Civil Engineering Jobs in USA 2024: Salary, Highest Paid Jobs & Cities

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Civil Engineering jobs in usa

Civil Engineering Jobs in USA: Salary & More: Within this decade, between 2022 and 2032, there will be a 5% increase in Civil Engineering jobs in the USA. This is therefore one of the fastest growing professions in the US. As you will be quite familiar with the extensive infrastructure of the States, you should also know that no matter how minimalist the modern design and construction need constant maintenance and improvements as per demands. 


Moreover, it is not only the US. While working as a civil engineer in the United States, you will learn you will have a chance to work with multinationals which operate around the world. Exploit the right opportunities and you might be working on a world-class project. Thus it is important to know in detail about the Civil Engineering jobs in the USA, their salaries, job roles and highest-paying cities. 

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Average Civil Engineer Salary in the USA

If you look at the national average, the salary of a Civil Engineer in the USA is somewhere around $89,540 to $1,02,527 per year. This is considered an exceptionally good national average compared to other jobs. 

If you are freelancing or are on contract or part-time you can also negotiate to get paid per hour. The hourly average of a Civil Engineer salary in the USA is $38.45. These part-time jobs help you get paid for every second that you work. According to this data, the monthly average salary of a civil engineer is $6,340. 

Civil Engineering Jobs in USA

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Top Companies for Civil Engineering Jobs in USA With Salary 2024

It is essential to know which companies to work in and how to set your standards for salary and working conditions. The following table contains the top-paying companies for civil engineering jobs in USA.  

Company Average Salary 
Engineering Resource Group$8,918 per month
Olsson$8,368 per month
Caltrans – CA Dept. of Transportation$7,187 per month
AECOM$84,928 per year 
Kimley-Horn$1,10,321 per year 
US Army Corps of Engineers$95,472 per year 
Black & Veatch$1,01,861 per year
Applied Technical Services LLC$6,644 per month
Bechtel$95,267 per year 
Kiewit Corporation$88,593 per year

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Best Cities for Civil Engineers in USA Salary 

The salary of a Civil Engineer in USA depends on several factors: specialisation, experience, as well as location. Within the USA, the average salary of Civil Engineers is different in different cities. The following table contains a list of such cities with average salaries. 

City Average Salary 
Martinez $8,370 per month
New York$7,355 per month
Sacramento $7,180 per month
Cherry Hill$6,986 per month
Santa Ana $6,770 per month
Colorado Springs$6,444 per month
Baltimore $6,309 per month
Charlotte $6,131 per month
Philadelphia$5,760 per month
San Diego$111,657 per year 
Chicago$104,888 per year 
St. Louis$100,158 per year 
Houston, Texas$97,040 per year 
Atlanta$96,511 per year 
Phoenix$95,221 per year 
Las Vegas$94,610 per year 

Trajectory of Civil Engineers’ Salary in USA 

The USA pays Civil Engineers amazing salaries from the very beginning. The average starting salary for civil engineers is around $98,448 per year. Candidates get a good start if their qualifications, skills, expertise and zeal to work match the company’s expectations. 

Once you have gained a few years of experience, your salary in the field will be around  $1,02,527. With this, you will proceed for a few years with little progress as your experience grows. You will be a senior civil engineer during this phase. 

Though you can be promoted to a higher management position based on your progress earlier as well, it is usually a position offered after at least 7 to 8 years of experience. At that stage, you will be earning around $1,27,566 per year. 

Civil Engineering Jobs in USA

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Civil Engineer Jobs in USA with Salary 

Here are some job positions related to Civil Engineering in USA. You can apply for these jobs with the same qualifications and experience as that required for a Civil Engineer position. The following table also holds the salary information for jobs related to Civil Engineering in USA. 

Job RoleAverage Salary 
Engineering Manager $136,765
Civil Design Engineer  $86,410
Structural Engineer $97,510
Civil Engineer  $1,05,695
Process Engineer $92,480
Construction Engineer $83,415
Design Engineer $96,039
Project Manager $95,925

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How much is a Civil Engineer paid in USA?

The average salary of a Civil Engineer in the USA is somewhere around $89,540 to $1,02,527 per year.

What is the future salary of a Civil Engineer?

At the beginning of their career, a civil engineer is paid around $98,448 per year. After a few years of experience, they start earning nearly $1,02,527 annually. A senior civil engineer might earn as good as $1,27,566 per year.

Are civil engineering jobs in demand in USA?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has predicted a 7% growth in the employment of Civil Engineers between 2021 and 2031. Therefore, civil engineering is one of the fastest-growing professions in the USA. 

This was all about your guide to Civil Engineering jobs in USA and their salary. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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