Scholarship for Indian Students in Germany: Complete Guide

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German colleges and universities are popular among Indian students because they are among the best in the world, and education is growing quickly. Germany is known for being very good at technology and coming up with new ways to use it. An increased number of scholarships have been set up just for Indian students to help with any financial problems that might come up. These scholarships will let you focus on your higher education and give you a chance to fully experience German culture. Indian students who want to go to college or university in Germany can choose from a number of different scholarship options.

Scholarships ForIndian Students
Types of ScholarshipsGovernment Funded ScholarshipsNon-Government Funded Scholarships
Financial CoveragePartially or Fully Funded
Program LevelsBachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degree Level
Provided ByGovernment and Organisations
DurationFull-Time or Varies

Germany gives financial assistance every year in the form of scholarships to encourage students to work together on Science Projects, learn about the German culture, and do well in college or university. Some of the best-known scholarships are-

  • The Deutschlandstipendium, 
  • The DAAD scholarship, 
  • The Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship, 
  • The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship,
  • The Erasmus Scholarship

Besides that, a lot of German colleges and universities offer their own scholarships. Indian students who do well in school academically, have the potential to study in Germany, and are involved in their communities are given more scholarships by these universities if they are thought to be deserving. The most important thing to do is to learn about the unique scholarship programs and standards that each college or university has to offer. There are also many private businesses, charities, and groups that help Indian students pay for their education in Germany by giving them scholarships. 

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Types of Scholarship for Indian Students in Germany 

Indian students have many funding opportunities who want to go to study in Germany, which is known for its high-quality education and research. There are multiple types of scholarships, and each one is made to fit a specific academic level, field of study, and financial need. The most popular types of scholarships are listed below.

  • Government Funded Scholarships
  • Non-Government Funded Scholarships
  • Research Grants and Fellowships
  • Need-based scholarships

These scholarships by the German government or non-governmental are relatively easy to avail. They are granted to the candidates after evaluating their financial condition which have different eligibility criteria altogether.

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List of Fully Funded Scholarships for Indian Students in Germany 

Germany is a place with amazing building feats, deep historical sites, and great educational opportunities. Indian students who are smart might think that this academic paradise is hidden by a cloud of money problems. Don’t worry, there are a lot of fully funded scholarships available that will let you follow your academic dreams in Germany without having to worry about paying for anything. Let’s take a look at these fully funded scholarship possibilities.

Scholarship NameFinancial Coverage
Konrad-Adenauer Foundation ScholarshipFully Funded
Friedrich Ebert ScholarshipFully Funded
DAAD ScholarshipFully Funded
Daad German Studies Research GrantFully Funded
ESMT MBA ScholarshipFully Funded
Humboldt University International Research FellowshipFully Funded
Frankfurt School MBA ScholarshipFully Funded
RWTH Aachen ScholarshipFully Funded
Heidelberg UniversityFully Funded
Erasmus Scholarship Program in GermanyFully Funded
EMS Undergraduate ScholarshipsFully Funded
Bayer FoundationFully Funded
Ulm University ScholarshipFully Funded
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of ManagementFully Funded
KAAD ScholarshipFully Funded
Heinrich boll ScholarshipFully Funded
Deutschland StipendiumFully Funded
MAWISTA ScholarshipFully Funded
Kofi Annan MBAFully Funded
DLD Executive MBA ScholarshipFully Funded
Einstein International Postdoctoral FellowshipFully Funded
Universitat Hamburg Merit ScholarshipFully Funded

Government Scholarship for Indian Students in Germany 

Germany, a centre of academic success and new ideas, offers many chances for Indian students who want to study abroad. Out of these, government-funded scholarships stand out because they let candidates get a world-class education without having to worry about money. Let’s look at the main choices that are supported by the government.

Scholarship NameEligibilityAmount
DAAD ScholarshipEligible for these scholarships and are selected based on their academic proficiencyEUR 850 – EUR 1200
ERASMUS ScholarshipEligible for these grants and they are selected based on their academic proficiency.EUR 1000
Deutschland StipendiumBoth national and international students are eligible for this scholarship.EUR 300

Non-Government Scholarship for Indian Students in Germany 

Indian students want to go to Germany because it has world-class universities and the best research, but money problems can often get in the way of their plans. A thriving community of scholarships paid for by organizations other than the government is waiting. You don’t have to depend on the government alone to follow your academic dreams in Germany thanks the these many scholarship options from charities, universities, and private organizations.

