Understanding Lithuania Student Visa Fees in Detail for 2024

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lithunia student visa fees

Lithuania offers quality education with low tuition fees. Moreover, the country has a low cost of living and a multicultural environment. There are also immense work opportunities that you can access after completing your studies.  For this reason, several students want to study in Lithuania. To study in Lithuania, you need to apply for a D-visa or a national visa. This is the visa that is provided for long-term studies in the country. The visa has a high approval rate and can be applied by Indian students. However, before applying for a Lithuanian visa, you need to know about the Lithuania student visa fees. This will help in the smooth processing of your visa application. In this blog, we have explained everything you need to know about the Lithuania student visa fees. 


Types of Lithuania Student Visa

There are different types of Lithuanian student visas. You must know about them. This is because the Lithuania student visa fees differ based on the visa fees.

lithunia student visa fees
  • The D Long Stay Schengen Visa: This is the visa that you need to apply for long-term study in the country. When we talk about the student visa, we refer to the D long-stay Schengen visa/national visa.  Those wanting to study in Lithuania for longer than 90 days and up to a year can apply for this visa. The visa permits you to stay in the Schengen area (because Lithuania is a part of the Schengen zone) outside of Lithuania for a maximum period of 90 days over 180 days during the validity period of this visa. The consular authorities of Lithuania will issue this visa to you
  • Temporary Residence Permit: Lithuania does not offer post-study work visas. Instead, you will have to apply for a Residency visa. The residency permit will allow you to seek employment in the country. A temporary residence permit is given for a year.

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How to Get a Lithuania Student Visa?

To apply for a student visa, and to pay the Lithuania student visa fees you must know the steps to obtain the visa. You can follow these steps to get a Lithuania student visa:

  • Select the program of study and the university you want to enrol in Lithuania
  • Next, meet the visa requirements and arrange the documents
  • You can now apply for a Lithuania student visa, and pay the Lithuania student visa fees
  • Lastly, attend the visa interview, and clear the same. You will also be required to submit your biometric information
  • After the completion of the above steps you can wait for a decision on your visa application

Lithuania Student Visa Documentation Requirements

The documentation requirements for a Lithuania student visa are as follows:

  • Duly filled in the visa application form.- The form can be found on the official website of the closest embassy or consulate. You can also consult your visa application center to learn whether you can get a physical copy of the same.
  • Your recent passport photographs
  • A valid passport– The passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the course duration
  • Offer letter from a Lithuanian university 
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to take care of your educational and living expenses abroad
  • Pay the Lithuania student visa fees , and present a receipt of the same
  • Get Health insurance:  A minimum of EUR 30,000 for yourself and EUR 6000 for your dependents 
  • Provide proof of English language proficiency- IELTS/TOEFL test results 
  • You must also obtain a police clearance certificate from India 
  • Copy of your flight itinerary and tickets back to the home country 

Click here to download the official documentation checklist for Lithuania student visa

Application Process for a Lithuanian Student  Visa 

The application process for a Lithuania student visa is as follows:

  • Apply to a Lithuanian university of your choice, and receive an offer letter. You must confirm the offer letter acceptance, and pay the required fees
  • Next, schedule a visa appointment at a Lithuania embassy or consulate in your home country
  • Get the visa application form from the embassy/consulate’s official website. Indians can visit this website to fill the form – https://visa.vrm.lt/epm/
  • Gather the necessary documents and apply for the visa
  • Pay the Lithuania student visa fees, and attend the visa appointment
  • Next, attend the visa interview and clear the same 
  • Wait for the processing of your visa application. It can take up to 2 weeks to process the visa. However, in exceptional circumstances, it can take up to 6 weeks.
  • Connect with the consulate to know when you can collect your passport and other documents
  • After reaching Lithuania, and completing your studies (before the expiry of your student visa) apply for a residence permit. A TRP or temporary residence permit cannot be applied more than 4 months in advance. You can apply for the TRP at the Lithuanian Migration Information System ( MIGRIS ) website.
  • Mediation letter: This must be electronically submitted by the higher school

Watch the video below to learn about filling the schengen visa application form with no mistakes

Credit: @AmitChaudharyvideos

Lithuania Student Visa Fees

Lithuania is a part of the Schengen zone. Therefore, the visa granted is the D Long Stay Schengen Visa. The visa fees for the same are provided below. Note: Children below the age of 6, graduates accompanying teaching staff, scientific researchers, and NGO representatives aged 25 or less are exempted from paying the Lithuania student visa fees.

lithunia student visa fees
Particulars Lithuania Student Visa Fees
All visa Schengen  types EUR 60 .
Long stay visas (more than 90 days) EUR 99

Children from certain nationalities between the age of 6-12 will only have to pay 35 euros as visa fees.

