What is the Average Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Dubai in 2024?

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Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Dubai

Cardiovascular technologists, also known as cardiovascular technicians, are specialists in the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of vascular and heart-related conditions. If you are thinking about becoming a cardiovascular technologist, knowing their average salary can help you make a better decision. In this article, we discuss the defined salary structure of a cardiovascular technologist based on education and experience. We have also added, shared, and compared the profession with similar jobs.


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How Much Salary for a Cardiovascular Technologist in Dubai per Month?

The financial outlook for Cardiovascular Technologists in Dubai is promising. The average annual salary sits at a comfortable 189,300 AED, translating to roughly 15,775 AED per month.  There’s a range to consider, with some positions offering as low as 97,840 AED annually (8,153 AED monthly) and high performers reaching salaries exceeding 286,400 AED per year (23,866 AED monthly).

Given figures for salaries represent information as of the time of writing from Indeed Salaries. The hiring organization, a candidate’s experience, education, and geography can all affect their pay.

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Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Dubai By Experience Level 

Once you have the necessary training and experience, write a compelling CV that highlights your credentials and experience. Having the appropriate experience will determine how much money you make as a cardiovascular technologist.

cardiovascular technologist salary in dubai

Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Dubai By Education Level 

This degree program, which usually lasts three or four years, provides specialized instruction and training in cardiovascular surgery, equipment, and technology. You can raise your earning range depending on your level of education by adding many years to your education. 

EducationAverage Salary Per Year  
Bachelor’s Degree158,700 AED
Master’s Degree217,900 AED

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Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Dubai By Organisation

Typically, cardiovascular technologists are employed by hospitals, super-speciality clinics, diagnostic labs, private practices, and other healthcare facilities. The following list of job categories includes cardiovascular technologist salaries

OrganisationAverage Salary Per Month
Turkey Ministry of Health37,000 AED-43,000 AED
Medical Specialists Center9,000 AED-11,000 AED
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre66,000 AED-76,000 AED
Dubai Health Authority36,000 AED-42,000 AED
Canadian Specialist Hospital45,000 AED-54,000 AED
Neuro Spinal Hospital41,000 AED-49,000 AED
Gargash Hospital51,000 AED-59,000 AED
Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital65,000 AED-65,000 AED
Tabba Heart Institute10,000 AED-15,000 AED
Careerlink HR LLC9,000 AED-12,000 AED
NMC Health Plc12,000 AED-15,000 AED
Page Group8,000 AED-14,000 AED
NMC Health plc7,000 AED-12,000 AED
Search plus Human Resources8,000 AED-10,000 AED
Michael Page12,000 AED-15,000 AED

Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Dubai By Cities 

This given salary figure can vary depending on the location of the employer. Your city, where you are working, can also influence the salary amount you earn as a cardiovascular technologist in Dubai.

cardiovascular technologist salary in dubai

Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Dubai By Positions 

As a point of comparison, the following medical positions bear similarities to those of cardiovascular technicians.

Position Average Salary Per Month
Ultrasonographer9,129 AED
Sonographer9,805 AED
Echocardiologist28,097 AED
Technologist7,848 AED
X-ray Technician6,155 AED
CT Technologist12,813 AED
Physician14,202  AED
Nurse Practitioner4,516 AED
Gastroenterologist37,447 AED
Emergency Medicine Physician31,843 AED
Urgent Care Physician19,760 AED
Internal Medicine Physician26,184 AED

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Q1: How much does a cath lab technologist make in Dubai?

155,149 AED  to 267,324 AED  is the typical wage range for a cardiac catheterization technician.

Q2: How much do blood bank technologists make in Dubai?

In the United Arab Emirates, a technologist at Blood Bank typically makes 106  AED per hour or 220,341 AED  per year. A Technologist Blood Bank typically takes between 155,561 AED and  267,053 AED.

Q3: What is the highest-paid cardiovascular tech?

The median pay for cardiovascular technologists was 63,020 AED  in 2024. In that year, $81,740 was earned by the highest-paid 25% and 39,430 AED  by the lowest-paid 25%.

Q4: Is cardiovascular technology in demand?

Graduates in cardiovascular technology are highly sought after by specialty, super specialty, and tertiary care hospitals.

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