Chartered Accountant Salary In Canada In 2024: An Overview

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Chartered Accountant Salary in Canada

The profession of a Chartered accountant is one of the most highly reputed and best-paid careers in Canada. The country provides a very good market for chartered accounts to thrive and grow. The opportunities are high and so are the competition levels in the industry. Before stepping inside a carer let’s have a clear knowledge of the salary. Read the following blog completely and learn all the details about Chartered accountant salary in Canada.


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Average Chartered Accountant Salary In Canada

The average pay of the chartered accountant is pretty high in Canada. The average annual salary comes out to be 102,700 CAD. The following tables contain the average salary based on a high, low, and monthly basis.

Average yearly salary102,700 CAD
Highest yearly salary156,200 CAD
Lowest yearly salary54,700 CAD
Average monthly salary8,558 CAD
Highest monthly salary13,016 CAD
Lowest monthly salary4,588 CAD

Experience Based Chartered Accountant Salary In Canada

The level of experience is the most important factor that comes into play in the salary range decision for any profession. The level of experience determines your proficiency in work and level of knowledge. Therefore the higher experienced employees are paid a higher amount of salary. A chartered accountant with 2 years of experience earns around 23% more salary comparatively.

chartered accountant salary in canada

Education Based Chartered Accountant Salary In Canada

There is a difference in the salary based on the level of education qualification. The employees with higher educational qualifications are expected to earn a higher amount of salary considering the higher level of knowledge and skills. Employees qualified with master’s degrees earn around 29% of higher salaries compared to employees qualified with bachelor’s degrees.

The following has the average salary calculated against the level of education:

Educational QualificationSalary 
Diploma or certificate75.800 CAD
Bachelor’s Degree101,400 CAD
Master’s Degree140,200 CAD

Chartered Accountant Salary In Canada Compared By Sectors

The public and private sectors commonly show the difference in the average pay of the employees. The public sector is seen to be paying higher salaries in comparison to the private sector for most of the professions. The private sector pays approximately 6% of lower salary compared to the public sector.

Sector Salary 
Public sector 123,000 CAD
Private sector115,600 CAD

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City Based Comparison Of Chartered Accountant Salary In Canada

Some cities in the same country show a slight difference in the average salary of the same professions. To get a better understanding of the Chartered accountant salary in Canada, let’s compare salaries in different cities. The salaries of various cities are given below:

chartered accountant salary in canada

Chartered Accountant Salary In Canada Compared To Other Professions

By comparing the average salary of a chartered accountant with the salaries of other similar professions a very clear image of the range can be extracted. The following table contains some professions from the same industry and their average salary, let’s compare and understand with the help of it:

Profession Salary 
Accountant 80,400 CAD
Accounting assistant 65,100  CAD
Accounting head169,700 CAD
Audit director191,100 CAD
Billing clerk68,100  CAD
Bookkeeper 58,700 CAD
Budget analyst140,200 CAD
Budget manager175,200 CAD
Cash flow analyst134,100 CAD
Assistant corporate controler112,700 CAD
Assistant financial controler118,900 CAD
Accounts payable clerk63,700 CAD
Accounts receivable administrator117,100 CAD
Accounts officer68,100 CAD


What is the increment rate of the average chartered accountant salary in Canada?

A pay raise or increment is an annual percentage of increased pay provided to the employer on their fixed salary. The increment rate for the chartered accountant’s salary generally depends completely upon the employer, your performance, and your skills. However, the average percentage of pay raise that a chartered accountant can expect is of 10% every 12 months.

Is there any pay gap between male and female chartered accountants in Canada?

There are several efforts made to remove the gender difference from the workplace completely. But certain aspects are yet to move completely in the direction of no difference. There is a slight difference in the salary of a chartered accountant for males and females. The females in this profession are expected to earn around 4% lower salary compared to the males in the same industry and profession.

What are the skills required to be a chartered accountant in Canada?

Chartered accountant requires the following set of skills:
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Skill of Commercial awareness
Professionalism at work
Time management skills
Problem-solving and analytical skills
Attention to detail, etc.

This was a detailed blog with complete information on the Chartered accountant salary in Canada. To read more such informative blogs on salary and jobs-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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