Dubai Medical College of Girls Scholarship 2024: Complete Guide

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Dubai Medical College Scholarship

Dubai Medical College also known as DMCG invites you to pursue your medical dreams in a vibrant and multicultural area of Dubai (UAE). DMCG has a unique combination of academic success, cultural variety, and Dubai Medical College scholarship opportunities to help you reach your medicine academic goals in 2024. A complete MBBCh/MD program will give you the information and skills to do well in many disciplines, such as Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Pediatrics. Highly rewarded professors and state-of-the-art facilities at DMCG make sure that your education journey is both rewarding and life-changing. That’s why DMCG knew that unlocking financial access was paramount.

Type of ScholarshipMedical Scholarships
Scholarships ForMBBCh/MD Program
College NameDubai Medical College of Girls
Location Dubai (UAE)
Target AudienceIndian / Iranian/ International Students
DurationFull-Time or Varies
Funding AmountVaries

Merit-based scholarships offer up to 30% off tuition fees are available this year for students from India and other countries. You can also get funding amounts through private scholarships like the Momeni Iranian Financial Assistance Scholarship and the Education Future International Scholarships.

List of Top Dubai Medical College of Girls Scholarship 2024

In 2024, Medical College for Girls will give the prestigious MBBCh/MD program to students from other countries. If you do well in your last education, you might be able to get a 30% tuition fee waiver through the Merit Scholarship. Explore further financial assistance with external options like the Sheikh Hamdan Scholarship or the Aga Khan program. Don’t miss this chance to join a world-class college to pursue your medical goals, and thrive in a diverse, dynamic environment through Dubai Medical College Scholarships.

Scholarship NameProgram LevelCoverageDeadline
Merit ScholarshipMBBCh/MD30% discount on annual tuition feesVaries
Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship for Medical StudiesMBBCh/MDFull tuition & living expensesVaries
Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Scholarship ProgrammeMBBCh/MDVaries (full/partial tuition)Varies
Education Future International ScholarshipMBBCh/MDVaries (full/partial tuition)Varies

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Top 5 Dubai Medical College of Girls Scholarship 2024

There are prestigious MBBCh/MD programs and a variety of Dubai Medical College scholarships available at Dubai Medical College for Girls for International students in 2024.

Merit Scholarships for MBBCh/MD program

The Merit Scholarship provides a 30% tuition fee waiver on yearly tuition costs to the top 3 international students who are enrolled in the MBBCh/MD program regardless of whether they are new or returning. Maintain good academic grades, and you will continue to reap the benefits of this scholarship year after year.

Coverage30% discount on annual tuition fees
EligibilityTop 3 students based on admission criteria (new & returning)
Application DeadlineVaries

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship for Medical Studies

With this prestigious scholarship, you may dream even bigger, it is open to students of any nationality who have shown the best academic performance and leadership qualities, and it pays for all of your living costs and tuition fees, making your medical studies in Dubai worry-free. Be ready to compete with other applicants throughout the application process.

CoverageFull tuition & living expenses
EligibilityHigh academic achievement, demonstrated leadership potential
Application DeadlineVaries

Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Scholarship Programme

Students from India who are experiencing financial difficulties but have shown academic excellence are eligible to participate in this Dubai Medical College scholarship program, which provides varied assistance (full or partial tuition fee waiver) to help them complete their medical education at Dubai Medical College for Girls.

CoverageVaries (full/partial tuition)
EligibilityIndian students with demonstrated financial need & academic merit
Application DeadlineVaries

Education Future International Scholarship

This Dubai Medical College scholarship known as an international scholarship focuses on students with academic potential and financial need, regardless of their nationality. This scholarship program provides varied amounts of financial support (full or partial tuition waiver) to students who want to pursue a course in medicine, dentistry, or Pharmacy at Dubai Medical College of Girls campus.

CoverageVaries (full/partial tuition)
EligibilityInternational students with academic merit & financial need
Application DeadlineVaries

Momeni Iranian Financial Assistance Scholarships

The Momeni Iranian Financial Assistance Scholarships are intended to provide financial support to Iranian students who are experiencing financial problems and who have the desire to pursue a career in dentistry or medicine in the United Arab Emirates. The Momeni Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to better the educational opportunities available to students of Iranian heritage, is the organization that is responsible for providing these scholarships.

CoverageVaries, may cover full or partial tuition
EligibilitySpecifically for Iranian students with financial need pursuing medicine or dentistry in the UAE
Application DeadlineVaries

Special Discounts by Dubai Medical College of Girls

Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG) does not offer any specific Dubai Medical College scholarships or discounts based on nationality or ethnicity. However, they do offer a Merit Scholarship to the top three students from each batch, which awards a 30% discount on annual tuition fees. Additionally, DMCG offers a Sibling Discount of 10% on annual tuition fees for students who have a sibling currently enrolled in the college.

Siblings Discount

Not only are siblings who enroll at DMCG eligible for a 15% discount on tuition fees, but they are also eligible for a discount on the second student who enrolls in the program simultaneously. The discount will be removed after the first student has graduated, and the student will be responsible for paying the full tuition fees. The sibling discount does not apply to the expenses associated with hostel fees and transportation.

Employee´s discount

The Dubai Medical College for Girls provides a discount for its staff members. It is only possible for children of DMCG professors, staff, and faculty to get a 15% discount on tuition fees under certain conditions. However, this discount is only applicable to the yearly tuition fees, it does not apply to the expenses associated with transportation and hostels.

Factors Affecting Selection For Dubai Medical College of Girls Scholarship 2024

As an International student, your chances of getting a Dubai Medical College scholarship in 2024 will depend on a number of factors, including these.

  • Most scholarships like the DMCG’s Merit scholarship, prioritize strong academic performance.
  • Doing well on tests like the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS, and having an overall strong academic record.
  • Many scholarships, especially those that come from outside, target students who show financial need. This could mean showing proof of financial trouble by sending in things like tax returns or proof of income.
  • Some scholarships are only for students of specific countries, like the Momeni Scholarship for Iranian applicants.
  • The number of scholarships you can get may rely on the program you’re going to MBBCh/MD vs other programs.
  • Even though it’s not always necessary, showing that you can be a leader through strong extracurricular activities and related experiences can make your application stronger.
  • Write an interesting and well-written essay that shows off your academic success, financial need(if any), and desire to become a doctor.
  • Strong letters of recommendation from teachers, tutors, or healthcare professionals.
  • If you are selected get ready for an interview where you can talk more about your reasons for applying and your career goals.
  • There may be extra eligibility requirements for each scholarship that are unique to the DMCG or the university you’re looking for.

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Is there a scholarship for MBBS in UAE?

Finally, Khalifa University offers MBBS scholarships for medical school in the UAE. These scholarships are open to both Emiratis and people from other countries.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in Dubai?

In the UAE, the MBBS degree program may cost between 120,000 and 160,000 AED, which pays for your cost of living, the visa, and other costs.

How can I become a doctor in Dubai after MBBS in India?

Yes, you can move to Dubai after getting your MBBS in India, but only in certain situations. Those who want to get a license must do an internship for at least one year in a teaching hospital or two years in a non-teaching hospital.

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