A Breakdown of Criminal Psychologist Salary in US for 2024

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Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

Criminal Psychologist Salary in US: A criminal psychologist is a mental health specialist who works in legal and criminal justice environments, utilising psychological concepts and methods. If you are interested in criminal justice, it is one of the most fulfilling professions in the US. Determining whether being a criminal psychologist is a suitable career option for you might be aided by learning about the duties and income of the field. The salary of a criminal psychologist in the United States is covered in this article.


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How Much Do Criminal Psychologists Get Paid?

The salary of a Criminal Psychologist in the US can vary depending on experience, location, and employer. The numbers you provided suggest a wide range, from a low of 158,900 USD annually to a high of 439,700 USD annually. This translates to a monthly range of 13,241 USD to 36,641 USD. The average annual salary is around 291,000 USD, which comes out to 24,250 USD per month.  Keep in mind that these are just estimates, and the actual salary you can expect may differ.

Criminal psychologists have the ability to bargain for their salary and benefit packages. In 2024, the American Psychological Association conducted a survey, which revealed that 61% of psychologists negotiated their starting salary. Those who succeeded in securing a rise typically received 5,000 USD. The same survey also revealed higher levels of job satisfaction among psychologists who bargained for additional perks like flexible work hours, retirement plans, or opportunities for professional growth.

Experience Wise Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

You will gain valuable experience at every stage of your journey working as a criminal psychologist, and your valuable experience will help you increase your salary range. Depending on how many years of experience a criminal psychologist has, this is their typical paycheck in the picture below.

Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

Education Wise Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

The salary of a Criminal Psychologist may differ by programs and college. The average in-state student in a four-year school pays 9,377 USD in tuition each academic year, according to the Education Data Initiative. Criminal psychologists make almost 45,000 USD per year on average.

Education Average Salary per year 
Bachelor’s Degree 59,500 USD
Master’s Degree 118,000 USD

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Organisation Wise Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

Salary may vary depending on the type of organisation. Here we have mentioned the salary range of different organisations in the United States. 

OrganisationAverage Salary per year 
US Department of Veterans Affairs1,20,979 USD
LifeStance Health1,16,445 USD
Kaiser Permanente1,45,900 USD
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation of CA1,16,157 USD
US Army1,21,987 USD
CHE Behavioral Health Services1,03,140 USD
MedOptions1,24,313 USD
Federal Bureau of Prisons1,11,526 USD
US Air Force1,12,042 USD
US Navy1,23,186 USD
Clay Consulting1,16,128 USD
Lifespan1,00,488 USD
US Department of Defense1,17,422 USD
California Department of State Hospitals1,19,081 USD
UW Health1,19,610 USD
TeamHealth1,31,657 USD

City Wise Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

Income for a criminal psychologist can also vary depending on location. Based on the country’s main cities, we have listed the criminal psychologist pay in the US here. 

Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

Position Wise Criminal Psychologist Salary in US

The criminal justice system offers a multitude of opportunities for employment. These are the top choices in the US that we have highlighted for you to consider.

PositionAverage Salary per year 
Research Director124,536 USD
Behaviour Therapist41,600 USD
Behavior Specialist48,753 USD
School Social Worker70,992 USD
Behavior Analyst82,500 USD
School Psychologist87,067 USD
Linguist98,706 USD
Psychologist99,919 USD
Clinical Director106,086 USD
Child Psychologist1,06,079 USD
Staff Psychologist1,21,491 USD
Counseling Psychologist95,483 USD
Clinical Psychology1,10,945 USD

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Q1: Does psychology pay well in USA?

In the US, a psychologist makes an average of $1,37,378 annually. In the US, a psychologist’s additional financial pay ranges from 13,525 USD to 25,246 USD. The average additional cash compensation is 18,033 USD.

Q2: What state pays criminal psychologists the most?

Here are the top states that pay the highest criminal psychologist salaries:?
California: 120,010 USD
Oregon: 117,180 USD
Rhode Island: 116,810 USD
Hawaii: 115,220 USD
New York: 113,940 USD

Q3: Which field of psychology pays the most?

In the discipline of psychology, the biggest earning potential is usually found in clinical psychology, psychiatry, and industrial-organizational psychology. However, things like experience and geography might affect salary.

This was all about Criminal Psychologist Salaries in the US. For more such articles on salary updates, follow Leverage Edu and our official Page Jobs Abroad. 

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