Amity University Dubai Scholarships 2024: Complete Guide

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Amity University Dubai Scholarships

Start your academic journey at Amity University Dubai with its beneficial scholarships. It can be a life-changing and rewarding experience. In 2024, Amity University Dubai opens up a world of academic options by giving you a variety of scholarships that are meant to help you reach your academic goals. There are Amity University Dubai scholarships out there for everyone, whether you are an international student looking to learn about other cultures, a rising academic star with a great GPA, or an athlete player. Discover opportunities like Merit-Based scholarships rewarding academic excellence, or the International Student Bursary welcoming diverse perspectives. 

Institution NameAmity University Dubai
Established on2011
Acceptance Rate12%
LocationDubai (UAE)
Scholarships For Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs

Do you need money? Look into your choices for scholarships or use the Sibling Scholarship to help pay for your sibling’s education. With more than 10 scholarships available for different goals, you can find the right one to help you on your way and make your future bright. Take a look at our comprehensive list of scholarships and take the step towards achieving your academic dreams at Amity University Dubai.

List of Top Scholarships of Amity University Dubai

Financing your education should allow you to pursue your dreams at Amity University Dubai. No matter if you’re a bright student, a dedicated sports player, or facing challenges, Amity University Dubai offers a diverse range of scholarships available for you in 2024. Find the right scholarships to help you pay for tuition fees and set up on the journey to a life-changing education. Scholarships range from merit-based scholarships for academic excellence to scholarships for international students. Explore our detailed list below to find the key that will help you reach your academic goals and start your future at Amity University Dubai.

Scholarship NameDurationAward Amount
Merit-Based ScholarshipFull Program durationVaries based on GPA
Entrance ScholarshipFull Program durationVaries based on score
Sports ScholarshipFull Program durationVaries based on talent
Sibling ScholarshipFull Program duration20% tuition fee reduction
Employee ScholarshipFull Program durationVaries based on partnership
International Student BursaryFull Program duration30% tuition fee reduction
UAE National ScholarshipFull Program duration30% tuition fee reduction
Amity Graduate AwardFull Program duration20% tuition fee reduction
DEWA Employee ScholarshipFull Program duration30% tuition fee reduction

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Top 5 Amity University Dubai Scholarships For International Students

Being unable to afford to go to an elite university like Amity University Dubai shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals to study abroad. Unlock a world of possibilities with Amity University Dubai Scholarships designed to help driven students like you. You can get a scholarship if you’re a brilliant student, an intense sports player who pushes the limits, or someone who is having financial difficulties with money. Start your academic journey at Amity University Dubai by looking at the top 5 scholarship choices, which meet a range of financial needs and offer a lot of benefits.

International Student Bursary

Amity University Dubai offers an international student Bursary Scholarship. This scholarship program is only intended to provide financial assistance to international students who are not citizens of the UAE. To provide a wonderful opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing their higher education at Amity University Dubai, this scholarship offers a 20% reduction in tuition fees for the whole of the student’s program.

Award20% off tuition fees
EligibilityOpen to all non-UAE students
DurationFull program duration

Merit-Based Scholarships

The merit-based Scholarship program at Amity University Dubai rewards outstanding academic performance with significant tuition fees ranging from 25% to 100% tuition reductions, potentially covering all your tuition fees. This prestigious scholarship acknowledges your dedication to academic success and invests in your future potential.

Award AmountVaries based on your GPA and scholarship Level
EligibilityA high GPA (above 3.8 or equivalent) is required.
Application No separate application

Sports Scholarships

The sports Scholarship offered by Amity University Dubai provides outstanding sports players with an exciting chance to combine their academic studies with their dreams. The scholarship program aims to recognize and support exceptional athletes across various sports disciplines, offering them significant financial aid and other benefits to pursue their education at Amity University Dubai.

Award AmountVaries based on talent, potentially full tuition, and other support
EligibilityStrong Academic performance, meeting the program’s admission requirements
DurationFull program duration

Sibling Scholarships

The Sibling Scholarship at Amity University Dubai is a scholarship program that is intended to provide financial support to families who have more than one student enrolled at the university. If you have a sibling who is currently enrolled in any program at Amity University Dubai, both you and your sibling are eligible for a 20% reduction in tuition fees for your respective Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

Award Amount20% off Tuition fees
EligibilityMeet the academic requirements for the program
DurationFull program duration

Amity Graduate Award

Students who have graduated from Amity University Dubai with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for the Amity Graduate Award, which is a scholarship granted by Amity University Dubai. During the whole of the Master’s degree program, the award makes available a bursary that is equal to 20% of the total tuition fee.

Award Amount20% of the tuition fees
EligibilityComplete an Undergraduate degree from Amity University Dubai with a minimum CGPA of 3.0
DurationFull program duration

Factors Affecting Selection For Amity University Dubai Scholarship 2024

Several factors might affect your eligibility and the possibility that you will be awarded a scholarship from Amity University Dubai in 2024.

  • Most scholarships, especially ones that are based on merit, heavily look at your GPA or academic record
  • A higher grade significantly increases your chances of getting a scholarship.
  • For international students, some scholarships might look at scores on standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.
  • Some scholarships may be offered for certain study plans or areas.
  • Some scholarships are only for students from the UAE or other countries.
  • Scholarships like financial aid consider documented financial hardship to decide who is eligible.
  • You can make your application stronger by showing leadership, community service, or exceptional skill in several areas.
  • If you have a sibling at Amity University Dubai, you might be able to get a sibling scholarship.
  • Different types of scholarships have different eligibility requirements.
  • Make sure you have all the documents, deadlines, and application procedures.
  • To get some scholarships, you need to have good grades and a lot of achievements.

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Does Amity University Dubai have a scholarship?

Amity University Dubai scholarships are given out once a year and are reviewed each year based on academic success (Merit List based on CGPA). The guidelines can be found in the “Guidelines” part of “Scholarships, Awards, and Medals” on AMIZONE, the student website.

How much does it cost to study at Amity University Dubai?

Different academic courses at Amity University Dubai have tuition fees that range from 13,920 to 64,575 AED (3.13 to 53.39 lakhs INR).

Is Amity degree valid in UAE?

The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) and the UAE Ministry of Education have given Amity University Dubai an academic license. This was done through the Commission for Academic Accreditation. The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) is the agency that the UAE Federal Government uses to make sure that higher education is of high quality.

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