Germany Job Seeking Visa: Requirements & Application 

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Germany Job Seeking Visa

Considering the most recent scenario Indians are gradually becoming Germany’s most significant source of Human Resources from abroad. Due to the escalating job market in Germany, it has also opened its doors to countries outside of the European Union and Indians are a major part of it. As per 2021 reports the number of Indians migrating to Germany was 23,100. Therefore, the demand for Germany Job Seeker Visa has also increased.

This is due to the reason that Indians who are learning and working there have proved to be an excellent asset to the country. The German Economic Institute considers Indians ‘A great Success for Germany’. In this equation of migration, most Indians are employed in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, computer science and technology.

What is a Germany Job Seeking Visa? 

A German job seeker visa is a form of visa issued to people from foreign nations who want to find jobs in Germany but do not have any employment in Germany at that time. This visa is different from a post-study work visa as the applicant is not required to have studied in Germany to seek jobs under this visa. 

Under this visa, the concerned applicant is allowed to stay in Germany and apply for jobs for a period of 6 months after which the candidate will have to apply for a work visa if they find a job or return back if unsuccessful. However, they can re-apply for the visa after returning by repeating the whole process. It takes 4-6 weeks to process this visa application and the process is swifter if the candidates submit all their documents in time. 

Though Germany is very welcoming towards foreign nationals, the candidates must fulfil the eligibility criteria to get the visa, the consulate strictly adheres to the set requirements. Here are some important details about the German Job Seeker’s Visa. 

Name of VisaGerman Job Seeker Visa
Concerned Authority German Federal Government 
Duration6 Months
Renewability Only through Re-application
Visa FeeINR 6,200
Document Verification FeeINR 30,000
Processing Time4-6 Weeks
Level of Difficulty Moderately Difficult
Purpose Access to German Job Market 

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Who Has to Apply?

There is an interesting fact about the German Job Seeking Visa, the nationals of the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland do not have to apply for the visa, they can directly go and look for jobs for any amount of time. Candidates from other countries who have permanent residence in any of the countries from the EU are also eligible for this privilege. 

People from other countries living in the EU on any other visa will have to apply for the visa. Citizens of countries like Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and the USA are also exempted from the visa application but people from these countries have to have a residence permit before coming to look for jobs. As for Indians Nationals, a Job Seeker Visa is the right pathway. 

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Who Can Apply?

Talking about the eligibility for the Germany Job Seeker Visa, the applicants must fulfil certain requirements which will be verified by the visa consulate or embassy for the processing of this visa. The candidates who fulfil the following eligibility criteria can apply for the Germany Job Seeking Visa. 

  1. National of a third country who needs a visa to enter Germany. 
  2. An experience of at least 5 years in the profession of interest. 
  3. Documented proofs of qualifying examinations for the job.
  4. The educational qualification must be recognisable by the German education system
  5. Proof of funds to facilitate the stay in Germany. 
  6. A medical coverage plan. 

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What Are the Requirements for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

To apply for a Germany Job Seeking Visa one has to be prepared with the documents and details that need to be shared with the visa consulate or embassy along with the visa application form. 

  1. A visa application form

The Visa application form must be duly filled with all necessary and valid details that are mentioned in all the official documents. The form must also be signed by the candidate. 

  1. A valid passport

The candidate must be in possession of a Valid Passport issued in their name. The passport must have been issued within 10 years from the date of application and must have at least 2 empty pages. The passport’s validity must extend the period of stay in Germany by at least 3 months. 

  1. 2 passport-size photographs

The application form must have 2 recent passport-size photographs. The photograph must be clicked and uploaded in a format approved by the German visa consulate or embassy. 

  1. Accommodation proofs

The applicant must present hotel reservations or rental agreements to the authorities. In the case, the person is staying with relatives or friends they must present an invitation letter signed by them.

  1. Proof of finances

The applicant must prove that they are eligible to pay for their expenses abroad. This requires proof of available funds in their bank account. The applicant must show an availability of €947 in their name for this. Another way is that the invitees sign a letter declaring that they will bear the expense of the candidate. 

  1. Health insurance

Proof of valid travel health insurance of up to €30,000 is required to be produced by the candidate. 

  1. Proof of academic qualifications

This includes documents like mark sheets and degrees attained after acquiring an education that is required to pursue a profession. 

  1. Degree recognition 

The Central Office for Foreign Education is the authority that validates scores by comparing them to the score scale of other countries. The candidate will have to get their educational documents approved by them. 

  1. Resume

The candidate must submit their resume which clearly shows 5 years of work experience. Documents from companies that support the resume should also be kept handy for the visa interview. 

  1. Cover letter

This document is the Statement of Purpose (SoP) for the German job-seeking visa. This can be the deciding factor towards acceptance or rejection of the visa application. In this document, the candidates should precisely and smartly state their intention of seeking jobs in Germany. 

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How to Apply for the Germany Job Seeking Visa?

Before applying for the visa the applicant must make sure that they meet all the eligibility criteria for the visa application and have all supporting documents ready. The process often gets delayed due to gaps in documentation. The procedure to apply for the Germany Job Seeking Visa is given below:

  1. Fill out the visa application form online. Print the application and sign it at the end.
  2. Find the nearest visa consulate or embassy.
  3. Book an appointment with the German embassy as soon as possible. 
  4. Assimilate all the required documents in English or German language.
  5. Attend the embassy or consulate on the appointed date. 
  6. Pay the visa application fee and take a receipt of the same. 
  7. Wait for the decision of the authorities. 

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What to do after getting a job?

Once a candidate in Germany who has entered on a job-seeking visa gets a job, they need to apply for a Work Visa in Germany. They can keep staying in Germany for the time of processing of work visa application even if it exceeds the duration of the Germany Job Seeking Visa.

Where to apply for a German job-seeking visa?

For a German job-seeking visa one has to apply at their nearest German Embassy, Consulate or Visa application centre. 

What is the duration of validity of a German Job Seeking Visa?

The validity of a German Job seeking Visa is for 06 months. The visa is not renewable more than 90% of people get jobs within 06 months. If the candidate is unable to find a job in time they can go back to their country and apply again. 

The German Job Seeking Visa application is a moderately difficult process but if the candidate is prepared beforehand there won’t be much of a problem in going through the process. If you are planning to study abroad in the upcoming intakes get in touch with our study abroad experts at 1800-57-2000.

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