Software Developer Salary in Canada: Average Salaries Based on Position & City in 2024

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Software Developer Salary in Canada: Average Salaries Based on Position & City in 2024

Software Developer Salary in Canada: Countries like Canada, USA, Australia and UK always need Software Developers. All companies are now dependent on software to run their businesses, thus the demand for software developers is surging worldwide. Companies such as Shopify, Constellation Software Inc., CGI Inc. etc are the biggest technology companies in Canada that you can apply to. Apart from that there are many other organisations as well that need software developers in Canada which we will discuss later. Subsequently, you will in detail about the Software Developer Salary in Canada. 


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Average Software Developer Salary in Canada

Software Developers earn around CAD 39.59 per hour in Canada. Nevertheless, it will be your qualifications, experience and expertise that will influence your pay scale as a software developer. Moreover, if you are looking for a more permanent position then a monthly salary will be more appropriate to know. 

You will earn around CAD 5,093 per month as a software developer in Canada on average. Subsequently, your yearly pay would be around $78K. The averages are of course not absolute, therefore, let’s also discuss the software developer salary in Canada in ranges. 

Your earnings per year will be around CAD 62K – CAD 90K. Moreover, the range of monthly salary will be around CAD 2,572 – CAD 10,087. Besides, this is just the base salary, you will also get added benefits on top of that. You can get a bonus of CAD 746 to CAD 7464 per month. 

Software developers in Canada usually get starting salaries of around CAD 45,434 to CAD 60,367 a year; most experienced employees earn approximately CAD 65,384 to CAD 69,539 per year. The positions and responsibilities also increase with a salary increase. 

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Top Companies for Software Developers in Canada

Indeed, working in Canada as a Software Developer is the beginning of a successful career, however, it is better to be aware of the salaries offered by different companies as well. Therefore, the following table will give you an idea about what the top companies in Canada are paying Software Developers and where you would like to set your benchmark. 

Company Average Salary 
BlackBerryCAD 85K
ShopifyCAD 110K
Ericsson-WorldwideCAD 81K
Morgan StanleyCAD 91K
GoogleCAD 120K
AmazonCAD 115K
UnityCAD 101K
GenetecCAD 80K
CeridianCAD 88K

Cities That Pay Good Software Developers Salaries in Canada

It is evident that the more developed the city, the better would be the pay scale. Moreover, it also depends on the requirements and open positions in a city. Therefore, we have curated a list of best-paying cities for Software Developer jobs in Canada. Refer to the table below for reference. 

City Average Annual Salary 
EdmontonCAD 90,750 
MississaugaCAD 97,538 
OttawaCAD 93,122 
VancouverCAD 104,077 
TorontoCAD 97,178 
CalgaryCAD 85,419 
WaterlooCAD 95,372 
MontréalCAD 85,906 
MarkhamCAD 77,207 
SaskatchewanCAD 97,500
QuebecCAD 150,549
ManitobaCAD 110,000

There are different positions and job roles for software developers in Canada. Here is a list that you can refer to for the best positions as a software developer in Canada. The average salary for each position is also mentioned. 

JobsAverage Salaries
Full Stack Developer  CAD 90,340 
Application Developer  CAD 75,501
Back End Developer  CAD 94,212
Front End Developer  CAD 84,715
Web Developer CAD 76,297
Software Engineer CAD 153,709
Java Developer CAD 123,332
Systems Analyst CAD 84,086
.NET Developer CAD 149,253

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Software Developer Salary in Canada – Trajectory 

As a software developer, you will start earning a base salary as a fresher and then progress to get a better income with time. That is the trajectory of salary we are talking about. Following is the career path of a Software Developer in Canada. 

  • You start working as a Software Developer in Canada at CAD 80,094 per year. It takes 0 to 4 years to grow from this stage. 
  • Then you become a Senior Software Developer and your salary at this stage is around CAD 109,457. 
  • After around 8+ years of experience, you become a level IV Software Developer. Your salary at this stage will be around CAD 106,180 per year.

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How much do software developers make in Canada?

Software Developers earn around $39.59 per hour in Canada. You will earn around CAD 5,093 per month as a software developer in Canada on average. Subsequently, your yearly pay would be around CAD 78K. 

How much do system developers make in Canada?

System Developers earn around CAD 84,086 per year in Canada. 

What is the salary of a 4-year experienced software developer in Canada?

The salary of a 4-year experienced software developer in Canada is somewhere between CAD 45,434 to CAD60,367.

Which job has highest salary in Canada?

Medical anesthesiologists and cardiologists are some of the highest-paid professions in Canada. A medical Anesthesiologist earns approximately CAD 391,568. A Cardiologist earns around CAD 386,757. Other high-earning professions include surgeons, psychiatrists, controllers, could architects, among others.

This was all about Software Developers’ salaries in Canada. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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