Part-Time Jobs in Ottawa: How to Find, Best Jobs & Salary

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Part-Time Jobs in Ottawa

Studying in Ottawa is a top-level experience as one would be living in the third cleanest city in the world. Amidst the vibrant and youthful culture of the city, the city has a style for lifestyle. However, if you are familiar with the cost of living in Canada, you would know maintaining a lifestyle in Ottawa can be cumbersome on the pocket. Moreover, if you are on a budget you must be thinking of skipping a few things from your bucket list. But friend, part-time jobs in Ottawa can save your day! Cling on to know how to get a job and what you can earn within the time limits of work allowed for international students. 


Know How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Canada: Complete Guide Jobs & Visa

Why Work Part Time in Ottawa?

Universities in Ottawa are world-class, luring students from around the world, but universities alone are not the reason why students are moving to Ottawa. Evidently, the open culture, lifestyle, Irish and French influence on the architecture and many more factors govern the choice of students. Nevertheless, while you are in Ottawa, it is better to not go over your budget and instead start covering it. 

Part-time jobs will allow you to work and earn while you study in Canada. They can also help you understand the work culture and conditions prevalent in Ottawa. Moreover, moving into a professional world can help you build networks and gain guidance regarding your career path. A positive work record in Ottawa can also help you land better jobs after graduation. 

List of 10 Best Part-Time Jobs in Ottawa

Best jobs here mean jobs that are feasible for international students or any full-time student. This can be seen in terms of hourly wages, flexible timings, easy-to-get jobs with nice reimbursements, jobs that do not require many qualifications etc. Based on these criteria, let’s see what are the best part-time jobs in Ottawa for students.

JobsAverage Salary/ per hour
Store Associate$20 to $30
Receptionist$29 to $34
Cashier$31 to $34
Delivery Driver$19 to $21
Guest Service (Hotels)$15 to $25
Reporter$24 to $26
Clerk $15 to $20
Customer Services$18 to $20 
Book Keeper$20 to $24
Administration (Associate)$53 to $59

Eligibility Requirements to Work Part-Time in Ottawa

The requirements to work part-time in Ottawa are the same as in the rest of Canada. For your convenience, we have mentioned the rules and regulations for part-time work in Ottawa as a full-time or part-time student.    

  1. As a full-time student in Ottawa, you should be enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution to be eligible for a part-time job. 
  2. Also, you must be in a post-secondary academic, vocational or professional training program at the DLI. 
  3. The program must be at least 06 months long and should lead to a degree, diploma or certificate. 
  4. Also, a Social Insurance Number is must have and finally, 
  5. The course should have started before you start the job. 

Guidelines to Work Off Campus

If you are a part-time student in Ottawa or anywhere in Canada, you should look into these guidelines to work off-campus; 

  1. Apart from being a full-time student, all requirements mentioned above should be met. 
  2. Make sure that the reason for you to study part-time instead of full-time is either of the following; 
  • You are in the last semester of your program and therefore you don’t need to attend full course classes.
  • OR you were a full-time student until your last semester anywhere in Canada.  

Furthermore, if you are on authorised leave from your studies, such as changing institutions and not studying, you cannot work off-campus until your program resumes.

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Top Companies and Recruiters Offering Part-Time Work

It is a fair idea to note the top companies in Ottawa that offer part-time work to international students. The companies listed below are sourced from different fields of work that are mentioned in the table above. They also have a good employee record, great working conditions and employee policies. 

  1. Metro Inc.
  2. Mc Donalds
  3. Delta Hotels by Marriott
  4. Loblaws
  5. Accenture
  6. Amazon
  7. Deloitte
  8. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
  9. Limousine
  10. The Minto Group

Applying directly to the companies is fine, but there might be more opportunities other than the list of companies mentioned above waiting for you. These companies and work profiles can be navigated on top recruiter websites in Ottawa. Here we have mentioned a few for you. 

  1. Community Employment Resource Centre, Ottawa
  2. AFP Ottawa
  3. CFA Society Ottawa
  4. OAGS
  5. Job Bank
  6. Indeed
  7. Career Builder
  8. Monster
  9. CU Hire
  10. Glassdoor

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How to Find Part-Time Jobs?

There is no single way to look for part-time jobs in Ottawa. Also, it is advisable to not stick to just one way to find recruitment. The process of finding jobs can be exclusive to each person, however, here are some tips that will forever be useful:

  1. Make a strong online profile and keep updating your status. 
  2. Stay active on social media and platforms like LinkedIn showcasing your skills and qualifications. 
  3. Have a profile on multiple recruiting websites at once. 
  4. Build strong connections at the university and where you live. 
  5. Become a part of the university placement cell and other groups that help in recruiting. 
  6. Look for societies for international students on campus and off campus. 
  7. Make a Canada-based resume and also make it more job-centric. 
  8. Moreover, Ottawa is a multilingual city and knowing French apart from English can help in improving your job prospects.     
  9. Research well to stay protected from fraudsters and scammers. 
  10. Always follow up on your application!


Can I work in Ottawa as an international student?

Yes, international full-time students can work for up to 20 hours per week in Ottawa. They must be enrolled in a DLI for this and their course must have started before they start the job.

Is Ottawa good for work?

Yes, Ottawa offers various career opportunities and part-time as well as full-time work opportunities for students. Moreover, Ottawa is a multilingual city and knowing French apart from English can help in improving your job prospects.  

When can I apply for a part-time job in Ottawa?

You can apply for a part-time job in Ottawa right after settling in. If you are an international student make sure that you apply for the jobs after your course has started. As per Canadian rules and regulations, overseas students cannot work part-time until their course has begun. 

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This was all about Part-time jobs in Ottawa, if you are also looking to know more about Canada, follow Leverage edu.  

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