Data Science Course in Germany: A Guide

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data science course in germany

As today’s world is progressing towards digitalization, the related courses are becoming quite a catch as they offer professional skills, immense potential, and exponential growth. One such course is Data Science. Data science, in its essence, combines many aspects such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), combining mathematics with statistics, advanced-level analytics, machine learning, etc. If you’re going to opt for data science, why not study in Germany? Germany offers amazing study and research infrastructure. Read this blog to find out how studying a Data Science course in Germany can be a beneficial option for you.

Why Study Data Science Course in Germany?

In Germany, data science as a profession holds amazing potential. Graduates in the respective field are placed at quite reputed companies, salary packages offered from the very beginning are pretty good and the growth potential is quite exponential. Some other reasons that make quite a good argument as to why pursue data science in Germany are:-

  1. Affordable

Germany has several public universities and other private universities too which have quite an affordable fee structure, so students won’t have to deal with skyrocketing college fees. 

  1. Part-Time Work Permits

In Germany, students are granted part-time work permits so that they can fulfil their basic needs by doing part-time work along with their studies. Approximately 20 hours of work per week is allowed or 120 days of part-time employment is allowed. 

  1. Esteemed Universities

Germany has a lot of esteemed universities that offer courses in data science. Graduating from such deemed universities can provide one’s career a boost.

  1. Safe Country

Germany is quite a welcoming country, especially for graduates and post-graduates. The living cost is less and settling in is quite easy as well. 

  1. Immense Number of Job Opportunities

Germany is home to global sectors including healthcare, IT, banking, manufacturing, etc. And because of such a vast job market, getting placed in a well-reputed global company in Germany is quite easy and convenient. 

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are plenty more that make it a no-brainer to opt for data science in Germany. 

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Eligibility Criteria

To become a data scientist, there is no specific path but what it does demand are strong analytical skills. Having good mathematical skills along with strong analytical skills is a combination that will unlock the field of data science for an individual.

One must know how to handle large amounts of data, analyze it, interpret it, and then come up with a recommendation of solutions for the same. Having experience in machine learning along with statistical modelling is often helpful too. 

Knowing programming languages such as Python or R, and knowing databases along with SQL is recommended as it will allow the individual to have a grasp of basic applied concepts. 

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Application Process

You can apply to German universities directly from their official website. The first step is to select the university as well as the data science course you want to pursue. Take a look at the application process for data science courses in the specific university.

  1. Visit the official website of the respective university or the centralized admission portal
  2. Click on the registration tab and you will be redirected to the admission form available online
  3. Fill in your personal and academic details
  4. Upload all the mandatory documents like academic transcripts, scholarships if any, IELTS/TOEFL/TestDaF scores, GRE score transcript, etc. and submit your application form.

Documents Required

These are some of the documents required to get admitted to the top German Universities:

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What Will You Learn?

Data science is an extremely rich course when it comes to up-skilling and every skill that an individual comes across in data science, in itself, holds immense potential in terms of knowledge and career opportunities. These skills not only have a theoretical approach but rather a more practical approach which makes them very interesting.

Every skill in data science is in itself an applied field. Hence, data science will not only make you academically strong but will also give a more hands-on experience in the respective field. 

The majority of the skills included in data science are mentioned below-:

  1. Machine learning

Machine learning refers to a branch of data science that involves computer science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Simply we can say that it relies on data and algorithms to imitate the way human beings learn.  

  1. Data analysis

It means analyzing and interpreting the data to extract meaning from it and hence come up with recommendations and solutions to any of the problems that already exist or may arise shortly. 

  1. SQL

It is a programming language that is used for processing information and then storing it in a related database. Apart from that, SQL has many other applications such as retrieving, storing, and updating information to and from a database and maintaining and optimizing the database performance.

  1. Advanced Excel

M.S. Excel is an amazingly valuable and in-demand skill in industries and learning it at an advanced level is gonna make an individual become highlighted in the industry. Advanced-level Excel includes macros and VBA, pivot tables, prediction, and forecasting, statistical modelling, and stock history. 

  1. Python

Python is a skill that in itself is a big domain of jobs. It is a programming language that is used for developing software and websites along with data automation and task visualization. 

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Top Colleges in Germany for Data Science

Below mentioned are some of the best universities for data science in Germany:-

University NameSemesters Tuition fees per sem (In EUROS)
ESMT Berlin 48000
IU International University of Applied Sciences42457-5975
Kuhne Logistics University47190
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich4No Tuition Fees
RWTH Aachen University4No Tuition Fees
University of Mannheim41500

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Scholarships to Study in Germany

Germany provides students with numerous chances to get financial backing in the form of scholarships and grants. Some of the best scholarships in Germany that can be availed by students are mentioned below-

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is a wise choice for those students whose aim is to participate in a full-time study program in Germany. The member States of the European Union fund an EU-wide grant. This scholarship financial assistance for one-year exchange periods for international students in Germany. 

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) or German Academic Exchange which is a joint organization. It is of Germany’s Higher Education Institutions. This scholarship is suitable for those students wanting a qualification in a full-time course of study. The prerequisites for the same include having a Bachelor’s Degree along with at least 2 years of proven work experience. 

Scope of Data Science

As the technology sector is now in its exponential phase, the data generated is immense and so to handle such vast data, data science will come into play hence, a large number of jobs will be generated shortly and even as of right now, there is a vast sea of data science jobs available.

Be it in data analysis, data science, SQL, or Excel, all the fields related to these vertices will have a direct effect on employment generation and demand for data science as a profession. The sea of opportunities for data science is only going to expand. 

Hence based on such factors, it becomes a no-brainer to opt for a data science course in Germany. 


Q1. Is Germany good for Data Science?

Ans. Data science in Germany is an amazing option for any individual. The country is affordable to study in, allows part-time work, has esteemed universities that provide the course, is safe and easy to settle in, and has an immense number of job opportunities. 
So it becomes a no-brainer.

Q2. Is it easy to get a job in Germany after a Master’s in data science?

Ans. German universities provide the best opportunities to anyone seeking a job after a master’s in data science. Students after doing their masters in Data science in Germany land jobs in well-reputed global companies such as Apple, Samsung, etc. 

Q3. What is the minimum salary of a data scientist in Germany?

Ans. There is no minimum amount of salary for the post of data scientist, but the average salary that can be expected from this course is 72,479 Euros with no upper limit. The field has so much potential that salary packages go over the roof. 

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