Job Vacancies in Lagos

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Job Vacancies in Lagos

Lagos is one of the major cities and the former capital of Nigeria. The city has got a good standard of living and offers various job opportunities for both international candidates as well. Most job openings are for expats but various public and private sector jobs in the city also welcome immigrants with open arms. So, if you are looking for job vacancies in Lagos, take a break and see what are the best options and how you can avail of them. 


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Best Job Vacancies in Lagos

Here are some of the most in-demand job vacancies in Lagos. Candidates must note that in order to get these jobs they will have to be competitive in their experience and skill set. 


Nearly all the industries in Lagos require engineers in their teams. The country has ample natural resources and therefore its secondary and tertiary sectors are also at pace. Engineers are required to devise a workflow for many industries from manufacturing to civil.

Civil Engineers Average Salary: ₦3,850,000 per year

Petroleum Engineer Salary: ₦5,824,000 per year


Accounts also have a role in every sector and every industry. The jobs in this field will deal with the flow of money and government guidelines associated with it. A lot of job openings in accountancy are available in Lagos. The ideal candidate for this role will have great analytical and data-handling skills as well as knowledge of accounting software. 

Average Salary: ₦100,000 to ₦800,000 per month

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Software Developer

As everything is online, computer applications play an important role around the world especially for a country rapidly developing its workforce. It is not only required for making new software but also to maintain and fix the existing software. The industries requiring software developers are also not restricted to several tech giants, in fact, most companies now have their own software development teams to deal with the issues. 

Average Salary: ₦1,296,178 per year 


A career in medicine is booming around the world. Wherever a healthcare professional, surgeon, pharmacist or physician wants a job they have plenty of opportunities and options. But the job in this field is still akin to expertise and experience. Among all the job vacancies in Lagos, this field is one of the top tier highest paid jobs. 

Average Salary: ₦975,000 per month

Banking Associate 

A banking associate is a tertiary sector job which offers jobs in both public and private sector banks. Along with this, these jobs come with added benefits of proper leaves and offers for the employees. Moreover, banks in Nigeria are also responsible for driving economic activities. You will also get an opportunity to deal with retail clients and business tycoons in the country for loans and other services. 

Average Salary: ₦4,420,000 per year

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Jobs in the sector of marketing are growing rapidly especially after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Cities like Lagos are becoming more susceptible to such roles and offer competitive salaries to their candidates. Sectors such as technology, retail or wholesale, hospitality and tourism have major demands for marketing associates. You will be helping to market local or international brands to the Nigerian market. This will help you understand a diverse client market and understand global strategies for marketing. 

Average Salary: ₦160,000 per month

Customer Service

Customer services are crucial for a country which is thriving in the tertiary sector. Client satisfaction is essential to such businesses that companies often have divisions in client servicing teams as well to deal with separate issues. Your job will be to meet client demands and ensure the satisfaction of your client to excel in these jobs. Having prior experience in this field will land you a lot better job opportunities in Lagos.   

Average Salary: ₦727,080 per year

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How to Get a Job in Lagos?

There are three essential steps to finding a suitable job in Lagos. Here we have elaborated on them for you to have a better understanding. 


This involves researching the high-paying jobs in your field, the cost of living in Lagos and the requirements for the job. This also covers making connections in the city through online networking and keeping track of all work-related developments and immigration rules. 

Build A Profile

Build a profile that is localised to the city with the right keywords and dedication speaking of your passion in the undertones of your application. Writing a highly motivated cover letter and preparing a resume as preferred in Lagos can be a good start. Also, start using the right keywords in your profile and represent a good work experience in the field you are applying to. 

Apply Thoughtfully

It should not appear that you are ready to move to the country with any possible high-paying job. Your application and choice of company should be thoughtful and motivated by your previous experiences, qualifications and curiosity. Utilise your time to read through the company ethics and guidelines while also reading the job roles and responsibilities and use it in your cover letter and job interview

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Is it easy to get a job in Lagos, Nigeria?

No, it is not easy to get a job in Lagos as it is one of the major, wealthiest and most desired cities not only in Nigeria but the entire of Africa. However, with the right application strategy one can secure a job. 

How can I work in Lagos?

To be able to work in Lagos, you will need a temporary work permit to enter the country and then apply for a residence and work permit at the Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters. 

Which career should one pursue in Lagos?

Lagos offers amazing job opportunities for people in Software Engineering, Medicine, Customer Service, Accounts etc.

This was all about the job vacancies in Lagos and how to find them. If you want to know more about jobs abroad, follow Leverage Edu

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