Know Everything About The Sweden Post Study Work Visa in 2024

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Sweden Post Study Work Visa

Students offer affordable education and great career opportunities. After the studies, the candidates will get good employment opportunities in Sweden. For this, the candidates will have to apply for various jobs, give interviews, and get job offers as per the Swedish collective agreement. The rate of employment in Sweden is around 67.9% as of 2022. The non-Eu citizens including Swiss citizens will need a work permit in Sweden. Check the below guide to learn more about Sweden’s post-study work visa.


Sweden Work Permit: Work Visa, Fees, & Requirements

What is a Sweden Post-Study Work Visa?

Sweden post-study work visa is issued by the Swedish Migration Board and they can apply for this without leaving the country before their residence permit expires. This visa will allow the students to stay back in Sweden after completing their higher education. Foreign students will already have a residence permit for their studies so that they can apply to extend their residence permit to look for jobs and think of starting their businesses. A residence permit to seek employment will be granted only for 6 months. Once the candidates have received an employment offer they can apply for a work permit in Sweden which will allow them to work in Sweden.

Sweden Post Study Work Visa

How to Apply for a Sweden Post-Study Work Visa?

The application process is initiated by the employer or client who will send them the offer of employment. Check the steps below to apply for work visa in Sweden:

  • Firstly, the candidates are required to get an offer of employment in Sweden by applying for a job.
  • Secondly, the employer will initiate the application and wait for the email containing further steps to apply for the permit
  • Submit the scanned or Xerox copies of the required documents along with the application. 
  • The required application fees are to be submitted.
  • The processing time will be shorter if all the documents and information are submitted correctly.
  • The candidates will receive the decision of their application via mail.

Study in Sweden for Indian Students: Cost, Eligibility, Visa

Eligibility Criteria for Sweden Post-Study Work Visa

Check below the eligibility criteria required to be satisfied to get a post-study work visa for Sweden:

  • The candidates are required to have a valid passport
  • They should have completed their higher education in Sweden or another EU country
  • The most important requirement is to have an offer of employment by the employer in EU/EEA, Sweden, and Switzerland at least 10 days before the job offer is provided
  • They must be offered wages per the Swedish collective agreement i.e at least 13000 SEK per month
  • Insurance policies are also required as a part of their employment offer such as life insurance, occupational pension scheme, health insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Power of Attorney must be nominated to represent the candidate

Documents Required for Sweden Post-Study Work Visa

Check below the list of documents to apply for a post-study work permit in Sweden:

  • Copy of valid passport 
  • Proof of completing higher education in Sweden
  • Offer of employment 
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Proof of intention to leave the country after the contract expires
  • Valid medical insurance policy 
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support themselves i.e a minimum of 8694 SEK per month

Cost of Sweden Post-Study Work Visa

Check below how much a work permit costs in Sweden after Master’s:

  • Candidates who are applying for a ICT permit, EU Blue Card, work permit, extension of work permit or seasonal work, will have to pay 2000 SEK for the application.
  • Special fees have to be paid for occupations such as performer, athlete, coach, researcher, trainee, volunteer, and working holiday visa which is around 1500 SEK.
  • It is to be noted that the application fee is non-refundable and can be paid online using a credit card, at the embassy or consulate-general.

Sweden Student Visa Rejection Reasons


What is the validity of Sweden post-study work visa?

The non-EU/EEA students can apply to extend the residence permit for 12 months after completing their studies. During these 12 months, students can look for jobs or become self-employed.

What are the new rules for Sweden work permits?

As announced on 28th September 2023, by the Swedish Migration Agency individuals will apply for new work permits or renew the old work permits and will be required to earn at least 27360 SEK.

Are international students allowed to work in Sweden after graduation?

Citizens from outside the EU/EEA are allowed to work during their studies. After graduating they can apply for a residence permit for an extra 12 months.

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