Caregiver Salary in Canada: Popular Part-Time, Full-Time in 2024

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Caregiver Salary in Canada

Caregiver Salary in Canada: Being a caregiver in Canada is one of the easiest things that you can do in that country. It doesn’t take any qualifications or specific requirements to get a job in this field. All you have to do is match the job description and demands of the employer to get the job. You must be willing to work and attentive to the needs of your attendees. Nevertheless, you should be well aware of the caregiver salary in Canada to effectively start working. As most people prefer this as a part-time job, we will be covering the job with the same perspective. 

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Average Caregiver Salary in Canada

If you are considering part-time work, you can earn around 19.64 CAD per hour as a caregiver in Canada. As there is no qualification and all required your pay here will be influenced by your experience, references and reviews from previous clients or employers. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a more permanent position then a monthly salary will be more appropriate to know. 

The average base salary of a caregiver in Canada is around 3,226 CAD per month. Moreover, in terms of yearly income, it will be somewhere between 45,567 CAD. As of December 2024, your monthly salary in Indian currency will be around INR 3,790,456.72 and your yearly salary will be around INR 3,790,456.72. 

Caregivers usually get starting salaries of around 39,778 CAD a year and most experienced employees earn around 41,273 CAD per year. There isn’t much difference between the payscale as this is not a skilled job and people usually shift after working for a few years. 

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Top Companies for Caregivers in Canada

Working anywhere in Canada as a Caregiver is rewarding but it is better to know where the demand is high to get better salaries as well. Therefore, the following table will give you an idea about who your employers in Canada are as caregivers and where would you find them. 

Company Average Salary 
Axis Family Resources83,771 CAD per year
Vitality at Home17 CAD -19 CAD per hour
Eagle Nest Community and Aboriginal Services54,825 CAD per year
ComForCare27,000 CAD -32,000 CAD per year
Alto51,048 CAD per year
Sprouts37,000 CAD -43,000 CAD per year
Right At Home50,441 CAD per year
Just Like Family49,324 CAD per year
Nurse Next Door22 CAD per hour
Hero Home Care46,106 CAD per year

Cities That Pay Good Caregiver Salaries in Canada

Some cities have better opportunities for caregivers and the requirement of caregivers is also higher there than others. However, it is sometimes difficult to analyse which cities will pay better, therefore, we have curated a list of best-paying cities for Caregiver jobs in Canada. Refer to the table below for reference. 

City Average Annual Salary 
Edmonton30,200 CAD per year
Nova Scotia 33,150 CAD per year 
Victoria 50,208 CAD per year
Ottawa47,330 CAD per year
North Vancouver50,235 CAD per year
Vancouver50,045 CAD per year
Toronto45,680 CAD per year
Burlington44,392 CAD per year
Barrie45,565 CAD per year
Burnaby 47,041 CAD per year
Hamilton43,160 CAD per year
British Columbia 36,097 CAD per year
Manitoba33,150 CAD per year
Quebec33,150 CAD per year 
New Brunswick 28,763 CAD per year 
Saskatchewan 30,245 CAD per year 

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Caregiver jobs fall under a wide variety hence many jobs might sound similar to that of caregivers. For example, a babysitter and caretaker at an old age home. Here are some jobs that have a similar job role to that of a caregiver.

JobsAverage Salaries
Support Worker  22.07 CAD per hour
Sitter35,100 CAD per year 
Direct Support Professional 21.49 CAD per hour
Attendant31,672 CAD per year 
Babysitter29,250 CAD per year 
Nanny27,300 CAD per year 
Provider28,275 CAD per year
Aide33,150 CAD per year 
Child Caregiver 26,354 CAD per year 

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Caregiver Salary in Canada – Trajectory 

Mostly you start earning with a particular salary and then progress to get a better income with time. That is the trajectory of salary we are talking about. Read the career path of a caregiver in Canada. 

  • You start working as a Caregiver in Canada at 39,778 CAD per year. It takes 0 to 4 years to grow from this stage. 
  • Then you become a Senior Caregiver and your salary at this stage is around 39,530 CAD. 
  • After around 8+ years of experience, you become a Lead Caregiver. Your salary at this stage will be around 41,273 CAD   per year.


How much is the caregiver paid in Canada?

The average base salary of a caregiver in Canada is around 3,226 CAD per month. Moreover, in terms of yearly income, it will be somewhere between 45,567 CAD. 

What is the highest-paid caregiver?

After around 8+ years of experience, you become a Lead Caregiver. Your salary at this stage will be around 41,273 CAD per year.

Is a caregiver still in demand in Canada?

Yes, caregivers are highly required in Canada. Moreover, as these are mostly part-time jobs, usually people do not stay in the profession for long and hence there is a constant flow of labour. 

How many hours does a caregiver work in Canada?

A caregiver ideally needs to spend 30 hours on work per week. You should fulfil the requirements as per Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)/Service Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to get the job. 

This was all about a Caregiver’s salary in Canada. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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