Scholarship NameEligibilityAmount
Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International StudentsBoth German and international students planning to study Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. programsEUR750 – EUR 1000
Friedrich Ebert Foundation scholarshipsThose with a good academic record are eligibleEUR 12,000 + allowance
Konrad –Adenauer – Stiftung scholarshipAll PG & PhD students under 30 EUR 800-EUR 1,200
Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral ResearchersOpen to researchers and studentsEUR 2,650
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) ScholarshipsHaving excellent academic achievement are eligibleEUR 850
Bayer Foundation ScholarshipsHaving excellent academic achievement are eligibleEUR 6,400
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ)-German Cancer Research Centre PhD scholarshipMSc or equivalent degree with the minimum required IELTS/TOEFL/PTE test scoresFull funding
Einstein International Postdoctoral FellowshipPh.D. degreeEUR 20,000
Marie Skolodowska-curie actionsAll StudentsEUR 3,000 + EUR 600 transport allowance
Deutschland StipendiumAll StudentsEUR 300
University Funded Scholarships
Jacobs University ScholarshipsMerit-based scholarshipsEUR 26,000
AICES scholarships-RWTH Aachen UniversityAll StudentsEUR 2000
CusanuswerkExcellent academic merit, at least C1-level (CEFR) language skills in GermaEUR 861
Deutsche UniversitätsstiftungCertificate of enrollmentEUR 3600
Evangelisches StudienwerkpUndergraduate Students from any NationalityEUR 812
Baden-Württemberg StiftungHighly qualified undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studentEUR 600 – EUR 1400
Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters ScholarshipAll Master’s studentsTuition fee wavier
DAAD scholarshipExcellent academic meritEUR 850 – EUR 1200
Erasmus Mundus joint master’s programStudents who belong to EEA countries and Non-EEA countriesEUR 1000

Benefits of Scholarship for Indian Students in Germany 

It can be amazing to study in Germany because it has a lively society, a world-class education system. However, the high cost of living and education in Germany can make it hard for many Indian students as well as for International students.

  • Germany has some of the best colleges and universities in the world.
  • Within Germany, there are lots of scholarships that help with funding and pay for education.
  • Many different courses are available for Indian students to choose from.
  • If you learn in Germany, you will get more experience with people from different countries.
  • Students in Germany have a lot of chances to do research.
  • Help to build good ties with professors and other students.
  • There is a good standard of living in Germany.

How to Apply for a Scholarship for Indian Students in Germany 

To apply for scholarships in Germany might seem like a difficult task, but if you plan and prepare properly, you can greatly improve your chances of getting scholarships. For your convenience, I’ve written some steps in order to help you.

  • First research, the scholarship that is best for you.
  • Read instructions about the requirements for eligibility.
  • Please collect all of the required documents.
  • Please complete the application form for the scholarship.
  • Submit your results from English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS and TOEFL(if required).
  • The Letter of Recommendation and the Statement of Purpose should be considered.
  • It is essential that you monitor the current status of your Scholarship application.

Documents Required

At the time of application, you are needed to provide the following required documents in order to be considered for one of the top scholarships available in Germany to Indian students.

  • University Offer Letter
  • A Valid Passport
  • Copies of Educational Qualifications
  • Scorecard of Language Proficiency Tests(IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Current passport-size photographs
  • Detailed resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • The purpose of pursuing the program from Germany

Tips For Getting Scholarship for Indian Students in Germany 

Gaining a scholarship in Germany can make your higher education journey completely different. But it’s easy to feel stressed because there are so many application forms and eligibility requirements. Here are some tips on your chances of getting success for scholarships.

  • Do some research on the organizing committee and send the application straight to them. 
  • Different types of scholarships are given by different parts of the government, private organizations, or the University itself.
  • Check the dates often and send in your application at least a week before.
  • Some scholarships are given out once a year, twice a year, three times a year, and so on.
  • Make your intentions and reasons for taking the course clear. There should be a list of academic and other accomplishments in the writing.
  • Attach all the required documents based on the eligibility requirements.


How much percentage is required for a scholarship in Germany?

The CGPA required for a Master’s program in Germany is 7.0, or at least 70%. In addition, an IELTS score of 8.5 and a CGPA of 8.5 are preferable.

Is IELTS required in Germany?

IELTS is required for courses taught in English in Germany. However, it is not mandatory since it is not an English-speaking country.

Is there an age limit for DAAD?

No, there is usually no fixed age limit.

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