Informative Guide About The Esthetician Salary In Dubai In 2024

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Esthetician Salary In Dubai

The profession of an Esthetician is a work of skills and if you have gained a good hand over the skills and showcase professionalism in your work then sure there are great opportunities for you in Dubai. The country is a hub of opportunities for a huge number of professions and as the growth in skincare is increasing the consciousness in the generation is increasing for health and skin. The country can offer you a very good opportunity as well as exposure. Before you land a job, let’s know about the Esthetician salary in Dubai and see if the pay is justified. 


Average Esthetician Salary In Dubai

The job of an Esthetician is pretty exciting as well as rewarding. The pay lands in the range which is pretty manageable and worthy. You can also land very good and above-average pay if you have a higher level of education, experience and preferred skills. The pay you may be offered can be different from the averages based on other factors too. The average that an Esthetician earns a year is AED.  The average monthly salary of an Esthetician is AED.

The averages based on the higher and lower factors are given below:

Esthetician’s highest monthly salary10,750 AED
Esthetician’s highest yearly salary129,000 AED
Estheticians’ lowest monthly salary 3,353 AED
Estheticians’ lowest yearly salary 40,240 AED

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Esthetician Salary In Dubai Based On Experience Level

The experience level is a very definite and important factor in the determination of salary range. The higher experience is the bonus if you are seeking a higher salary. With each experience year, the salary or average pay keeps increasing. The experience fetches the individuals with high knowledge of skills and work proficiency at work leading to a hike in productivity. The following image gives a clear definition of the salary and the effect of experience on it. 

Esthetician Salary In Dubai

Esthetician Salary In Dubai Based On Education Level

The second most important factor in the salary determinant of the level of the salary is the level of education. The presence of the right education in the subject makes you fit the job position well and gives you the authority to get better pay considering your knowledge and skills. If you have a bachelor’s degree in this profession, then you can expect to earn 34%  higher salary comparatively. 

Education level Average Salary
High school57,900 AED
Diploma 85,460 AED
Bachelor’s Degree 111,000 AED

Esthetician Salary In Dubai In Different Sectors

All the countries have different working sectors divided into two. One is public and the other one is the private sector. The public sector usually pays a higher average pay when compared to the private sector. In Dubai, the difference in both sectors is 5%. The employees in the private sector earn a 5% lower salary compared to employees in the private sector.

Sector Average Salary 
Public Sector 239,300 AED
Private Sector 288,500 AED

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Esthetician Salary In Dubai In Different Cities

Dubai is a country that has several cities. All the cities have differences in the working and functioning in terms of professional work. The number of employees in each city and the demand differ. To know which city can pay the best to you and has high demand we can have a comparison of the cities based on the average pay in them and decide the best. The following image gives information about various cities and the average pay in them. 

Esthetician Salary In Dubai

Esthetician Salary In Dubai Compared To Several Professions

To know even better about the salary of an Esthetician and see if the job is worthwhile and rewarding, let’s compare the salary of an Esthetician to other professions from the same industry and watch out if the salary paid to them is equal in comparison to the one paid to Esthetician or not. The following table contains a list of several professions and the average salary paid to them:

Profession Average Salary 
Beauty educator 232,400 AED
Art therapist 176,800 AED
Aromatherapist 249,600 AED
Cosmetologist 152,300 AED
Fitness instructor 134,600 AED
Beauty Therapist 192,000 AED
Health coach 257,800 AED
Masseur 106,440 AED
Hairstylist 99,340 AED
Acupuncturist 97,760 AED
Recreational therapist 136,100 AED

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Are both males and females earning the same salary in Dubai as Estheticians?

No, the pay of both males and females differs. Though a lot of efforts are being made to remove such differences from the workplace, still some factors suffer. At present females in the profession earn 5% of a higher salary compared to men for the same work.

What is the pay raise that can be expected in the job of an Esthetician in Dubai?

The pay raise of an individual in this profession is based on their performance throughout their year and several other factors. However, the average pay rate that can be expected is 7% every 12 months. 

Is it good to be an Esthetician in Dubai?

You as an Esthetician have a lot of opportunities available in Dubai that can give you experience, financial rewards as well as a very good exposure in the industry. Considering several factors, Dubai is a really good country to opt for a career as an Esthetician there. 

We hope the blog above about the Esthetician salary in Dubai was able to give you detailed information about the topic. If you want to read more such informative blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and if you are planning to study abroad follow Leverage Edu and fast-track your study abroad journey. 

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