How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Sydney for 2024?

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Part-Time Jobs in Sydney

Sydney is a vibrant and bustling city with a variety of opportunities for those seeking part-time job opportunities. The city also offers a diverse range of part-time job options for students looking to support their studies, or someone simply looking for a flexible work schedule or a professional seeking supplementary income. This article will provide an overview of the part-time jobs in Sydney, including eligibility criteria, types of part-time jobs, conditions, and how to find part-time jobs while studying in Sydney.


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Eligibility Criteria for Part-Time Jobs in Sydney

In order to do part-time jobs in Sydney the students are required to satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must have a Valid Australian student visa
  • An Australian Government-approved full-time study program is a must for students to be enrolled.
  • Students must meet the minimum attendance and academic requirements set by the university.
  • Students need to get international student health insurance.

Types of Part-Time Jobs in Sydney

Sydney like many other countries offers various part-time jobs in various sectors. Check some of them listed below:

Top Part-Time Jobs in Sydney and Their Average Pay 

Check below some of the part-time jobs in Sydney and their average pay:

Job TitleAverage Pay
Retail Sales Assistant (CPAP)$60,000 – $65,000 per year (pro rata if part-time)
Customer Service Officer$38.05 – $42.62 per hour
Admin Staff$35 per hour
Babysitter A$19.97
Personal trainer A$30.62

Conditions for Part-Time Jobs in Sydney

To get part-time jobs in Sydney the students must know their visa conditions, including work rights. The work rights may be impacted by the course level and the Australian visa held when he/she applied for the student visa. To see the conditions for part-time jobs in Sydney, check VEVO.

  • Student visa holders are allowed to work up to 48 hours a fortnight while studying from 1st July 2023. Student visa holders have no restrictions on their work when their course of study or training is not in session. This condition ensures that students can focus on quality Australian education and qualifications, and are also able to gain valuable work experience to help them in their career.
  • It is important to maintain their course enrolment
  • Also, the students should ensure the required course attendance
  • To ensure satisfactory progress in the course.

Employment Rights for Part-Time Jobs in Sydney

In Sydney, just as employers, international students also enjoy certain benefits. Check the below-mentioned employment rights for Part Time Jobs in Sydney:

  • Public holidays
  • Annual leave
  • Long service leave
  • Community service leave
  • Provision of a Fair Work Information Statement
  • Requests for flexible working arrangements
  • Parental leave and other related entitlements
  • Compassionate leave and personal carer’s leave
  • Termination Notice and redundancy pay

How to find Part Time Jobs in Sydney?

Finding part-time jobs in Sydney like any other country involves some effort and strategy. Here are some job portals that will help you find part-time jobs in Sydney during your course of study:

  • LinkedIn
  • Adzuna
  • Indeed Australia
  • Gumtree
  • CareerOne
  • Seek

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What are the working hours for part-time jobs in Sydney?

The students are allowed to work as part-time workers in Sudney for 48 hours in a fortnight while they are studying.

What are the top part-time jobs in Sydney?

As per the analysis, the top part-time jobs in Sydney are as follows:
Customer Service Assistant 
Retail Store Jobs

Who can get part-time jobs in Sydney?

The students who have a valid passport enrolled themselves in a specific course of study, and have submitted the application form correctly with all the required documents will be eligible to get a visa. Furthermore, this study-abroad visa will allow them to study and work as a part-time worker in Sydney.

This is all the information about discovering Part-Time Jobs in Sydney for national & international students. If you want to read more blogs on jobs abroad stay tuned with us on Leverage Edu.

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