A Complete Guide to a Truck Driver Salary in Canada 2024

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Truck driver salary in Canada

Truck Driver Salary in Canada: According to statistics from Canada Transportation Jobs, approximately 8–10% of truck driver positions are vacant. Choosing a career as a truck driver in Canada can be advantageous in multiple ways. There are many reasons such as the high pay scale, a Canadian commercial truck driver makes an average of 56,570 CAD per year and an hourly wage of 29 CAD. Another reason is that the culture of Canada is mixed, and this profession gives you flexibility in your daily routine. You can also enjoy activities like travelling, exploring new places, and meeting a lot of people. If you want to know more about what exactly a truck driver’s salary in Canada is, Read this complete article.


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Why Working in Canada as a Truck Driver

There are various reasons for working in Canada as a truck driver. A few of the reasons are mentioned below: 

  • The freedom and variety that comes with becoming a truck driver in Canada are one of the main attractions. You have the option of delivering locally, regionally, nationally, or even internationally. These choices provide schedule flexibility. 
  • You will most likely work six to eight hours a day, five days a week, if you drive nearby. On the other hand, your timetable can be more flexible if you go with long-haul trucking. In either case, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to take in all that Canada’s diverse landscapes and natural beauty have to offer.
  • In Canada, trucking is changing to satisfy regional and national needs. There are many opportunities in Canada right now, and the need for this business is expected to keep rising.

Average Truck Driver Salary in Canada

An annual income of 48,000 CAD to 67,000 CAD is typical for long-haul truckers in Canada. This is a relatively high wage for beginners but also has room for growth, depending on your lifestyle and place of residence. Many truck drivers are drawn to immigrate to Canada in large part because of the attractive pay package.

Truck Driver Salary in Canada By Experience Level

Here we have mentioned the salary of a truck driver based on the experience level in Canada.

Truck driver salary in Canada

NOTE: The salary structure mentioned here is as per the Glassdoor reports

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Top Companies Offering Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

Here is a list of some top companies that are offering high salaries to truck drivers in Canada:

Companies Average Salary per year
Bison Transport76,392 CAD
Gardewine North72,184 CAD
Challenger Motor Freight63,999 CAD
Seaboard Transport75,064 CAD
Schneider96,371 CAD
Kriska63,184 CAD
Highlight Motor Group66,719 CAD
Contrans Flatbed Group87,082 CAD
Penske Truck Leasing68,272 CAD
Caron Transportation94,283 CAD
Midland Transport56,161 CAD
AYR Motor Express67,491 CAD

Area-Wise Salary of a Truck Driver in Canada 

The region-wise salary of a truck driver helps you get an idea of how much a truck driver can easily earn in Canada in different areas. 

Community/AreaLow /hour Medium /hour High /hour 
Northwest Territories25.00 CAD30.00 CAD35.00 CAD
Alberta18.50 CAD28.00 CAD38.00 CAD
Manitoba15.38 CAD22.51 CAD34.00 CAD
Quebec17.00 CAD24.00 CAD30.74 CAD
Nova Scotia15.38 CAD21.28 CAD31.43 CAD
Ontario18.45 CAD25.00 CAD34.91 CAD
Saskatchewan18.00 CAD25.25 CAD35.90 CAD
British Columbia19.55 CAD27.50 CAD38.46 CAD
Yukon Territory26.00 CAD31.99 CAD36.00 CAD
Nunavut16.00 CAD30.11 CAD44.13 CAD

Truck Driver Salary in Canada By Cities

Here we have mentioned the salary of a truck driver based in the highest-paying cities in Canada.

Truck driver salary in Canada

Truck Driver Salary in Canada By Different Positions

A list of some similar job opportunities that pay a good salary in Canada: 

Job Positions Average Salary per year 
Truck driver46,800 CAD
Professional truck driver61,493 CAD
Car hauler67,041 CAD
Flatbed /oversized driver65,784 CAD
Dump truck driver57,956 CAD
Box truck driver65,784 CAD
Tow truck driver64,022 CAD
Company Driver57,629 CAD
Haul Truck Driver49,725 CAD
Class B CDL Truck Driver63,605 CAD

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How much does a truck owner earn in Canada per month?

In Canada, the average truck owner-operator makes 47,750 CAD a year, or 45 CAD an hour. Most experienced workers make up to 245,000 CAD annually, while entry-level roles start at 58,500 CAD.

Is truck driving a good job in Canada?

Long-haul truck drivers in Canada typically make between 48,000 CAD and 67,000 CAD annually. With room for growth, this is a relatively high salary that depends on your lifestyle and place of residence. One of the main incentives for many truck drivers to relocate to Canada is a good wage.

How many hours do truck drivers work in Canada?

Seventy hours over eight days is the current limit. No more than 11 of the total 14 hours spent on duty in a given day are actually spent driving. You are allowed to drive for a maximum of eight hours in the morning before stopping for a thirty-minute break.

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