Informative Guide To Veterinary Doctor Salary In Canada In 2024

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veterinary doctor salary in Canada

Being a Veterinarian is not just a job as a profession but also a passion. There is hardly any veterinarian who has chosen the career just to make it their profession, almost all veterinarians have a story to tell and love for animals. Even the trend of adopting pets has shown an increase in the past few years. This is certain that the career of a veterinarian as Canda is flourishing. You will definitely find a good job with a lot of opportunities and very good exposure. Let’s see if the Veterinary doctor salary in Canada is also rewarding. 


Average Veterinary Doctor Salary In Canada

The average pay for the job of a Veterinary doctor is calculated to be pretty good. You can make a fortune out of this career and still get a lot of time in hand to develop considering the nature of the job. The salary may also vary based on several salary determinants so sticking to averages is not a very right thing to do as they are given only for the purpose of reference. On average a Veterinary doctor earns around 139,100 CAD per year and 11,591 CAD per month. To make the interpretation even simpler the highest and lowest averages are given below. 

Highest Veterinary doctor’s salary per month is 17,600 CAD
Lowest Veterinary doctor’s salary per month is 5,783 CAD
Highest Veterinary doctor’s salary per year is 211,200 CAD
Lowest Veterinary doctor’s salary per year is 69,400 CAD

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Veterinary Doctor Salary In Canada Based On Experience

Medicine is a kind of industry that develops on experience. Hence the level of experience turns out to be the most important salary determinant. The level of experience decides the amount of income an individual will be paid. The higher the experience, the higher the salary and your right to demand. If you have 2 to 5 years of experience in the industry, this increases your expected salary package by 32%. The following image will get you even better clarification about the topic and the effect of experience on the average pay. 

veterinary doctor salary in Canada

Veterinary Doctor Salary In Canada Based On Education

Education level is the second most important salary determinant in the medical field, be it human medicine or animal medicine field. The higher level of education determines that the individual has a higher knowledge of the subject and is better at his or her work. This knowledge and skills can fetch you a right to get an extra hike in your salary. If you are an individual who holds a master’s degree in the subject you can definitely expect a 38% hike in the salary compared to if you hold a bachelor’s level qualification.

Education Average pay
Bachelor’s degree107,300 CAD
Master’s degree148,300 CAD
PhD191,100 CAD

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Veterinary Doctor Salary In Canada In Different Sectors 

All the countries have two different sectors when it comes to employing people. The government sector works by the rules of government whereas the public sector works by the private wishes. Generally, in Canada, it is seen that the public sector pays the employees with better salaries and better benefits. The public sector employees in Canada are seen earning an income 6% higher compared to the private sector employees.

Sector Average Pay
Private sector 123,000 CAD
Public sector 115,600 CAD

Veterinary Doctor Salary In Canada In Different Cities 

Canada is a big country with many cities. All the cities employ people with their own set of rules and average pay. The average pay differs in all the cities, some cities pay a very low amount which makes it not worth working in them and it is vice versa for the others. To know which cities pay the best and are best to work in, the following table contains information about most of the cities and the average pay in them for comparison. 

veterinary doctor salary in Canada

Veterinary Doctor Salary In Canada Compared To Several Professions 

Comparing the salary of a Veterinary doctor to other similar profession will give a deeper insight into the topic and show you if the profession is as worth as expected or not. The following table contains the list of some professions from the same industry a Veterinary doctor and the average salary that is paid to them. 

Profession Average pay 
Animal keeper 81,600 CAD
Pet sitter 61,700 CAD
Veterinary Assistant 102,700 CAD
Veterinary technician 105,200 CAD
Kennel attendant 66,100 CAD
Zoo veterinarian 141,000 CAD
Animal scientist 160,600 CAD
Animal caretaker 74,500 CAD
Animal health technician89,300 CAD
Animal control officer 76,000 CAD

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Is there any difference in the Veterinarian salary based on gender? 

Yes, based on gender the salary still suffers the differences. The efforts to remove such differences at the workplace are being made but for the time being, females in the industry earn 5% less compared to men.  

What is the average increment expected in the profession?

The pay raise will depend upon your efforts and performance. Talking about average, the average pay raise that you can expect in a year is 9% which is pretty moderate.

Is it worth being a veterinarian in Canada? 

The job is totally worth it considering the rewards in terms of salary and the opportunity pool. You will get world-class exposure along with the developmental path and the abundance of opportunities. 

These were the complete details on the Veterinary doctor Salary in Canada. To read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. you can provide your views or doubts in the comment section below. 

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