Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024: Complete Guide

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Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024: Pursue your higher education dreams in Ireland. The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024 provides students who are not citizens of the European Union or the European Economic Area with the opportunity to pursue Master’s or Doctoral degrees at top Irish universities. This GOI International Education Scholarship is fully funded, covering tuition fees, and provides a EUR 10,000 stipend for living expenses. It opens doors to receiving a world-class education and to experiencing the rich culture of Ireland. By the middle of February, applications will be closed, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to study in Ireland. It is time to get started on your scholarship journey.


In this blog, we have provided detail information on Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024 including its eligibility, application process, dates and many more.

Scholarship NameGovernment of Ireland International Education Scholarship
Host CountryIreland
Funding BodyIrish Research Council
Scholarship ValueEUR 28,000 per year
DeadlineMarch 13, 2024
Awarded toInternational Students
Degree LevelResearch master’s or PhD Degree Programs
Official Linkhttps://research.ie/funding/goipg/

Eligibility Criteria For Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024

High-achieving non-EU students can use this prestigious GOI International Education scholarship to pursue a Master’s or PhD studies in any area of subject at well-known Irish Universities. But before you go on your Emerald Isle journey, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Citizen of a country outside the EU, EEA, Switzerland, or the UK.
  • Hold an offer letter, either conditional or unconditional, for a full-time Master’s (teaching or research) or PhD program at a well-known college or university in Ireland.
  • Support this with the excellent academic performance shown on your documents.
  • The standards of your chosen college or university may require you to show that you can speak and write English well by taking English Language Proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS.
  • It’s important to show the scholarship committee that you need the scholarship that will help you study in Ireland.
  • Include extracurricular activities in your resume to show that you are well-rounded, whether they are sports, arts, or work experience.
  • Simply explain why you want to study in Ireland and how your chosen program will help you with your career goals, showing that it will be beneficial for both you and Ireland.

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Application Process For Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024

Students from outside the EU can get the Government of Ireland Internation Education Scholarship abbreviated as GOI-IES 2024 to study for a Master’s or PhD in Ireland. The Government of Ireland Internation Education Scholarship 2024 entry time has not yet begun as of today. But based on what happened in the past, here’s what you can expect and how to get ready to send your application when it starts. The application process for the entire process is listed below.

  • Register for an account on the Irish Research Council official website at https://research.ie/funding/.
  • Complete the online application form completely, including information about your academic performance transcripts, work experience, suggested research project, and career goals.
  • According to your application, you need to include a full study plan that fits with the areas of knowledge of the Irish University and supervisor.
  • Obtain two strong letters of recommendation from academics who are familiar with your work and abilities.
  • Get ready to share any documents that are needed, such as academic transcripts, awards, and recognized tests.
  • Before the deadline, which is usually around March 13th, you must complete and submit your application through online mode.
  • Check that all of the documents you share are formatted correctly.

Documents Requirements

Dates For Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024

The Government of Ireland Internation Education Scholarship 2024 application period has not yet begun as of today, Feb 2, 2024. Instead, the application period has not yet begun. 

Application deadlineMarch 13, 2024
Call OutcomeLate May or early June, 2024

Benefits For Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024

The Government of Ireland Internation Education Scholarship(GOI-IES) helps students who want to get a Master’s or PhD in Ireland in many different ways. Just take a look at the benefits that are listed below.

  • In addition to saving money, this scholarship covers the cost of your university program.
  • Receiving a EUR 10,000 stipend, which helps with living costs like accommodation, and transportation, easing your financial stress.
  • The Irish universities are well-known for their high-quality education and study facilities.
  • Explore many Master’s and PhD programs in different fields to find one that fits your hobbies, interests, and career goals.
  • Explore the best research projects with famous professors, where you can gain useful experiences and make a positive impact on the academic community.
  • Immerse yourself in Irish culture, history, and friendly people through direct experience of Irish culture.
  • Communicate with other international students, teachers, and workers to grow your network and find new possibilities.
  • To be successful in the global job market, you should learn useful skills and information.
  • You can develop freedom, grit, and a wider view of the world by pushing yourself in university and your daily life.

Top Colleges Participate in Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024

Here are some of the top colleges in Ireland that participate in the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship program.

Factors Affecting Selection For Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship 2024

When the Government of Ireland Internation Education Scholarship(GOI-IES) is given out, candidates are chosen based on many factors, including academic performance, personal qualities, and how well they fit with the scholarship’s goals.

  • Good scores, related coursework, and academic achievements (like research documents published in journals, awards, etc) show that you can do well in a difficult Master’s or PhD program.
  • Speaking English well enough or better than required, and if needed, showing good results on subject-specific tests related to your career goals.
  • Prior research experience, involvement in projects, or writing show that you are good at research and want to contribute to your chosen area.
  • Your reasons for choosing to study in Ireland, your specific academic interests, and how the university you’ve chosen fits with your plans for the future.
  • Doing leadership-related activities outside of an institution, volunteering, or other activities shows that you can step up and make a good contribution.
  • Showing interest in Irish culture, knowing the pros and cons of studying abroad, and being able to adjust to a new setting.
  • In reality, showing that you need the scholarship’s help explains it, as do your funding limits to contribute to your studies without it.
  • Outlining how your studies will help Ireland and your home country, whether it’s through research efforts, sharing information, or effects on future goals.
  • A solid letter of recommendation from a professor at the university you want to attend can help your application.
  • Submitting a complete application with clear, well-written essays and other materials is crucial for making a good first impression.

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How to apply for Government of Ireland International Education scholarships?

At the time of registration, applicants must have a conditional or final offer of acceptance to that college or university and must send a copy of it. The offer letter must say that the student has been given a spot in a full-time program as an international student who pays fees.

Who is eligible for the Ireland scholarship?

You must have gone to a college or university that didn’t charge you. You must have taken and passed the Leaving Certificate Exam for the first time. You must be getting a 3rd level education support scholarship from Student Universal Support Ireland(SUSI) and have applied for it at least one day before SUSI shuts down.

Is IELTS required for Ireland government scholarship?

Ireland has scholarships for the academic year that don’t require IELTS scores. International students now is your chance to shine. Get a Master’s, or even a PhD degree program.

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