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optician salary in canada

If you are looking for a stable and respected career that is flexible and provides a lot of comfort, being an optician is an excellent choice, especially in Canada. The openings for the job of technician have increased in recent years, especially for skilled professionals. Before deciding upon the job it is good to know if the profession you are opting for is paid fairly. With the help of this blog, let’s know all about the optician salary in Canada.


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Average Optician Salary In Canada

The job of the optician in Canada is rewarding in terms of salary and pay-related benefits. The following is the average salary paid to opticians in Canada:

  • The average yearly salary of an optician is 204,900 CAD
  • The average highest salary is 324,100 CAD
  • The average lowes salary is 95,100 CAD
  • The average monthly salary of an optician is 17,075 CAD
  • The average highest salary is 27,008 CAD
  • The average lowest salary is 7,925 CAD

Your salary as an optician might differ and vary from the average given above as the salary is decided based on several factors like education, experience, etc.

Optician Salary In Canada Based On Experience Level

Highly experienced individuals have a high level of skills, knowledge of the subject and proficiency at work. Working over the years you gain a better insight into the field. Therefore, the level of experience is a very crucial factor in the determination of the salary. As an optician, if you have 2 to 5 years of experience you can easily fetch a salary hype of around 35% percent. The following image contains the details about the salary and its difference over the years of experience.

optician salary in canada

Optician Salary In Canada Based On Education Level

The salary of an employee is highly affected based on the level of education the person has. Higher education means higher knowledge of the subject and a better understanding of the functioning. 

  • Employees with bachelor’s degrees earn around 25% of higher salary compared to the employees with a diploma or certification level of education qualification
  • Employees holding a master’s degree are expected to earn even more than 30% of the salary in comparison to bachelor’s degree holders
  • A PhD can fetch you 22% more salary than the master’s level of educational qualification

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Optician Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The private and public sectors show differences in the pay of employees. Talking about the average pay in Canada, the public sector pays higher salaries compared to the private sector of the country. The difference in the pay is approximately 6%. Private sector employees earn 6% lower salary comparatively.

Sector Average salary per year
Public sector 123,000 CAD
Private sector115,600 CAD

Optician Salary In Canada In Different Cities

The different cities in Canada might have different salaries for the opticians. By knowing the average salary in different cities you can decide which city is best for you to work in based on the high salary pay. The following image can be referred to learn about the average salary for opticians in different cities in Canada.

optician salary in canada

Optician Salary In Canada Compared To Similar Professions

To get a better understanding of an optician’s salary in Canada let us compare the average salary of an optician to similar professions in the same industry. The table below contains similar professions to opticians and the average salary paid to them in Canada:

Profession Average Salary
Assistant Pharmacy Director 193,300 CAD
Associate Medical Affairs Director 254,400 CAD
Assistant Pharmacist99,700 CAD
Bioinformatics Scientist107,300 CAD
Biological Technician102,700 CAD
Chemical Process Technician114,300 CAD
Clinical Pharmacist147,900 CAD
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist 185,900 CAD
Lab Technician Assistant86,800 CAD
Clinical Research Associate134,700 CAD
Care Coordinator54,100 CAD
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 109,700 CAD

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Is the job of an optician rewarding in Canada?

The job of an optician is rewarding in terms of salary and other benefits in Canada. The career is highly flexible and provides stability and enough time to maintain a proper work-life balance. 

Is there any difference in the pay of male and female opticians in Canada?

There is a difference in the pay of males and females average salary in the profession of optician. The females are seen earning a lower income compared to males for the same job. The difference in pay is approximately 4%.  

What is the average pay raise that can be expected in the profession of optician?

The increment rate is always dependent upon the employee’s performance and the employer. However, the average pay raise on the salary that can be expected in this profession is 8% every 12 months in Canada.

This was all about the Optician salary in Canada. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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