Software Engineer Salary in Dubai in 2024: Top Jobs & Best Paying Companies

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Software Engineer salary in Dubai

Dubai, Software Engineer Salary in 2024: Do you know that Software Engineers in Dubai are the third highest best-paid ones in the world? Compared to the software engineer salaries in London, Amsterdam and Berlin, the software engineers in Dubai earn nearly 30% better salaries. Moreover, the country also offers an income tax-free environment for national as well as international employees. On top of that, the demand for employees in the technology sector is growing as well. 

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Average Software Engineer Salary in Dubai (2024)

The average monthly salary of a software engineer in Dubai is between 4,500 AED to 25,000 AED per month. It can also go up to 30,000 AED per month. The mean average is therefore 15,000 AED per month in the city and for some sectors 22,000 AED. 

The annual compensation for the salary is therefore between 208,259 AED to 422,58 AED. Above your base salary, you can also earn a compensation of up to 12,000 AED as a software engineer. 

The experience, expertise, skills, and qualifications of the candidates influence these averages. If you want to work on an hourly basis, your compensation will be somewhere around 101 AED per hour. 

Software Engineer salary in Dubai

Dubai Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience

Salary and position are rewarding while you work as a software engineer in Dubai. Furthermore, after every few years of experience, you will be earning better salaries. This implies that promotions and hikes are regularly provided to all employees. 

Entry-level software engineers earn between 7,500 AED and 22,000 AED per month. Gain 4 to 5 years of experience and your salary goes up to 38,000 AED per month. Senior software engineers in Dubai will earn around 390,396 AED annually.

Software Engineer salary in Dubai

How Well Paid are Software Engineers in Dubai?

After professions such as Product Manager, Machine Learning, Engineer, Data Scientist and Growth Marketing Analyst, Software Engineering is the best-paid job in Dubai among all. Set aside the cities of Silicon Valley and you will find Dubai to be the best-paying city for Software Engineers. 

Best Companies for Software Engineers Salary in Dubai 

The following list contains names of the various companies that pay exceptional Software Engineer salaries in Dubai. You can go through this list to target the listed companies or take an idea of better pay and negotiate accordingly. 

Company NameLevel & Experience Average Salary 
Key Loop L3/ 5 years322,050 AED per year
DerivL3/ 6 years109,790 AED per year
RapydNA/ 2-4 years293,797 AED per year
JustlifeSenior/ 12 years175,663 AED per year
Revolut Mid Level/ 5 years440,418 AED per year
MVP Tech Senior/ 10 years348,791 AED per year
TalabatIC3/ 8 years382,657 AED per year
CareemMid Level/ 5-10 years841,376 AED per year
The Emirates Group Entry Level/ 2-4 years11,000 AED per month
DubizzleMid Level/ 5-7 years19,500 AED per month
EmaratechEntry Level/ 4-6 years13,000 AED per month
Emirates NBDMid Level/ 5-7 years21,333 AED per month
Google Mid Level/ 5-7 years1,00,000 AED per year
Microsoft Mid Level/ 5-7 years16,667 AED per month
Huspy Senior/ 6-8 years20,000 AED per month

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Highest Paying Cities for Software Engineers Near Dubai 

Some cities pay better than the rest. Although we know that Dubai is better than the rest of the cities in UAE for a Software Engineer salary, it is wise to give you some figures to compare. Therefore, the following list contains names of the highest-paying cities for software engineers near Dubai with the average salaries offered. 

City Average Salary 
Ajman132 AED per hour
Abu Dhabi96.62 AED per hour
Jumeirah91.53 AED per hour
Sharjah4.48 AED per hour
Dubai Silicon Oasis138 AED per hour

Best Job Posts for Software Engineers in Dubai

Job profiles related to or close to that of a software engineer are hard to acquire. To have an easy experience while looking for such jobs, it is beneficial to have an idea about related positions available in the area you are targeting for work. Therefore, here is a list of job roles related to software engineers in Dubai and their salaries. 

Job RolesAverage Salary 
Developer 6,362 AED per month
Full Stack Developer 5,737 AED per month
Application Developer 5,536 AED per month
Back End Developer 6,263 AED per month
Front End Developer 6,616 AED per month
Web Developer 3,825 AED per month
Principal Software Engineer  3,35,500 AED per year 
Software Development Engineer 15,000 AED per year
Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) 18,324 AED per year
Software Engineer II 27,300 AED

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How much does a software engineer earn in Dubai?

The average monthly salary of a software engineer in Dubai is between 4,500 AED to 25,000 AED per month. It can also go up to 30,000 AED per month. The mean average is therefore 15,000 AED per month in the city and for some sectors 22,000 AED. 

What is a good IT salary in Dubai?

A good IT salary in Dubai is 22,000 AED on average. Candidates with the right skill set even with 3-6 years of experience can easily make this amount in Dubai. 

Is 10,000 AED a good salary in Dubai?

Yes, 10,000 AED falls under the average salary of 7,500 AED to 25,000 AED, therefore it is a good salary. Apart from the base pay, candidates working in Dubai can also earn additional compensation. 

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