Those who are exempt from paying the visa fee by law must provide documentation confirming their circumstances.

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Lithuania Fees for Residence Permits

You can pay the Lithuania student visa fees, and obtain the student visa. However, if you would like to seek employment opportunities in the country after graduation you will have to apply for a post-study work visa. The post-study work visa in Lithuania is also called a residence permit. The fees for the same are provided below:

Particulars Residence Permit Fees
General Procedure 160 EUR
Obtain residence permit as an urgent order320 EUR

Processing time for Lithuania Student Visa 

The processing time for the Lithuania student visa is provided below:

Visa Name Processing Time
National Visa (Long stay D visa)within 15 calendar days from the date of the request.
National Visa (Long stay D visa) extension30 calendar days in individual cases
National Visa (Long stay D visa) exceptional cases60 calendar days

Minimum Bank Balance Requirement For Studying in Lithuania 

One of the main requirements of a Lithuanian student visa is to meet the minimum bank balance requirement. You must have this ‘minimum amount’ apart from the tuition fees that you have to pay to the university. The minimum bank balance needed to study in Lithuania is as follows:

Country Minimum Bank Balance 
Lithuania Minimum of €150 for every month of stay in Lithuania 

What to Do in Case of a Lithuania Student Visa Rejection?

A Lithuania student visa application can be rejected even if you have paid the Lithuania student visa fees, and applied. In case of the visa application rejection, you have the following option.

  • Understand the reason for the Visa Rejection & Apply Again:  In case of a short-stay visa, you will be provided with the reason for the visa rejection. It can be viewed in the visa refusal letter. However, a long-stay visa applicant will never be provided with the reasons for the visa rejection. Therefore, read the documentation requirement carefully, and identify the reason for the visa rejection. You can take corrective action (For example, submission of additional documents for a stronger application), and reapply for the visa.
  • Visa appeal: As per Article 32(3) of the Visa Code of the Schengen Agreement, you can appeal against the decision. However, this step should be taken if you feel the decision has been unfair.

Things to Keep in Mind as a Lithuania Student Visa Applicant 

Since you are applying for the D long stay Schengen visa or the national visa, you must keep the following things in mind. This will help in the smooth processing of your visa application

  • A National Visa is only given for a maximum period of 1 year 
  • If you have received a multiple-entry national visa (for 1 year) then you can get another multiple-entry national visa. That is, if the 180-day period has expired from the previous visa.
  • The  multiple entry national visas total visa validity can be counted  from the date of issue of the previous  visa (if less than 180 days have elapsed since the visa expiry)
  • Those who have applied for a multiple-entry visa for 1 year, and have applied for a residence permit can receive a multiple-entry national visa for 5 months if they have applied for a long-stay D visa


How much is a Lithuanian student visa?

A Lithuanian student visa would cost EUR  60  for a short-stay study visa. On the other hand, if you are planning to stay in the country for longer than 90 days then you will have to apply for a long-stay D visa or a national visa. The national visa would cost around  EUR 99.

Is IELTS required for Lithuania student visa?

Clearing an English language proficiency test is mandatory to study in Lithuania. The reason for this is all classes are held in English. This does not mean that IELTS is mandatory. You can take any other alternative exam that is acceptable in Lithuania. For example, the TOEFL score. Lithuania requires a minimum score of 5.5-6.5 for IELTS & 65-105 for TOEFL.

Can students get PR in Lithuania?

You can visit Lithuania on a study permit, then you can obtain a Temporary residence permit. That is, you can stay in the country for employment purposes. During this time, if you get a temporary residence permit issued to you under the highly skilled occupations category, and stay for 2 years without interruptions you can get a PR of the country.

We hope you now understand the Lithuania student visa fees. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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