Complete Details About Python Developer Salary In Canada IN 2024

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python developer salary in canada

Due to the constant development in the field of technology and evolution, Canada requires high-end development professionals. Python development is a very popular programming language worldwide and is a growing career. The opportunities and offerings for the employees in the profession are high in the country which makes your decision to become a python developer in Canada the right choice. Before going ahead in the career, let me give you a deep insight into Python developer salary in Canada.

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Average Python Developer Salary In Canada

Python development is a fast-paced growing career in the industry of technology. The earnings in the career are rewarding and lie in a good range of pay. The average earnings of a Python developer in a year is 123,800 CAD in Canada.

  • The average highest earning of a Python developer is 199,700 CAD per year
  • The average lowest earning of a Python developer is 58,700 CAD per year

To get better clarity of the average earnings, let’s look into the monthly earnings of a Python developer:

  • Average monthly earnings are 10,316 CAD
  • The highest monthly earnings are 16,641 CAD
  • The lowest monthly earnings are 4,891 CAD

Your earnings as a Python developer can also vary from averages because several factors are considered in the salary decision like, education, experience, etc

Python Developer Salary In Canada Based On Experience Level

Level of experience affects the pay scale very majorly. The experience nurtures the individual with skills, proficiency and knowledge leading to higher productivity and demand for higher pay. An individual with 2-5 years in the field can easily expect to earn around 34% higher salary when compared to the pay of a non-experienced individual. The following image will help you get a better understanding of the average pay difference with experience level:

python developer salary in canada

Python Developer Salary In Canada Based On Level Of Education

After the level of experience, the second most important factor in salary calculation is the level of education. Higher-educated employees are expected to earn better salaries because of the higher level of knowledge and skills they possess. An individual with a bachelor’s degree in the field of Python development can expect to earn around 57% higher salary compared to employees with certification or diploma-level qualifications.

Educational QualificationsSalary Per Year
Diploma or Certification76,000 CAD
Bachelor’s Degree115,600 CAD
Master’s Degree195,200 CAD

Python Developer Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The public sector is observed to be spying on higher salaries to the employees in the country. The average difference that is seen in the pay is 6%. The private sector pays the Python developer in Canada a 6% lower salary compared to the public sector.

Sector Salary Per Year
Public sector123,000 CAD
Private sector115,600 CAD

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Python Developer Salary In Canada For Different Cities 

There are several cities in Canada which show a difference in the average pay for Python developers. With the help of the image given below, let’s look at the average salary paid in different cities to learn about the highest-paying cities and decide which city is best to work in.  

python developer salary in canada

Python Developer Salary In Canada Compared To Similar Professions

To give you an even better understanding of the salary in the profession, the table below mentions the details of similar professions and the average salary in that profession to have a comparison of the salary of Python Developers.

Profession Salary Per Year
Android developer108,200 CAD
Application developer118,900 CAD
Blockchain associate115,600 CAD
Business intelligence analyst130,500 CAD
Change administrator 107,300 CAD
Computer programmer115,600 CAD
Database analyst121,800 CAD
Java developer119,700 CAD
Network analyst108,200 CAD
Network support specialist92,600 CAD
Program lead146,700 CAD
IT engineer 97,200 CAD

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What is the pay raise expected by Python developers in Canada?

The pay raise is completely dependent on the performance of the employee and the will of the employer. However, Python developers can expect an average pay raise of around 8% every 12 months.

Is there any difference in the pay of male and female Python developers?

Yes, though all the differences are on the verge of removal based on gender at the workplace, still right now we have a slight difference in the pay of males and females. The females are earning around 6% less salary compared to males in this profession in Canada.

Are Python developers in demand in Canada?

Yes, Python Developers are in high demand in Canada due to the continuous evolution and ever-growing development in the field of information technology in the country. The plus point is, that the career is also very rewarding for the employees.

This was all about the Python Developer Salary In Canada. To read more such informative blogs on salaries and jobs-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad or comment below if you have any doubts. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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