Here is a List of Healthcare Jobs in Canada available in 2024

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Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Students with knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and medical coding can easily get healthcare jobs in Canada. Students will also learn about medical law ethics and management. The candidates will get jobs as a nurse, doctors, or other healthcare professionals. Go through the below article to learn more about such jobs in Canada such as benefits, requirements, top courses, list of top jobs in healthcare in Canada, and highest paying healthcare jobs in Canada. 

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Why Healthcare Jobs in Canada?

If the interested candidates want to grow in their career, in this field then Canada is the best option. Candidates can gain various skills and knowledge related to healthcare jobs such as health science, nursing, occupational therapy, and healthcare management. The health sciences education system is powerful in Canada as many colleges and universities provide various courses and programs. 

List of Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Other Benefits  

Check below the benefits of getting into the healthcare profession in Canada:

  • Interacting with Patients: These workers interact with many patients daily, while treating their conditions. This will help to improve communication and leadership skills. 
  • Consistent Earnings: Healthcare workers must gain proper training and skills so that they have a higher earning potential. Also, if the workers are required to work overtime they can easily do that in a hospital.
  • Plenty of Learning Opportunities: Nowadays there are many advancements in the field of medicine. Therefore, there are a lot of learning opportunities to improve skills and knowledge.

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List of Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Check below the list of some of the famous jobs in Canada for healthcare:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Surgeon$279,959 per year
Massage Therapist$81,597 per year
Midwife$110,228 per year
Dental Hygienist $90,810 per year
Paramedic$58,606 per year
Dietician$58,291 per year
Optician$41,245 per year
Counsellor$40,977 per year
Chiropractor$88,328 per year
Phlebotomist$57,814 per year

Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Check below the highest-paying healthcare jobs in Canada:

Job Title Hourly Pay Range
AnesthesiologistCAD $150 – $250
SurgeonCAD $140 – $230
RadiologistCAD $120 – $200
DentistCAD $100 – $180
PsychiatristCAD $90 – $160
PharmacistCAD $45 – $60
Nurse PractitionerCAD $50 – $65
Physician AssistantCAD $45 – $60
OptometristCAD $70 – $110

Skills Required to Put on Resume for Healthcare Jobs

Check below the required skills that a candidate needs to update on their resume in order to get healthcare jobs:

  • Communication Skills
  • Positive Attitude
  • Time Management 
  • Flexibility 
  • Empathy
  • Stress Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Teamwork
  • Following Protocols
  • Patience

Requirements to Get Healthcare Jobs in Canada

To get healthcare jobs in Canada the candidates are required to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Candidates are required to achieve a secondary school education and job training, nursing aide, college nursing aide program, or practical training in the medical field. 
  • Usually, the candidates are also required to complete specialized courses such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) along with first aid.
  • Medical attendants are also required to have a driving license.
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Top Healthcare Courses in Canada

Check below the top courses required to get healthcare jobs:

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Science NursingThe University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of MedicineUniversity of Toronto
Bachelor of Dental Hygiene/SurgeryVancouver Island University
Bachelor of Arts and Science- Health StudiesUniversity Of Saskatchewan
Bachelor of KinesiologyLakehead University
Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition/HealthThe University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Science BiologyThe University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Science Life SciencesThe University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Science in Applied PsychologyKwantlen Polytechnic University

Postgraduate Courses

Master of NursingThompson Rivers Nursing
Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology and Health StudiesThe University of Regina
Master of Arts in HealthYork University
Master of Health Services ResearchUniversity of Prince Edward Island 
MDUniversity of Toronto

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How does healthcare work in Canada?

Medicare, the Canadian healthcare system in Canada, is funded by taxes. It covers all necessary medical facilities such as hospital or doctor visits but it does not give any prescriptions, dental, or vision coverage.

Why is Canada considered the best for healthcare?

Canada ensures equal healthcare access to all through social assistance. Canadians can benefit from different health services, preventive measures, medical treatments, or even prescription drugs.

Is healthcare better in the USA or Canada?

Canada spends far less of its GDP on health care which is 10.4 percent as compared to 16 percent in the U.S.A. yet it performs better than the U.S.A. on two common health outcomes measures such as the infant mortality rate and life expectancy

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