In-Depth Overview of Pharmacist Salary Ireland 2024

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Pharmacist Salary Ireland

Pharmacists play a significant role in the Irish healthcare system, ensuring patients’ safe and effective use of medication. If you are considering a career in pharmacy in Ireland? The main and most important factor that you need to understand is the potential salary range while picking up your decision-making process in any profession. This blog post dives into the average salaries for pharmacists in Ireland in 2024, along with exploring the factors that can influence your earning potential. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, this guide will equip you with valuable information to navigate your career path.


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How Much Does a Pharmacist Make in Ireland?

The average annual pay for a pharmacist employed in Ireland is approximately 52,000 EUR; however, this figure can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being approximately 27,300 EUR and the highest average salary being 79,800 EUR.

According to the report of some sources such as Indeed and Glassdoor the Average Annual Salary of a Pharmacist is 52,000 EUR and the Average Monthly Salary is 4,333 EUR on the other side the Lowest Annual Salary of a Pharmacist is 27,300 EUR and the Lowest Monthly Salary is 2,275 EUR and the Highest Annual Salary is 79,800 EUR or Highest Monthly Salary is 6,650 EUR. A pharmacist may also make more or less money than the above averages.

Note: Salary Sources from Indeed and Glassdoor 

Pharmacist Salary Ireland By Experience Level 

The level of experience will also help you get a higher salary range in Ireland working as a pharmacist, so we have mentioned the experience-wise salary range of a pharmacist in Ireland: 

Pharmacist Salary Ireland

Pharmacist Salary Ireland By Education  

In the table, we have compared the salary range, which is based on education level. Check your level of education with the salary range to see how much you earned working as a pharmacist in Ireland. 

Education level Average Salary Per Year 
Diploma 25,000 EUR
Bachelor’s Degree37,300 EUR
Master’s Degree67,000 EUR

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Pharmacist Salary Ireland By Top Companies 

We have also mentioned here the top companies that offered good compensation to pharmacists in Ireland: 

Company Name Average Salary Per Year 
Boots65,000 EUR
LloydsPharmacy69,650 EUR
Health Service Executive69,000 EUR
Clarity Locums66,000 EUR
PharmaConex64,500 EUR
Walgreens Boots Alliance60,000 EUR
CARA Pharmacy75,447 EUR
Health Service Executive47,000 EUR 
Clarity Locums63,000 EUR 
Stacks Pharmacy41,000 EUR 
DocMorris Pharmacy68,000 EUR 
Tesco57,000 EUR 
Chemist Warehouse42,000 EUR 
Optum. inc69,000 EUR 
Fusion Recruitment75,000 EUR 

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Here we have compared the salary range of a pharmacist based on the highest-paying cities in Ireland: 

Pharmacist Salary Ireland

Pharmacist Salary Ireland By Highest Paying Positions

Here, you can explore Ireland with the highest-paying position you get after completing your pharmacist degree. Here we have mentioned the pharmacist salary based on the position: 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Retail Pharmacist60,000 EUR
Staff Pharmacist65,000 EUR
Pharmacy Tech52,000 EUR
Pharmacy Manager30,370 EUR
Clinical Pharmacist45,400 EUR
Pharmacy Specialist44,000 EUR
Pharmacist in Charge47,500 EUR
Director of Pharmacy78,300 EUR 

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How much do pharmacists get paid in Ireland?

In Ireland, the average pay for a pharmacist is 38.43 euros per hour, or 74 929 euros a year. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is €64, 068, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is up to €85,000.

Do foreign pharmacists work in Ireland?

Regardless of nationality, pharmacists who qualify in a non-EU/EEA country can apply to the PSI to have their qualification recognized in Ireland through the Third Country Qualification Recognition process. There are two steps involved in this registration process.

Is pharmacy a good career in Ireland?

The opportunity to collaborate with pharmaceutical businesses makes studying pharmaceutical courses in Ireland an excellent choice. Collaborations or internships with these businesses are a common feature of many programs. This facilitates your industry networking and real-world learning.

This was all about An in-depth overview of Pharmacists’ salaries in Ireland, for more such updated salary articles follow Leverage Edu and stay updated with the Jobs Abroad Page.

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