A Data Scientist Salary in Germany in 2024

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data scientist salary in germany

Data Scientist Salary in Germany in 2024: Germany is one of the best countries for data scientists because of its strong economy and growing tech industry. It is an attractive destination for those seeking a career in the field of data science. Data scientists in Germany are at the forefront of the country’s data-driven revolution. The scope of data scientists in Germany is quite promising and continues to grow as businesses across various industries recognize the value of data-driven decision-making. In Germany, data scientists are involved in the process of examining large and complex data sets to identify patterns and draw conclusions. 


According to Payscale, the average monthly salary for a data scientist in Germany is €3,600, with a range of €2,500 to €5,200 per month. Here we will give an idea of the data scientist’s salary in Germany to provide some real data.

How Much Does a Data Scientist Make in Germany?

In Germany, the average salary for a data scientist is approximately 72,120 EUR annually; however, this figure can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being approximately 31,980 EUR and the highest average salary being 112,440 EUR.

Average Annual Salary72,120 EUR
Average Monthly Salary6,010 EUR
Lowest Annual Salary31,980 EUR
Lowest Monthly Salary2,665 EUR
Highest Annual Salary112,440 EUR
Highest Monthly Salary9,370 EUR

Data Scientist Salary in Germany By Experience Level 

To give you a sense of how the average changes when you work for a specific amount of time, we have looked at the average salary for data scientists based on years of experience.

data scientist salary in germany

Data Scientist Salary in Germany By Different Company 

Examines the top businesses in the sector that are looking for workers with your level of experience as Data Scientists and the attractive average yearly wages they are offering. Investigate your career options and join Germany’s best Data Science teams as a valued member.

Company Average Salary 
Siemens€75,000 per year 
Zalando€67,700  per year 
trivago€60,000  per year 
Deutsche Telekom€70,998  per year 
Bayer€83,000  per year 
Mercedes-Benz Group€76,000  per year 
BMW Group€72,194  per year 
Deutsche Bank€65,000  per year 
Accenture€53,500  per year 
Deutsche Bank€62,000  per year 
Robert Bosch€80,000  per year 
E.ON€65,389  per year 
Klarna€65,000  per year 
Vodafone€66,300  per year 
Volkswagen Group€75,000  per year 
IBM€67,330  per year 

Data Scientist Salary in Germany By Education  

Your location and the job path you select will have a significant impact on the pay you can earn depending on your degree.

data scientist salary in germany

Highest Paying Cities for Data Scientists in Germany

In Germany, the average yearly income for a data scientist is approximately €70,000, and the average hourly salary is approximately €43.

data scientist salary in germany

Salaries for Jobs Similar to a Data Scientist

Salary information for jobs similar to that of a data scientist in Germany can be found in the table below.

Positions Average Salary 
Data Analyst€3,100 per month 
Data Scientist €1,450 per month 
Quantitative Analyst€65,000 per year 
Senior Data Scientist€80,000 per year 
3D Lab Technologist€41,180 per year 
Analytical Chemist€80,340 per year 
Big Data Engineer€60,000  per year 
Computer Vision Engineer€65,000  per year 
Retail Data Scientist€50,000 per year 


Q1: What is the salary of a Data Scientist in Germany?

Ans:  An entry-level data scientist in Germany makes, on average, €57,563 a year. In India, the average annual compensation for a trainee data scientist is ₹500,000.

Q2: Will Data Science be in demand in 2026?

Ans: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the growth of data science will result in about 11.5 million job opportunities by 2026. The World Economic Forum projects that by 2022, data scientists and analysts will rank as the top emerging role globally.

Q3: What is the future of Data Science in Germany?

Ans: According to research, the German IT market is expected to reach $129 billion by 2025. Consequently, there will be a growing demand for tech and data specialists, which will open up more opportunities for more competitive compensation. A flexible work environment with prospects for self-employment is provided by data science.

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