Know The Insights Of The Biochemist Salary In Canada In 2024

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biochemist salary in canada

If talking about the career scope of a person with a background in biochemistry there is huge scope in Canada. There are several different types of career options available in Canada for people holding a biochemistry degree and skills. The industry provides a very stable and balanced career and continuous growth can be observed if the employees have spectacular performance in the field. To see if your efforts would be worth it and paid right let’s look into the details of Biochemist salary in Canada.


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Average Biochemist Salary In Canada

Considering the very good scope of the biochemistry industry in Canada, the average pay of the profession is also very good. On average a Biochemist can make an annual income of 258,700 CAD.

Average annual highest salary 388,100 CAD
Average annual lowest salary137,100 CAD

The average can be understood if monthly pay is considered. The monthly income of a civil engineer in Dubai is 21,558 CAD,

Average monthly highest salary32,341 CAD
Average monthly lowest salary 11,421 CAD

The salary can also be different from the averages that are given above considering several other factors like educational qualification and experience factor.

Biochemist Salary In Canada With Different Experience Levels

The salary of a Biochemist in Canada is dependent on several factors one major of which is the level of experience in the industry. The exhibition of the skills by an employee is what shows if the employee is good for the position or not and those skills are nurtured over years of experience. For say, if you are experienced with 2 to 5 years in the field you can easily expect to earn 23% of a higher salary. The image given below gives the salary of employees with different experience levels.

biochemist salary in canada

Biochemist Salary In Canada With Different Education Levels

Medicine is a field where the education level matters a lot. For a job of Biochemist, the employees with better and higher educational qualifications are given more preference and also are paid better. The job can pay you 59% of the higher salary if you have a master’s degree compared to a bachelor’s degree.

Educational Qualification Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s degree172,300 CAD
Master’s degree272,900 CAD
PhD353,600 CAD

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Biochemist Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The salary averages are also affected by different sectors. The government and private sector of Canada pay different salary pay to the employees and the difference is 6 per cent. Employees of the public sector are at an advantage and earn an average salary 6% higher compared to the private sector employees.

Sector Salary Per Year
Private sector 115,600 CAD
Public sector 123,000 CAD

Biochemist Salary In Canada In Different Cities

To know which city is best in terms of average pay in Canada, and which city pays higher salaries compared to others, several cities are mentioned in the image below and the average salary paid in them is also given, the comparison can be made and you can find the best city and start your job.

biochemist salary in canada

Biochemist Salary In Canada Compared To Several Professions

The career is rewarding but we can also assure it by making a comparison for the same. The table below lists several other professions similar to that of a Biochemist and the average salary paid to them. This way we can compare and testify is the pay is good and considerable.

Profession Salary Per Year 
Analytical chemist 218,500 CAD
Anthropologist 146,700 CAD
Astronomer 262,600 CAD
Behaviour analyst 152,700 CAD
Behaviour specialist 152,700 CAD
Chief technologist 218,500 CAD 
Clinical laboratory scientist 246,700 CAD
Forensic scientist 205,700 CAD
Food scientist 165,900 CAD
Geologist 199,700 CAD
Hydrologist 172,300 CAD
Intelligence analyst 153,700 CAD

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Is it good to be a biochemist in Canada?

The job of a Biochemist in Canada is highly rewarding and worthwhile in Canada. There are several opportunities and career development ways. The job not only provides a professional upgrade but also personal growth with wide exposure.

Do women earn lower salaries compared to men in Canada as Biochemists?

Yes, despite various efforts and improvements there is still some difference in the average pay of both genders. The men in the industry are earning a 5% higher salary comparatively.

What is the average pay raise expected for a biochemist in Canada?

The average pay raise that can be expected in the job of a Biochemist in Canada lies in a moderate range. In percentage the increment can be expected is 11% every year, however, your performance can affect this number widely.

We hope the blog above about the Biochemist Salary in Canada was able to give you detailed information about the topic. If you want to read more such informative blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and if you are planning to study abroad follow Leverage Edu and fast-track your study abroad journey. 

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