Details About Student Visa For High School In Canada In 2024

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Student Visa for High School in Canada

Canada is one of the most favoured study-abroad destinations and is preferred by students like no other country. The number of international students from both high schools and universities that travel to Canada is huge. The country not only offers a brilliant education system but also an exciting student life with exposure to variability and diversity. So are you too ready to go to Canada? Read this blog to the end to know every important detail about the student visa for high school in Canada to make your journey smooth.


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What Is Student Visa For High School In Canada  

A student visa for Canada is a form of permit that allows international students to enter the country, stay there and pursue the education program opted. The visa allows the students to stay in the country until the program is over or in certain cases it is extended further and converted into a work visa. It is a form of travel visa in addition to a study permit in the country. To get a student visa for high school in Canada you need to be enrolled in a school in Canada and meet the requirements of your student visa.

Student Visa For High School In Canada

Eligibility Requirements For Student Visa For High School In Canada

The eligibility requirements for a study visa to Canada are as follows:

  • You need to have an acceptance letter from the school which has to be a designated learning institution, details about the program, details of the paid and to be paid tuition fees, the duration details of the program along with the start and the end date
  • If you are 18 years of age then you are eligible to apply for your visa but if your age is below 18 then your guardian needs to apply for the visa for you
  • You should not have any ongoing criminal case going against you
  • You need to be able to prove that you have the will to move back to your country once the education program is over

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Documents Required For Student Visa For High School In Canada

The required documents for a study visa in Canada are mentioned below:

Student Visa For High School In Canada
  • You should have a valid passport with the validity extending the date of return and blank pages for stamping
  • You need to submit a declaration letter from the government of Canada explaining the reason for the visa grant
  • A certification is required from your country’s authorities stating the fact of no criminal case against you
  • You need to get passport pictures clicked of yourself following the guidelines provided by the country
  • You need to submit the medical examination result and certification of fitness
  • You need to provide proof of funding in whichever form you are getting the finances in be it by self, bank, scholarship or sponsor.
  • The proof of your previous education qualifications in the form of mark sheets or certifications
  • You will have to submit an additional certificate of acceptance from the government of Quebec if you are going to study in Quebec 
  • The application of the family members or spouse needs to be submitted along if they are accompanying you 
  • You must submit a letter or a cover letter with a detailed explanation of why you want to study in Canada ensuring them you understand the responsibilities as a student there.
  • If minors want a custodian that is not the parent of minors then they have to submit a Custodian Declaration Form.
  • You require a document number on your study permit that is called Unique Client Identifier (if not applying for the first time). Which can be easily found in any letters sent to you by the Canadian Government.

Financial Requirements For Student Visa For High School In Canada

The financial requirements to be eligible to get a visa to Canada for studying are mentioned below:

Individual The additional amount required apart from the tuition fee per yearThe additional amount required apart from the tuition fee per month
Student10,000 CAD833 CAD
First family member4,000 CAD333 CAD
Every additional family member accompanying you3,000 CAD255 CAD

Application Process For Student Visa For High School In Canada

The application process for the student visa for high school in Canada is as follows:

  • The application can be made online on the immigration website of Canada by following the guiding steps
  • Fill out the application form on the website with the correct information to ensure easy processing
  • Submit the scanned documents that were mentioned above and any other documents if asked
  • Pay the visa application fee post submission of documents and form. Make sure to submit the receipt of fee after the payment along with other documents
  • Submit the application and wait for the desission

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Cost of Student Visa For High School In Canada

The visa fee cost for a study visa to Canada is given below:

  • The cost of the study permit is 150 CAD
  • The fee for the registration of the biometrics is 85 CAD
  • The biometric fee if the family of 2 or more are applying together is 170 CAD.


What is the validity period of a Canadaian study visa?

The study visa to Canada is valid till the end of the educational program and 9 months after that to give the students enough time to mave back, take another program or look for job in the country.

Do I need to make any changes in the visa if I change the school?

Yes, the study permit needs to be changed and updated with the details of the new school replacing the previous data if the school is being changed mid way.

Is it allowed to work while on a student visa?

Yes, it is allowed to work but you will have to meet certain conditions like the minimum age requirement, adhere to the maximum work hours allowed, etc.

We hope you understand everything about the Student visa for high school in Canada. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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