All About MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada 2024 

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MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada

Considering a career as an MBBS doctor in Canada is the most rewarding and highest-paying career. Australia attracts highly qualified physicians for many strong reasons. Canada is a desirable place for medical professionals to immigrate and practice because of its sophisticated healthcare infrastructure, excellent job possibilities, and high standard of living. Nevertheless, it is necessary to explore the different aspects that influence physicians’ compensation to comprehend the complexity of Canadian medical pay. The province or region in which a doctor practices is a major factor that affects their earning potential. 


Here are the Average Salary in Canada & Top Job Opportunities in 2024

What is the Average MBBS Doctors Salary in Canada?

The income potential for MBBS doctors in Canada is promising. On average, they earn a yearly salary of 313,800 CAD (Canadian Dollars), which translates to a monthly average of 26,150 CAD. However, this range can vary significantly. Entry-level doctors might start with an annual salary as low as ⁠146,700 CAD (12,225 CAD monthly), while experienced and specialized doctors can command top salaries exceeding 501,400 CAD annually (41,783 CAD monthly). This highlights the significant earning potential for MBBS doctors as they progress in their careers in Canada.

MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada By Experience

In Canada, a doctor’s pay is mostly determined by their experience. Here, we’ve gathered information about doctors’ salaries according to their level of experience in the field. 

MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada

MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada By Education 

The MBBS Doctor may be impacted by the needed degree of schooling and training. Here, we’ve included the average annual wage according to your educational attainment. 

Education Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree 69,800 CAD
Master’s Degree 149,000 CAD

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MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada By Companies 

Most businesses give MBBS Doctors compensation. A list of some of the top Canadian corporations paying MBBS doctors is provided here.

Companies Average Salary Per Year 
Sickkids90,000 CAD
Private2,00,000 CAD
University of Toronto80,000 CAD
Northside Hospital1,15,000 CAD
Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec100,000 CAD- 3,00,000 CAD
Alberta Health Services72,000 CAD-220,000 CAD
ABC200,000 CAD-500,000 CAD
London Health Sciences Centre100,000 CAD-500,000 CAD
Hamilton Health Sciences200,000 CAD-300,000 CAD
CHEO95,000 CAD- 100,000 CAD
Private Practice97,000 CAD-100,000 CAD
Northside Hospital20,000 CAD-54,000 CAD
Northern Ontario School of Medicine78,000 CAD-100,000 CAD
DHR Health25,000 CAD-40,000 CAD
TD100,000 CAD-400,000 CAD
Ontario Power Generation100,000 CAD-300,000 CAD
Government of Canada46,000 CAD-54,000 CAD
McGill University200,000 CAD-300,000 CAD

MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada By Cities 

The average MBBS doctor income in Canada’s best-paying cities is as follows, according to the country’s official website:

MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada

MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada By Job Role

The medical specializations that pay the best in Canada are usually surgical specialties and subspecialties. The following specialties frequently have better earning potential, even though exact wage amounts can vary depending on factors like experience, region, and type of job.

Job Roles Average Salary Per Year 
Family Physician285,042 CAD
Medical Specialist74,110 CAD
Health Officer77,946 CAD
Pathologist92,135 CAD
Doctor102,688 CAD
Physician250,000 CAD
Family Practice Physician260,500 CAD
Medical Doctor272,963 CAD
Family Physician286,163 CAD
Family Practice Physician260,500 CAD
Paediatrician274,634 CAD
Medical Doctor272,963 CAD
Surgeon276,124 CAD
Resident Physician65,814 CAD

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Can Indian MBBS doctors work in Canada?

They can, in fact. Obtaining a legitimate medical license for the province in which they intend to settle is, nevertheless, the main prerequisite. Additionally, they will need to pass a certification test administered by the Canadian Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

How much do MBBS students make in Canada?

In Canada, the average annual pay for a medical student is $40,413. In Canada, additional monetary remuneration for medical students ranges from $1,111 to $10,549, with an average of $3,424.

Which country pays the highest salary to MBBS?

The average compensation for specialists in this small European nation is approximately ₹26,292,200, while the average salary for general practitioners is approximately ₹20,769,800. The great demand for doctors notwithstanding the small population in the nation accounts for this high compensation.

Can an MBBS doctor settle in Canada?

In Canada, doctors are in great demand, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian government provides a range of federal and provincial immigration schemes for physicians who want to live permanently in the nation to fill these labor market deficits.

This was all about the MBBS Doctor Salary in Canada 2024. If you want to read more about another profession with their salary follow Leverage Edu and our official page Jobs Abroad. 

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