A Brief About Cosmetologist Salary in Canada 2024 

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Cosmetologist Salary in Canada

Cosmetology is the study of hair, skin, and nail beautification. Some cosmetologists specialize in one of these areas, while others may offer a mixture of all kinds of services, from haircuts and coloring to facials and manicures. This profession is in trend nowadays just because of its popularity and high income. If you have the right skills and education in cosmetology, this can be the perfect job for you. If you are looking to know about the salary of a cosmetologist in Canada, this article has everything you need to know. Let’s first start with the types of cosmetology careers in Canada that you can choose to kick-start your journey.


How Much Do a Cosmetologist Earn in Canada

In Canada, cosmetologists can expect a varied salary range. The average yearly salary sits at 83,200 CAD, which translates to 6,933 CAD per month. However, experience and location can significantly impact your earnings. Newcomers to the field might start at around 37,800 CAD annually (3,150 CAD monthly), while highly experienced cosmetologists can reach salaries as high as 132,000 CAD per year (11,000 CAD monthly). Numerous factors determine the precise salary a cosmetologist may get. A few crucial elements, such as the job’s location, experience, and kind

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Cosmetologist Salary in Canada Based on Experience 

If you have good job experience as a cosmetologist, see below how the experience might potentially affect your income range in Canada.

Cosmetologist Salary in Canada

Cosmetologist Salary in Canada Based on Education 

Obtaining one or more cosmetology certifications, such as the Certified Cosmetologist credential or the NCEA Certified credential, may also help you establish a solid reputation over time and raise your pay. 

Education Average Salary Per Year 
High School50,300 CAD
Certificate or Diploma79,600 CAD
Bachelor’s Degree130,500 CAD

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Cosmetologist Salary in Canada Based on Organisation 

In Canada, cosmetologists can work in prestigious hospitals and spas and make considerable money. This is a list of some of the top corporations that pay cosmetologists.

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
Shoppers Drug Mart30,000  CAD-50,000 CAD
Jean Coutu33,000 CAD-38,000 CAD
Familiprix27,000 CAD-36,000 CAD
Regis Corporation40,000 CAD-65,000 CAD
CLI College of Business Health & Technology34,000 CAD-62,000 CAD 
Amherst 32,000 CAD -48,000 CAD
Kate Somerville Skincare, LLC.54,000 CAD-67,000 CAD 
Supercuts23,000 CAD-65,000 CAD
Caryl Baker Visage34,000 CAD-44,000 CAD
DermaEnvy Skincare15,000 CAD-26,000 CAD
Innovative Housing Society35,000 CAD-55,000 CAD
L’Oréal55,000 CAD-60,000 CAD
Ashley Academy35,000 CAD-55,000 CAD
Caryl Baker Visage36,000 CAD-43,000 CAD
Esthetician/Beautician/Beauty Salon Worker35,000 CAD-65,000 CAD
Institut Rameau d’Or40,000 CAD-45,000 CAD
Glory Beauty Salon34,000 CAD-40,000 CAD

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Cosmetologist Salary in Canada Based on Location

One of the most crucial things you should think about is deciding to work somewhere with a tendency to pay more. We have included the best locations and salaries for cosmetologists in Canada for your convenience.

Cosmetologist Salary in Canada

Cosmetologist Salary in Canada Based on Positions 

Top positions are available for cosmetologists to investigate in Canada. Here are some of the top-paying job listings for cosmetologists that you may view. 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Hair Stylist32,000 CAD
Salon Manager60,000 CAD
Nail Technician35,000 CAD
Beauty Consultant45,000 CAD
Makeup Artist48,000 CAD
Stylist40,000 CAD

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What is the highest-paid cosmetologist?

Here are the list of some of the  highest paid cosmetologist 
Skin care consultant
Massage therapist
Hair Stylist
Tattoo artist
Makeup artist
Beauty Therapist

Is cosmetology in demand in Canada?

One of the fastest-growing occupations in Canada is cosmetology, and the Canadian market is in great demand for experts in the industry. For this reason, cosmetology courses are very popular in Canada, and many foreign students choose to enroll in study programs at Canadian universities and colleges.

Can Indian cosmetologists work in Canada?

In addition to its superior educational system, Canada has been providing more chances for cosmetologists. Indeed reports that the average yearly compensation for cosmetologists in Canada is 506,573 CAD. For this reason, a large number of students from India and other nations decide to pursue careers in cosmetology in Canada each year.

This was all about cosmetologist salaries in Canada. If you are interested in reading more such articles on salary, follow Leverage Edu and the official page, Jobs Abroad

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