How to Find Nursing Jobs in UK?

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Nursing Jobs in UK

The UK is becoming a hotspot for healthcare professionals and nurses with its requirement for 12,500 more nurses and healthcare professionals by 2028. After seeing the havoc of the Covid-19 pandemic every nation is trying to be prepared for any such health hazard that brought the world to its knees. The United Kingdom has always remained at the spearhead of such initiatives and so is now. The country plans to boost its National Health Services (NHS) with more nurses and doctors. It offers exceptional perks to the officials and also welcomes experts from foreign countries including India. 


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Why Choose Nursing Jobs in UK?

The UK has made Healthcare studies more affordable but that’s not it, the country also offers many benefits to foreign nurses and doctors planning to work in the UK. Here we have mentioned some of the benefits of nursing jobs in UK.

  • Access to jobs in NHS and Private hospitals across UK. 
  • There is no placement or processing fees.
  • You can avail of free training for CBT and OSCE tests. 
  • There is also free visa application support. 
  • You will also get free flight tickets and airport pickup. 
  • Authorities also provide free temporary accommodation. 
  • You also get access to free location support. 

Perks of Working as a Nurse in UK

There is more to it when you start working. The work culture in the UK is amazing. People enjoy working in the UK because of the quality of life offered as well as the positive work environment. Moreover, working as a nurse in the UK comes with additional benefits. 

  • You get extra payments for nights and weekends. 
  • You get 28 days of paid leave initially which is later extended to 33 days. 
  • Nursing jobs in UK would mean 8 bank holidays in the leave calendar. 
  • You also get access to the NHS pension scheme. 

Salary for a Nurse in the UK

The basic salary received for nursing jobs in UK is €28,407 to €34,581 per year. This is for 37.5 hours of work per week and extra time means extra income for the nurses. Also, the exact pay will depend on the area of specialisation, experience of the nurse and the workplace. The salary for highly experienced nurses can reach up to £48,879 per year. 

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Eligibility Criteria for Nursing Jobs in UK for Indians

The eligibility to become a nurse in the UK is not so difficult to achieve. One must have the following qualifications to get nursing jobs in UK; 

  • You must have a nursing degree or diploma. 
  • You should attain a nursing license in the UK.
  • A health-care worker visa would also be required. 
  • Hospitals often prefer 6 to 12 months of experience of work as a nurse.
  • Competitive English language proficiency.
  • A computer-based test and interview. 
  • An objective structured clinical examination. 

Computer Based Examination

This exam is available in all the countries that can send candidates as nurses to the UK. This is the first part of the test and here are important details about this test. 

  • This is the Test of Competence (ToC) part 1 for the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). 
  • It tests your skills and knowledge. 
  • It has 115 Multiple Choice Questions
  • The duration of the test is 3 hours. 
  • It contains a numeracy test, objective questions and a theory test. 
  • This test is available at Pearson VUE test centres in many countries. 

Objective Structured Clinical Examination

This is the second part of the Test of Competence. This test always happens only in the UK and overseas candidates have to travel to the UK for this test. Here are some details of the same. 

  • It also tests a candidate for their applied knowledge and practice. 
  • It tests the individuals on basic skills like taking blood pressure etc. 
  • There are 5 test centres for this part of the test namely; Oxford Brookes University, University of Northampton, Ulster University, Northumbria University and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • The test has 10 testing stations, these include 3 stations for the nursing associate care process scenario, 5 stations for skill testing and 2 stations for values and behavioural evaluation as well as evidence-based practice. 
  • The fee for the test is £794. The fee is reduced to £397 if you need to resit less than 7 stations. 

Language Proficiency Test

You will also be required to prove that you are proficient in English for nursing jobs in UK. These are some language requirements for the test. 

  • There are two tests IELTS and OET accepted for English language proficiency scores.
  • The accepted IELTS score is 7.0. 
  • You must score a 7 in the Listening, Reading and Speaking sections whereas 6.5 in the Writing section.
  • The OET test requires at least a B in Listening, Reading and Speaking and a C in Writing.  

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Step-by-Step Process to Nursing Jobs in UK

Follow the given steps of application if you want to become a certified nurse in the UK. 

  • Sit for an English Proficiency Test.
  • Complete the NMC application for qualifications and Eligibility. 
  • Take the Test of Competence part 1. 
  • Attend interviews.
  • Secure a job offer. 
  • Get a sponsorship certificate from the employer. 
  • Apply for a Health and Care Worker Visa (Tier 2 visa).
  • Travel to the UK. 
  • Sit for the OSCE exam (Test of Competence part 2).
  • Complete your NMC registration. 
  • Start working as a nurse in the UK.   

For further information, you can watch the video below


OET Accepted Countries for Nurses

Occupational English Test or OET is an English examination conducted for healthcare professionals. OET exam results are recognized in several countries. Some of them are listed below:

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Malta
  • Philippines
  •  Maldives
  •  Namibia
  • New Zealand
  • Qatar
  • United States of America.
  •  Philippines
  • Ukraine
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates United States of America.


How do I get a job as a Nurse in the UK?

To get a job as a nurse in the UK one needs to prove their language proficiency, clear a computer-based test and an objective structured clinical examination. One also has to apply to NMC for job applications and sit for interviews during the application. 

What is the salary of a Nurse in the UK?

The basic salary received by a nurse in the UK is €28,407 to €34,581 per year. The salary for highly experienced nurses can reach up to £48,879 per year. 

Is Nursing a high-paying job in the UK?

Yes, Nursing is a highly-paid and in-demand job in the UK. The salary for highly experienced nurses can reach up to £48,879 per year. 

Can nurses trained in India work in the UK?

Yes, nurses with Indian degrees and experience can also work in the UK. They will need to prove their language proficiency, and clear a computer-based test and an objective structured clinical examination.

How do I migrate to UK as a nurse?

To migrate to the UK check the eligibility requirements. If you meet the eligibility criteria to work in the UK, take a language test. Next, apply to work as a Nurse. The NHS Trust will conduct an interview. Those who clear the interview will be employed directly. The NHS trust will support the applicant with their Health and Care Visa application.

This is all the information about how to find nursing jobs in the UK, if you want to read blogs on part-time jobs follow Leverage Edu. 

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