Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada: Unveiling the High-Earning Potential in 2024

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Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

Being a forensic pathologist allows you to have a significant impact on both the legal and medical systems. In this line of work, you examine dead people to ascertain the reason for sudden or unexpected deaths. If this is a field you are interested in, finding out more about the career path and its requirements will help you determine if it’s the best fit for you. This article explains the salary ranges for forensic pathologists in Canada by city, explains the other job outlooks of forensic pathologists, and answers some commonly asked questions regarding the salary.


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What is the Average Salary of a Forensic Pathologist in Canada?

In Canada, forensic pathologists play a vital role in the justice system, working to determine the cause and manner of death through autopsies and meticulous examinations.  They are highly compensated for their expertise, with an average annual salary of 332,800 CAD, translating to 27,733 CAD monthly.  This range can vary depending on experience, with starting salaries around 175,100 CAD annually (14,591 CAD monthly) and top earners exceeding 509,300 CAD per year ($42,441 monthly).

Figures for salaries represent information as of the time of writing from Indeed Salaries. The hiring organization, a candidate’s experience, academic background, and geography may all have a role in their salary.‌ 

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Experience Wise Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

Gaining more and more experience is not just helping you to sharpen your skills but also helps you to increase your pay scale if you are working in Canada as a forensic pathologist: 

Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

Education Wise Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

You will need to acquire an undergraduate degree in medicine, biology, chemistry, etc. in order to work as a forensic pathologist. It’ll have an impact on your Canadian pay scale: 

EducationAverage Salary Per Year
Bachelor’s degree 49,800 CAD
Master’s degree 149,000 CAD

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Companies Wise Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

Gaining experience in reputable departments and laboratories will enhance your skill set and increase your earning potential. The list of top Canadian corporations paying forensic pathologists now includes the compensation: 

Companies Average Salary Per Year
Ontario Ministry of Safety & Correctional Services119,000 CAD
Gratitude Health94,000 CAD
Health Sciences North85,000 CAD
L’Association des laboratoires régionaux de l’Est de l’Ontario68,000 CAD
Canada Food Inspector Factory 113,000 CAD
Government of Alberta 201,000 CAD
Health Sciences North60,000 CAD
Royal Canadian Mounted Police77,000 CAD
Reynolds and Reynolds51,000 CAD
Kivu Consulting60,000 CAD
Envista Forensics80,000 CAD
Royal Canadian Mounted Police77,000 CAD
Dynacare65,000 CAD 
Department of Fisheries and Oceans57,000 CAD 
TCS Forensics65,000 CAD
BMO Financial Group65,000 CAD
Charles River Associates79,000 CAD
Hrycay Consulting56,000 CAD
Aviva Canada79,000 CAD

City Wise Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

Geographical location is another aspect that influences forensic pathologists’ pay. The following are top paying Canadian cities with their median wages are listed:

Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

Job Role Wise Forensic Pathologist Salary in Canada

Similar roles to forensic pathologists are available in a variety of settings. Depending on the role, forensic pathologists make different salaries: 

Job RolesAverage Salary Per Year
Physician250,000 CAD
Doctor103,067 CAD
Case Manager65,812 CAD
Registered Nurse80,881 CAD
Psychiatric Nurse81,715 CAD
Psychiatric Registered Nurse81,715 CAD
DON52,000 CAD
Resident49,635 CAD

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Q1: How much do forensic pathologists make in Canada?

In Canada, the typical forensic pathologist makes 350,000 CAD a year, or 179 CAD an hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is 333,865 CAD, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is 385,361 CAD.

Q2: How much are pathologists paid in Canada?

Canadian pathologist salaries. This is the 25th percentile: 271,500 CAD. Pay disparities exist between this range. And the 75th percentile is  352,000 CAD.

Q3: Where do Forensic Pathologists make the most money?

In Canada, a forensic pathologist typically earns $103,560. forensic pathologists earn the highest wages (204,467 CAD on average), which is 97% more than the national average.

Q4: Are pathologists in demand in Canada?

Due to their critical role in the medical field, this specialty is seeing a high rate of retirement and will always require a supply. The annual gross pay of a pathologist is 308,000 CAD on average.

This was all about forensic pathologist salaries in Canada. If you are interested in reading more such articles on salary updates, follow Leverage Edu and Jobs Abroad

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