In-Depth Structure Of Bioinformatics Salary In US In 2024

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bioinformatics salary in us

A career in the industry of Bioinformatics provides a very high job security and a very strong career outlook, though the roles are competitive. The US has several opportunities in the industry and opens arms to foreign workers too. The bioinformatics graduates can work in a variety of settings in the country and the growth in the field is also very high as it is a rapidly growing industry. Let’s take an insight into the Bioinformatics salary in US.


Details about the Masters in Bioinformatics 

Average Bioinformatics Salary In US

The average salary of a Bioinformatics scientist in the US is highly competitive and rewarding. The average yearly salary is 193,400 USD which is known to be a very good salary in the industry.

  • The average highest  salary for a bioinformatics scientist is 307,400 USD per year
  • The lowest average salary for a bioinformatics scientist  is 92,400 USD per year

Let’s explore the average salary monthly for a bioinformatics scientist in the US:

  • The monthly salary is 16,116 USD on average
  • The highest monthly salary is 25,616 USD on average
  • The lowest monthly salary is  USD on average

The salary in the job of a bioinformatics scientist might differ slightly or greatly from the averages given above because the salary is majorly affected by factors like experience, education, etc.

Bioinformatics Salary In US Based On Level Of Experience

Experience is one of the most important driving factors for the determination of the salary of individuals in all industries including bioinformatics. The employees with high experience with good knowledge of the working and practice from years are considered to be paid more. A bioinformatics scientist with 2-5 years of experience in the industry can easily earn 38% of a better salary.

bioinformatics salary in us

Bioinformatics Salary In US Based On Level Of Education

Salary can not be decided without considering the education level of the employees, therefore it becomes a very important factor. Higher educated employees have a scope of earning a higher salary considering their knowledge of the subject. In the field of bioinformatics, an individual with a master’s degree educational qualification can earn a 55% higher salary package compared to a bachelor’s level of education qualification.

Similarly, employees with a PhD level qualification can expect an even higher income of about 33% higher than master’s level educational qualifications.

Educational LevelAverage Salary Per Year
Bachelor’s degree134,100 USD
Master’s degree206,700 USD
PhD 275,800 USD

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Bioinformatics Salary In US In Different Sectors

There are two different sectors of work in a country, a private sector and a public sector. Both the sectors are paid salaries with a difference. Usually, it is seen that the public sector of all the countries pays a higher amount of salary in comparison to the public sector. In the US the public sector pays the employees salary 6% higher than the private sector.

Sector Average Salary Per Year
Public sector98,800 USD
Private sector93,100 USD

Bioinformatics Salary In US In Different Cities

In the profession of Bioinformatics, it is observed that the employees are paid different salaries in several other cities in the US. Let’s find out the highly paying cities and compare them to know which city you should choose to have a better rewarding career. The image given below contains the cities of the US and the average salary paid in them for this profession. 

bioinformatics salary in us

Bioinformatics Salary In US Compared To Different Professions

By comparing the salaries of similar professions, it can be found out which profession is more rewarding. So let us compare the average pay of a bioinformatics scientist’s salary with similar professions from the same industry and see if it is a rewarding career in the matter of money. The following table lists several different professions and the average salary paid to them:

Profession Average Salary Per Year
Biological scientist 200,600 USD
Biotechnologist 130,500 USD
Biostatistician 127,700 USD
Clinical programmer 64,400 USD
Manufacturing Engineer 102,700 USD
GCP auditor 107,700 USD
Pharmaceutical process engineer 112,700 USD
Pharmaceutical quality auditor 139,100 USD
Nuclear pharmacist 128,400 USD
Clinical study manager 157,600 USD
Cytotechnologist 105,800 USD

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Is it worth it in the Bioinformatics industry in the US?

The field of Bioinformatics is brilliant for aspiring individuals. The career scope is high and the job is looked highly upon. The stability of jobs is provided in the country along with developmental pathways. Opportunities are also numerous as the industry is continuously growing. In the matter of salary, the career is highly rewarding and competitive in nature. 

Is there a difference in the average pay of males and females in the Bioinformatics industry?

Yes, the industry faces the difference based on gender in the matter of salary. There have been several efforts made to reduce such differences and the results have got the differences to come to very low but not removed yet. The women in the industry earn around 7% lower salaries compared to men for the same work.

What is the average pay raise in Bioinformatics?

The pay raise or annual increment on average mostly depends upon your work and performance throughout the year and the employing company. Though the average pay raise that can be expected in the industry of bioinformatics is 8% every 12 months is 8%

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