Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada 2024-25

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Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada

Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada applications are available for eligible students. There are hundreds of different authorities offering masters in chemistry scholarships in Canada. Masters in Chemistry is a graduate-level degree that provides in-depth knowledge of chemistry. After completing a Master’s in Chemistry students can work in several industries such as materials science, pharmaceuticals, and environmental management.

With the best-quality education, teaching facilities, and access to the best research infrastructure and better career opportunities, Canada is one of the best countries to study master’s in chemistry. Some of the best universities in the world are also located in Canada. Moreover, there are several scholarships available that can help an international student to study in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada.

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Why Study Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada?

There are plenty of reasons why a student should study for a Master in Chemistry in Canada. These reasons are as follows:

  • Canada offers quality education from some of the best universities in the world. Moreover, these universities are known for in-depth research in various fields.
  • Universities in Canada offer several international scholarships that eligible students can apply for 
  • Canada has a diverse and inclusive environment. Therefore, several students choose to study Masters in Chemistry in Canada. Moreover, after completing education students can apply for jobs in Canada.

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Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada

There are several scholarships available for international students. These scholarships can come from universities and governmental, or non-governmental organizations. Hence, we have divided these scholarships into 2 categories. Scholarships in Canada that are offered by universities for Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada that are offered by organizations (governmental and non-governmental). Do note that the eligibility criteria, deadline, benefits, and purpose of these scholarships vary depending on the scholarship type.

Canada Universities Chemistry Scholarships for International Students

Here is a list of the top scholarships offered by Canadian universities. The purpose, benefits and  for these scholarships are provided below:

Scholarship University Level Benefit
Brock Chittim Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry University of Guelph Doctorate 5000 CAD (Fee waiver)
Gilead Alberta Graduate Award of Excellence in Organic Chemistry University of Alberta Doctorate 2500 CAD (Fee waiver)
Christopher Scarfe Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Geology University of Alberta Postgraduate 2300 CAD (Fee waiver)
University Entrance Scholarship Concordia University of Edmonton Undergraduate 1000 To 5000 CAD  (Fee waiver)
McGill University Department of Chemistry Scholarships McGill University Postgraduate students 25,000 to 26,000 CAD 
R.G. Goel Memorial Graduate Scholarship University of Waterloo Postgraduate 500 CAD  (Fee waiver)
Paul Bridger Graduate Award in Advanced Applied Science University of Waterloo Doctorate 2000 CAD
Spicer-Hennessey Scholar-Bursaries  Acadia University Undergraduate Not specified
Dr. T. C. Day Bursary in Science – Chemistry MacEwan University Undergraduate Not specified 
The Institute of Polymer Research Scholarship University of Waterloo Postgraduate, Doctorate 600 CAD 
International Student Entrance Bursary Bow Valley College Postgraduate 2000 CAD
Ji Hun Kim Memorial Scholarship Seneca Polytechnic Postgraduate NA

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Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada by Various Organizations

Here is a list of Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada by various organizations. The scholarship name, eligibility, and benefits are provided below:

Scholarship Benefit Mid-July each year
Education Future International Scholarship – USA &
Non-USA 2023
Partial Funding 27 Oct
Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) Scholarship Awards 2023 Partial Funding (Females) NA
Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program 2023 Partial Funding 1 June
John Monash Scholarships 2023 Partial Funding  Mid July each year
SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme 2023 Partial Funding October 2023

Application Process for Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada

The application process for all universities is different. However, we have provided the general application process for Masters in Chemistry Scholarships in Canada. Interested students can follow the steps below to apply for scholarships.

  • First, visit the website of the scholarship provider. For example, a university/government 
  • Next, check the eligibility criteria of the scholarship, and make sure the candidate meets all the requirements specified. For example, academic requirements, English language proficiency requirements, etc
  • Make sure that an application is required. That is, at times universities do not require an application. In this case, simply applying for the course is enough. If the applicant is eligible, the university will automatically consider the student for the scholarship, and the applicant will be notified of the same in the offer letter.
  • When application is required the document’s requirements. Most of the scholarships require the student to submit additional documents along with the scholarship application.
  • Lastly, apply for the scholarship and wait for the results. 


1. Can I get a full scholarship in Canada for Masters?

Yes. It is possible to get a scholarship in Canada for a Masters. Most of the universities in Canada offer scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students. For example, McGill University, University of Waterloo, etc.

2. Is there any scholarship for PG students in Canada?

Yes. PG scholarships are available for students to study in Canada.  For example, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship is funded by the provincial government. The scholarship is fully funded and is available to botmaster’srs and doctoral students.

3. Can I study my masters in Canada for free?

Canadian universities charge tuition fees. However, to study in Canada for free students can apply for partial scholarships/fully funded scholarships. It would be similar to studying in Canadatuition-freee.

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