Digital Marketing Jobs in Canada: Salary, Work from Home for Indians, Visa Sponsorship

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digital marketing job in canada

In this digital day and age, companies prefer using digital media for brand awareness and marketing their products and services. As opposed to traditional marketing, Digital Marketing is much more affordable for businesses and even allows them to use their resources in the right direction and helps them to target their potential customers.


Are you also looking for a digital marketing job in Canada? If the answer is yes, then this blog will help you greatly! Keep on reading further to know more. 

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing in Canada? 

Pursuing a career in digital marketing is the most popular professional avenue that many people are opting for. The following are the reasons which support why one should take up a digital marketing job in Canada

  • Massive employment opportunities: Among international students, digital marketing is a course that is very well-liked. With a median pay range of 42,886 to 78,036 CAD for a digital marketer, the Government of Canada provides excellent employment prospects.
  • Future Potential and Growing Demand: As digital marketing becomes more and more prominent nowadays, Canadian firms are realising the value of using digital platforms. According to a report, Canada will provide 44,100 new job openings by the year 2029 for digital marketplaces in Canada.
  • Quality-driven education: High-calibre education is provided by the Canadian government, with top universities and colleges offering specialised degrees in the subject.

Skills Required to Get a Digital Marketing Job in Canada

Due to the variety of employment opportunities available in the industry, a digital marketer can continually acquire new skills and qualifications. For better-paying positions, digital marketers must upgrade their abilities, obtain certification, and master numerous specialisations. 

In other words, digital marketers must constantly learn and research new topics. See the broad expertise needed for digital marketing:

  • Good command of the English language
  • Candidates for jobs should be fluent in French.
  • Finally, effective writing is essential for digital marketers. Candidates should have organisational abilities and attention to detail.

Eligibility Criteria 

The following are the eligibility criteria that an individual must fulfil to pursue a digital marketing course in Canada: 

  •  Education Requirements: To begin the application process, you must have academic records that have been translated well. Candidates who want to pursue a master’s or postgraduate degree in that field need to hold a bachelor’s degree in that field.  
  • English proficiency test: Candidates must ensure that they meet the language standards, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE while applying for admission in Canada. Below are the scores for digital marketing coursework in Canada are: 
Exam Name Minimum Score Required 
IELTS 6.0 across all categories
PTE 59 – 64
Duolingo 95 to 100
  • GMAT/GRE scores: When applying for a master’s or postgraduate diploma in digital marketing, applicants must submit their GRE or GMAT test scores.

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Documents Required 

Candidates must make sure they possess the lists of papers listed below:

Best Colleges for Digital Marketing Courses in Canada 

Mentioned below are some of the best colleges to pursue digital marketing courses in Canada along with their average fees and programs offered: 

College Name Average Annual fees Programs offered 
Bow Valley College 18,369 CADPost Diploma certificate in Digital Marketing and Business Administration Diploma in Digital Marketing.
York University29,572 CADBA in Digital Media and MA in Digital Media.
George Brown College 15,190 CADA graduate certificate in Digital Media Marketing
Douglas College 13,500 CADDigital marketing and communications management and Digital marketing (Post Baccalaureate Diploma)

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities in Canada 

The table below represents the digital marketing job prospects in Canada and their respective salaries: 

Digital Marketing Jobs Average salary/year 
Analytics Specialist68,641 CAD
Marketing Analyst68,801 CAD
Web Content Manager64,240 CAD
Social Media Specialist52,186 CAD
Content Specialist60,346 CAD

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer 

Mentioned below are some of the responsibilities that a digital marketer needs to carry out:

  • Email marketing initiatives must be planned and carried out by marketers
  • Obligation to develop leads for clients
  • Must stay current with the market’s trends
  • Obligation to develop SEO tactics for clients
  • Creating digital marketing strategies that meet client objectives is one of the responsibilities of a digital marketer
  • Responsibilities for carrying out on- and off-page SEO operations
  • Develops the project’s social media presence
  • Researching competition-related tasks
  • Responsibilities for evaluating and identifying vital digital marketing prospects by doing an online market analysis
  • Designing a social media content strategy and maintaining social media sites are among the obligations of a digital marketer

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Q1. Is digital marketing in demand in Canada?

A. Compared to other industries, the Digital Marketing industry is at the top in the Canadian job market. 

Q2. Which country pays the highest for digital marketing?

A. Japan offers the highest salaries to Digital marketers. 

Q3. What qualification is required for digital marketing in Canada?

A. Having a Bachelor’s degree in fields like Marketing, Business Studies, Management or Public Relations can help you learn valuable skills required to get a digital marketing job in Canada. 

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