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College of Natural Sciences

Austin, United States


The University of Texas was established at the end of the 18th century as the public research education institution in Austin, Texas. It all started with a proctor, a single building, and 221 students. Today, the university has become a well-known university around the world for its research, public service, and impeccable public service. Every year, 51.5K students are served in this university through its 18 schools & Colleges. At the beginning of the 19th century, the university became a constituent member of the Association of American Universities. During the year 2010 and 2011, the university has improved itself and expanded various facilities on the campus. Norman Hackerman building was constructed during the improvement process. It incorporates biology, chemistry, and teaching labs. Apart from this, the university has also inaugurated 2 new buildings: Dell Computer Science Hall and Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex. In 2011, a Student Activity Center was built to house various lounges, food kiosks, and study chambers. Moreover, this university also takes care of the 2 radio stations for public: KUTX and KUT. The main campus of this university has around 149+ buildings. A wide range of graduate, intercollegiate, special graduate, and postgraduate degree programs are available here. There are 17 libraries and 7 museums within the university. The museum of the university is well-recognized across the globe as the world's largest university art museum. In addition to this, the university has achieved so many awards which include Pulitzer Prize, Wolf Prize, Nobel Prize, Turing Award, National Medal of Science, and Primetime Emmy Award.
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