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Student Accommodation with Leverage Edu

Are you thinking about studying abroad? You will have to face a very big challenge once you have completed the admission process and your study permit obligations – the challenge of finding suitable and affordable accommodation. This might seem like a simple challenge, but things can get complicated.

While you are located in your home country, you will find it challenging to find accommodation in a foreign country. Choosing the right location will probably take several stressful days and undying effort.

Since the housing that you choose will probably be your home for the next 2-3 years, you need to get the best deal within your budget. Getting an apartment is challenging, but it is not impossible as long as you have the right knowledge and direct your efforts in the right direction.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Accommodation

Let’s gloss over some of the factors that you should consider when trying to find the perfect student accommodation.


You can save money by staying near your college or university by avoiding transportation costs. Additionally, if that is not possible, live in an area adjacent to a market and everything else you might need.

Type of Accommodation

Source: Alliance Manchester Business School

In terms of cost, the cheapest option will be on-campus housing, while the most expensive choice will be renting an apartment. Depending on your comfort level and budget, you can make this decision.

Financing the Accommodation

The cost of tuition fees, travel expenses, and other living expenses is a big factor in determining what option you can select. While selecting accommodation, keep in mind that it will be a fixed cost over the course of your studies.


Since it’s going to be your home for a long time, find out if the area is safe. Talk to existing lenders of the property, or find out 

Take all the points above into consideration before choosing your accommodation. Make sure that the housing you choose meets your basic needs even if it doesn’t always meet your expectations. Since you will spend much of your time there, you will probably want to make it as comfortable as possible. 

How to Pick the Right Accommodation in the Leverage Edu

There are over 7.74 lakh rooms listed across the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, and Australia on the Study Abroad with Leverage Edu App.

  • You can search for the best accommodation for your needs and place enquiries straight from the app.
  • You have the option to filter by Room Type, City, and Budget (rent per week).
  • There can be multiple kinds of rooms within each property listing, such as singles, shared rooms, en-suites, etc.
  • If you are unable to find the right fit for your needs, we offer the opportunity to share your requirements and we will help you find the right property.
  • Student feedback is collected at the end of the enquiry process to help us improve your experience.

To get started with finding the perfect accommodation for you, download the Study Abroad with Leverage Edu app using the links given below. Or, scan the QR code given in the image.

One app for all your study abroad needs - Study Abroad with Leverage Edu

The Benefits of Leverage Edu Student Accommodations

Leverage Edu has partnerships with top student accommodation providers, helping us provide great benefits to students who apply through us.

Global reach

  • A total of 2 million rooms are available in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and thirty other countries. 
  • Whether you prefer something classic or something modern, we have something to suit your needs.

Saves time and money

  • All bills are included (gas, water, electricity, internet), and all properties are vetted to ensure their safety and security. Studios, private rooms, shared apartments, and shared rooms are available.
  •  Our student housing options include both purpose-built and non-purpose-built housing to offer students the most choice.
  • Our lowest prices and exclusive deals help you save time and money.

Cancellation policies adjusted to suit your needs 

  • Cancel or modify your booking easily within a specific timeframe.

24×7 assistance

  • Students can reach out to our personal advisors for help (not robotic chatbots!) in real-time if they need any assistance. They are there to help. Students can count on us 24×7 from the moment they start looking to the day they move out.

Commonly-asked Questions about Accommodation Abroad for International Students

What are the best ways for international students to find housing?

If you were unable to find on-campus housing, there are many ways in which you can find international student accommodation. Universities often offer help to students who have difficulty finding housing. Ample information is also available online to make an informed decision.

What types of accommodation are available for international students?

In general, there are two types of housing: on-campus and off-campus. Accommodations provided by the university on campus include residence halls and dormitories. In addition to renting an apartment or room, local homestays are also available off-campus. 

Does a student visa allow me to rent a house? 

It is possible to do so. A student visa gives you permission to stay in the country for the duration of your course. Apartments and rooms are available for rent during this time.

Finding good housing is an essential step in studying abroad but there are too many factors to consider before you find the perfect place. Luckily, all of the information you need is easily available straight from the Study Abroad with Leverage Edu app. Whether it is a large apartment for sharing with friends or a single room for people who like their own company, finding a room for your requirements is easy with Leverage Edu.

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