Read What Is Average Dentist Salary In US For The Year 2024

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Average Dentist Salary In US

The growth in the US healthcare sector is reaching its peak and the demand for several healthcare professionals increases day by day including skilled dentists. The specializations in dentistry these days are in high demand and well-paid at the same time. The career can provide you with an abundance of growth opportunities as well as high-end exposure in the industry. To know if the career is actually rewarding in a matter of income read the following blog and get to know in depth about the average dentist salary in US.


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The Averages Of Dentist Salary In US

The average salary of a Dentist in the US lies in a very good and competitive salary bracket range. The average yearly pay of a Dentist is 238,300 USD which is considered a very good salary in the US

  • The highest average salary of a Dentist is 371,100 USD per year
  • The average lowest salary of a Dentist is 115,600 USD per year

To understand the average even better, let’s know the monthly averages of the Dentists:

  • The average monthly salary is for dentists 19,858 USD
  • The average highest monthly salary for dentists is 30,925 USD
  • The average lowest monthly salary for dentists is 9,633 USD

Your salary as a Dentist can differ from the average mentioned above as the salary payout is highly affected by several other factors like education, experience, gender, sector of work etc.

Average Dentist Salary In US Based On Experience Level

Experience level is the controlling factor for an individual’s salary determination in all industries including dentistry. Highly experienced employees with better knowledge of the subject and practice are at an advantage of a high salary package with the level of skills and trust built over the years. A Dentist with 2 to 5 years of experience in the field can expect to earn 29% of a higher salary. The following image gives the salary over several years of experience.

Average Dentist Salary In US

Average Dentist Salary In US Based On Education Level

The average salary of employees in any field can not be determined without considering their educational qualifications. Highly educated employees do have the scope to earn better due to their knowledge and well work efficiency that comes with increased education. In this field of dentistry, an individual with a master’s degree can earn a 30% higher salary compared to a bachelor’s level of education.

Similarly, employees with a PhD can expect an even higher income of about 22% on the income level at master’s level educational qualifications.

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Average Dentist Salary In US In Different Sectors

The average pay for all the professions in different sectors in the US is usually seen to be different. The private sector is commonly seen paying a lower salary to the employees compared to the public sector of the country. In the field of dentistry, the difference is around 6%, i.e. government sector employees earn 6% higher income comparatively.

Sector Salary Per Year
Private sector93,100 USD
Public sector98,800 USD

Average Dentist Salary In US In Different Cities 

Different cities in the country have slight differences in the average pay our. The employees are noticed earning a different salary. To know which city is best for you to work in so you can earn better the following image below gives the average pay of several cities in the US.

Average Dentist Salary In US

Average Dentist Salary In US Compared To Similar Professions

The salary of a dentist in the US Can be better analysed if compared with other professions in the same industry. The following is the list of different professions from the same industry and the average salary paid in them to the dentists for your reference.

Profession Salary 
Nurse 80,200 USD
Allergist 185,900 USD
Audiologist 169,700 USD
Clinician 163,800 USD
Endodontist 282,500 USD
Home health aide69,700 USD
Immunologist 175,100  USD
Medical scribe 69,400 USD
Music therapist 105,800 USD
Nursing Assistant 70,900 USD 
Optician 172,100 USD

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Is it good to be a Nuclear engineer in the US?

Yes, the profession is in high demand, highly rewarding and comes with an abundance of growth opportunities despite the competition. You can expect to have a comfortable and stable life in this profession.

Is there any difference in the pay of male and female Nuclear engineers in the US?

The difference of gender in the workplace in certain factors like the salary pay still face differences. The women employees in the profession of a dentist earn a 5% lower salary compared to men in the same profession.

How is the average pay raise in the profession of Nuclear engineering?

The average pay raise in the profession of a dentist can be expected to be around 8% but the increment is completely dependent on the employee’s performance throughout the year and the employers will.

This was all about the Average Dentist Salary in US. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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