These are the Part-Time Jobs in Bangkok available in 2024

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Part-Time Jobs in Bangkok

Bangkok the capital of Thailand, offers various part-time jobs for both locals and foreigners to earn extra money, learn new skills, gain experience and help themselves in their studies. Bangkok has a diverse job market with a variety of part-time jobs available for students in various industries. Read the article given below to have a complete idea about the popular jobs available in part-time in Bangkok, the eligibility criteria for various part-time work in Bangkok, and also to find part-time jobs in Bangkok.


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Why Work Part Time in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a city with a vibrant culture and a relatively low cost of living. Reasons why students should prefer doing part-time jobs in Bangkok are given below:

  • Diverse Job Opportunities – There are ample amount of job opportunities available in Bangkok for students. Students can find part-time job options in industries such as teaching, hotels, cafeterias, libraries, colleges, etc.
  • Extra Income: Many people take on part-time jobs to earn extra money. This is especially valuable in Bangkok city, as the cost of living varies, and additional income will provide financial security.
  • Flexibility: There are usually fixed hours for working part-time in Bangkok or there will be flexible hours. This flexibility of work hours allows individuals to balance work with studies, family, or other personal interests.
  • Gaining Experience: Part-time jobs in Bangkok provide an opportunity to gain work experience, which can be particularly beneficial for students and recent graduates in their careers. It will also help individuals to explore different industries and roles before entering into a full-time job.
  • Networking: Part-time jobs in Bangkok will help to build valuable professional networks. It allows the students to make connections within the industry of interest which in turn will help them to get full-time job opportunities in the future.
  • Cultural Immersion: For students outside Bangkok or Thailand, part-time jobs will provide them with an opportunity to involve themselves in Thai culture, learn new languages, and also get a deep understanding of the local way of life.
Part-Time Jobs in Bangkok

Candidates can find various types of job opportunities in Bangkok in different industries. Check some of them mentioned below:

  • Hospitality & Tourism – Bangkok is a tourist spot and it’s easier to find out part-time jobs in hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, etc.
  • Acting & Modelling – Bangkok is the hub place for movie productions. Countries like India, Europe, and America consider Bangkok as their ideal location for shooting movies.
  • Freelancing and Online Work: Many people in Bangkok also find part-time work online. This can include freelance writing, graphic design, web development, and digital marketing, to name a few.

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Eligibility Requirements for Part-Time Jobs in Bangkok

Students who want to do part-time jobs in Bangkok are required to satisfy certain eligibility criteria:

Work Permit and Visa

Students who are not citizens of Thailand will have to typically get a valid work permit to legally work in Bangkok. The type of visa and work permit required will depend upon the nationality, the nature of the work, and the duration of stay. 

Age Requirement

Some part-time jobs in Bangkok might have age restrictions. For example, in some of the jobs, there will be a minimum age requirement for serving alcohol in bars or working in certain hazardous environments.

Language Skills

Some jobs in Bangkok will require the students to be proficient in the Thai language, English, or another language, especially in the type of jobs that involve customer service or teaching positions.

Education and Qualifications

Part-time jobs in Bangkok such as teaching may require certain qualifications or certifications. For example, English language teachers often require a Bachelor’s Degree and TOEFL certification.

Health and Fitness

Part-time jobs in the healthcare or fitness industry in Bangkok may require certain health or fitness qualifications.

Part-Time Jobs in Bangkok

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Bangkok?

Candidates can find part-time jobs in Bangkok in the following ways:

  • Approaching for referrals to their seniors in college or friends and family members who are already working in Bangkok in different industries.
  • Applying online on various job portals such as LinkedIn, reddit.com, jobtoday.com, etc.

Companies Hiring for Part-Time Work in Bangkok

Check below some of the popular companies for part-time work in Bangkok:

  • ABC Cooking Studio
  • Tesla
  • Avani
  • Ikea
  • Macquarie Group Limited
  • Deloitte
  • Bangkok Patana School


Are foreigners allowed to work part-time in Bangkok?

The foreigners are allowed to work in Bangkok based on the type of visa they have and also the college they will be studying in.

What are the working hours in Bangkok?

The students are allowed to work for 48 hours a week with a 1-hour break after 5 consecutive working hours.

What are the rules for working part-time in Bangkok?

Students must get a work permit for part-time jobs in Bangkok. This is a legal document that provides details about the job position, current occupation, and job description.

This is all the information about discovering Part-Time Jobs in Bangkok for national & international students. If you want to read more blogs on jobs abroad stay tuned with us on Leverage Edu

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