Is it Possible to Earn 205,400 GBP in the United Kingdom? Let’s Explore the Average Data Scientist Salary in UK

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Data Scientist Salary in UK

In the UK, there is a high rise in the need for Data Scientists. The primary cause of this is the wide variety of pay and experience gained from working for reputable companies. The majority of businesses in the United Kingdom pay high salaries to qualified data scientists. This Profession is expected to have greater competence due to their education and experience, which will enable them to develop successful projects and provide significant advantages for the business. In order to provide greater clarity, we have outlined the critical elements for compensation increases in this blog post, along with the average data scientist salary in UK. 

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What is the Average Salary of Data Scientist in UK?

If you want to work as a data scientist, the United Kingdom is an excellent area to work. Opportunities for interesting work are plentiful. In the UK, a data scientist’s pay might be anything from 57,000 GBP to 180,000 GBP. A data scientist typically makes between 116,000 GBP to Still, this pay may differ from company to firm and also based on the UK city in which you land a paying job.

Data Scientist Salary In UK By Years Of Experience

One of the main elements that influence your pay as a data analyst is the experience you have. You can go to more senior roles as a data analyst with more experience. As we’ve already discussed, you can progress to more senior roles as a data analyst the longer you work in the field. Salary for scientists in the UK based on experience level: 

Data Scientist Salary in UK

Data Scientist Salary In UK By Education

The typical wage for a data scientist in the UK is also determined by the caliber of their postsecondary degree. Here, we’ve included the UK salaries for data scientists along with their educational background: 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree103,600 GBP
Master’s Degree142,100 GBP
PhD187,500 GBP

Data Scientist Salary in UK By Companies 

Your pay as a data analyst is influenced by the industry you work for because every industry needs data analysts to improve business and decision-making. The top industries in the UK that provide data scientists with competitive pay are highlighted below. 

Companies Average Salary Per Year 
Digital Futures27,500 GBP
Hastings Direct35,000 GBP
Ekimetrics38,750 GBP
Royal Mail43,500 GBP
Experian45,000  GBP
Digital Futures27,500 GBP
Google40,372 GBP
Bühler Group35,000 GBP
BT Group40,000 GBP
BBC35,500 GBP
QBE35,700 GBP
Frontier Economics40,000 GBP
Faculty.ai36,000 GBP – 57,000 GBP
Source Global Research36,000 GBP – 38,000 GBP
CGI31,000 GBP – 33,000 GBP
RISQ43,000 GBP – 52,000 GBP

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Data Scientist Salary In UK By Cities 

According to Glassdoor, the following are some examples of the typical yearly compensation for data analysts in the UK’s largest cities:

Data Scientist Salary in UK

Data Scientist Salary In UK Based On Job Roles

As you advance in the UK as a data analyst, you have a choice from a variety of professional roles. Depending on your interests, expertise, and abilities. Here we have mentioned the types of jobs roles with salaries: 

Job Roles Average Salary Per Year 
Data Scientist 43,432 GBP
Data Analyst37,814 GBP
Database Developer46,759 GBP
Data Mining Scientist39,359 GBP
Business analyst48,741  GBP
Analytics manager70,561  GBP
Data Architect78,562  GBP
Data Engineer49,722 GBP
Database Administrator41,510  GBP
Software Engineer48,524 GBP
Data Engineer45,000 GBP
Systems Engineer44,977 GBP

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Will data science be in demand in 2026?

Data science is highly sought after these days. The job with the fastest growth is that of a data scientist. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2026, the percentage of jobs in this sector will increase to 27.9%. Very few people have the skills required for a career in data science.

Is the UK good for data science?

The UK is the ideal place to study for an MS in Data Science because it provides the greatest education available. Several other nations, such as the UK, Australia, Canada, etc., provide master’s degrees in data science and give their students top-notch education.

Why choose the UK for data science?

Graduates in data science are in high demand in the UK. This is only one of the several reasons overseas students choose to study data science in the UK. Career Opportunities: The employment rate for students with a master’s degree in data science is 96%.

This was all about the average salary of a data scientist in the UK for more informative blogs on salary follow Leverage Edu with our official jobs abroad page. 

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