Cheapest Universities in Germany

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cheapest universities in germany

Germany is one of the top study destinations for students who are aspiring to study abroad. There are the cheapest universities in Germany that attract students from across the world. Apart from this, Germany is famous for offering free or low tuition fee study opportunities. According to official data, 350,000+ students from different nations are studying here in different universities and the number is increasing day by day.


Generally, when it comes to studying abroad, the cost is the major thing to know. Students look for cheap universities that have low tuition fees and good quality of education. Undoubtedly, German educational institutes have a decent academic reputation. In this blog, we will focus on cheap universities in Germany including public and private educational institutes.  

We have provided a table below that will give a quick highlight of studying in Germany. Students who want to study in low-cost universities in Germany should go through this.

Total Public Universities 250+
Total Private Universities150+
Average Living CostINR 80,000 to INR 82,650
Average Tuition FeeINR 14,95,000
Popular CoursesMiM, MBA, B.Tech
International Students in Germany400,000+

Cheapest Universities in Germany for International Students

There are two types of universities in Germany, Public universities and Private universities. Before we get to know the list of universities offering education at low cost, it is important to know the reason behind this. Did you know that in the year 2014, the German government removed international tuition fees from Public universities in Germany? This resulted in a big drop in tuition fees for these universities. International students have to pay administrative fees (INR 13,187 to 21,978) at the beginning of the semester only. However, undergraduate courses have international tuition fees but they are still available on a low budget. We have mentioned below the list of Free Universities in Germany For International Students, including Public and private universities.

Top 5 Cheapest Public Universities in Germany

Public universities are government funded so the fee of these institutions is low compared to other universities. In some cases, universities offer free education to students, no matter whether the student is domestic or international. Also, these universities offer a good amount of scholarships.

Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin was founded in 1801 and Its ranking comes under the top 100 in the world. It ranks 3rd in the list of most famous universities in Berlin.

Top CoursesMiM, and MS
US Ranking 2022-2361st Best Global Universities3rd Best University in Germany

University of Bremen

The University of Bremen was established in the year 1971. More than 19,000 Students are enrolled in several UG, PG, and Doctoral programs offered by the university.

Top CoursesMiM and MS
US Ranking 2022-23531st Best Global Universities35th Best University in Germany

University of Cologne

More than 50,000 students are enrolled in different study programs at the University of Cologne. This number includes 5000 international students as well.

Top CoursesMiM and MS
US Ranking 2022-23244th Best Global Universities18th Best University in Germany

Heidelberg University

One of the 14th century’s prestigious universities, Heidelberg University offers various courses to Study in Germany.

Top CoursesMiM and MS
US Ranking 2022-2357th Best Global Universities2nd Best University in Germany

Ludwig Maximilians University

It is known as the University of Munich. Also, it is a public university for higher studies in Germany.

Top CoursesMiM, and B.Tech
US Ranking 2022-2357th Best Global Universities2nd Best University in Germany

Top 5 Cheapest Private Universities in Germany

It’s true that studying in Public universities is good but Private universities in Germany offer different perks to students. Unlike, other countries, private universities in this country are pretty affordable which makes studying there without worrying about expensive fees. Here is a list of German private universities and quick information about them.

Berlin School of Business and Innovation

It is located in the middle of Berlin City and offers a wide range of UG and PG courses to study.

Top CoursesMiM and MBA
Founded in2005

GISMA Business School

GISMA Business School is one selected B-school of Germany that develops the business skills of students, so they can be ready for this tech-growing industry.

Top CoursesMS and MBA
Founded in1999

Bard College of Berlin

Bard College of Berlin is famous for offering quality studies of Social sciences and developing creative skills. A good number of international students are studying here.

Top CoursesBA in Economics and BA in Politics
Founded in1999

Hertie School of Governance

 Hertie School of Governance has recognition from the Berlin Senate Department. The institute offers 4 Postgraduate programs, where students can get enrolled.

Top CoursesBA in Economics and BA in Politics
Founded in2003

Munich Business School

Munich Business School is one of those private business schools of Munich that was founded in the 90’s era and offers education at low tuition fees.

Top CoursesMBA and MiM
Founded in1999

Cheapest Universities in Germany: Average Cost of Studying

Any place outside the native is considered to be costly. Since the education is either free or low-cost tuition fee. Because of this, you will pay for rent and other daily utility expenses. The cost of food and other activities is not much expensive at all. The cherry on the cake, if you are doing a part-time job or have a scholarship. Below, we have given an average overview of the Cost of Studying in Germany.

University TypeTuition Fee (INR)
Public University12,500 INR to 30,500 INR ( EUR 142 to EUR 346) 
Private University8,50,000 INR to 26,50,000 INR (EUR 9,670 to EUR 30,146)

Accommodation Costs in Germany

Apart from tuition fee, living cost is something that needs to be considered. In case you are studying in a German university for free then only the living cost is payable. Accommodation expenses, travelling, food, and other expenses need to be managed by you. It is natural that the living expenses of city areas will be more than those outside them. According to official sources, 934 EUR (81,190 INR) monthly is enough to live in Germany. The table given below will give you a fair idea about the expenses you need to be ready for.

Types of ExpensesEUR (INR)
1 Bedroom (Monthly)707 EUR (61,000 INR)
Food (1 Month)15 to 25 EUR (1300 to 2100 INR)
Public Transport (One Way Ticket)2.40 EUR (208 INR)
Other Expenses230 to 250 EUR (20,000 to 21,500 INR)


What are the cheapest universities in Germany?

Most German Universities offer low tuition fees or free study opportunities. When it comes to choosing affordable universities then below we have mentioned some public universities in Germany.
Humboldt University of Berlin
University of Bremen
University of Cologne
Heidelberg University
Ludwig Maximilians University

How much it will cost me to study in Germany?

You can separate the expense into two parts which are tuition fees and living costs. On average tuition fees can vary for public and private universities, While, the living cost in Germany is 934 EUR (INR 82,000) monthly.

How to get admission cheapest universities in Germany?

There is no separate eligibility to get admission to free universities in Germany. However, you must have a good academic record for getting shortlisted for admission.

Can I get PR in Germany after study?

Yes. A student can apply for PR in Germany after they have been employed in Germany. The applicant must have been employed for a duration of 2 to 5 years.

In this blog, you have learned about the cheapest universities in Germany and the cost of studying there as an International student. For sure, Germany is one of the best options to study abroad. If you are planning to study there and want guidance to proceed with your dream university, Book a free consultation with study abroad experts at Leverage Edu at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counseling session!  Our Experienced team will help you with information and the application process to get admission to German universities.

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