in the university often help students to find part-time work opportunities.
  • Student Unions: They help by providing information regarding the upcoming vacancies and their application process
  • University Departments: There are several departments in the university, and there will be multiple temporary jobs at these universities. Students can go around and enquire about them
  • Networking: Aspiring candidates must stay connected, especially with seniors as they can help to look for jobs in the right direction. 
  • Online Platforms: Students must stay updated with their university’s website or online community to know about any openings. Also, join relevant Facebook groups to stay updated with any requirements.

Top 5 Part Time Jobs in Chicago

Check below the top 5 part time jobs in Chicago:

Job TitleAverage Pay
Food Delivery Driver $15 – $25 / Per Hour
Office Assistant Part-time$16 – $17 / Per Hour
Senior Sales Representative Part-time$21 – $26 / Per Hour
Sales Associate Part-time$18 – $20 / Per Hour
Customer Service Representative Part-time$43 – $58 / Per Hour

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Online Part-Time Jobs in Chicago for Indian Students

Besides working part time, there are also some online jobs for international students. Some of them are listed below:

  • Web DeveloperA programmer who develops certain web applications using certain programming languages such as HTML, CSS & Javascript.
  • Data Entry Agent – A person who is in charge of entering different data into different computer bases
  • Graphic Designer – Creates a piece of design using images, typography or motion images
  • Online Tutor – Teaching individuals one-on-one over online platforms using the internet
  • Content WriterA person who researches different topics and creates content based on the organization’s goals
  • Social Media ManagementSocial media management involves content creation, strategizing, growing reach, and monitoring the performance of the social media account.

Common Industries for Part Time Jobs

Listed below are some of the common industries:

  • Technology, Information, and the Internet
  • Personal Care Product Manufacturing
  • Government Administration
  • Software Development
  • Internet Publishing
  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain and Storage
  • Freight and Package Transportation
  • Restaurants
  • Human Resources Services

Top Companies Offering Part-Time

Check below the top companies:

  • ALDI 
  • Metra
  • Whole Foods Market 
  • Primark
  • Pinkerton

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How much do part time jobs pay in Chicago?

The average part time salary in Chicago, IL is $33,159 per year or $15.94 per hour. Entry level positions start at $29,250 per year while most experienced workers make up to $51,944 annually.

Is it important to stay for part time jobs in Chicago?

Employees are required to stay in Chicago for part time jobs. Proof of residency will be required at the time of employment, per Section 2-152-340 of the Municipal Code of Chicago.

Is Chicago an attractive market for part time jobs?

Chicago is growing quickly – faster in the entire United States. From the period of June 2018 to June 2019, Chicago added about 90,000 jobs. The national growth rate at that time was 1.5%.

What should be the age of students to work in Chicago?

Minor candidates of 14 and 15 years of age must obtain work permits or employment certificates from local schools before beginning to work.

This is all the information about what are part-time jobs in Chicago for national & international students. If you want to read more blogs on jobs abroad stay tuned with us on Leverage Edu.

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