Know Pharmacist Salary in Dubai in 2024: By Experience, Education, Cities

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Pharmacist Salary in Dubai

Pharmacists are essential in providing patients with medical advice and making sure that pharmaceuticals are used safely and effectively. They evaluate the medical history of the patient and suggest the best course of treatment, dosage, and mode of administration. Pharmacists provide medicines, track patients’ progress in therapy, and offer information about them. In certain instances, they could conduct laboratory tests and physical examinations to identify problems and recommend remedies. This was all about the details of Pharmacists. Now we will discuss about Pharmacist salary in Dubai based on some factors including experience, education, and organization. 

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How Much Does a Pharmacist Earn in Dubai?

The average annual pay for a pharmacist working in Dubai is approximately 225,700 AED; however, this can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being approximately 107,580 AED and the highest average salary being 351,200 AED.

Pharmacist earnings in the United Arab Emirates range from $56,000 to $120,000 annually, according to PayScale. Remember that geography, education, and experience all affect salary. Experienced pharmacists make a lot more money than just graduated ones.

Pharmacists typically make about $65,000 a year, while pharmacy technicians make about $43,000. With more than 1,500 pharmacies in operation, the majority of them prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree, however, some may only require a high school certificate or GED.

Average Annual Salary225,700 AED
Average Monthly Salary18,808 AED
Lowest Annual Salary107,580 AED
Lowest Monthly Salary8,965 AED
Highest Annual Salary351,200 AED
Highest Monthly Salary29,266 AED

Pharmacist Salary in Dubai Based on Experience

To give you an idea of how the average varies when you work for a given amount of time, we have looked at the average pharmacist’s income based on years of experience. 

Pharmacist Salary in Dubai

Pharmacist Salary in Dubai Based on Education 

To determine how much more you can make at each education level, we analyzed the earnings of workers in the same job and career level but with varying degrees of education in our research.

Level of Education Average Salary 
Diploma50,000 AED 
Bachelor’s Degree 90,000 AED 
Master’s Degree 294,000 AED

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Pharmacist Salary in Dubai Based on Organisations 

The compensation of a pharmacist in Dubai is shown in the table below, which is dependent on the categories of companies:

Company Name Average Salary 
Life Pharmacy5,000 AED
Digital Pharmacist5,650 AED 
Boots8,742 AED  
Aster Pharmacy5,600 AED 
BinSina Pharmacy7,500 AED 
NMC Healthcare5,750 AED 
DOCIB Healthcare4,750 AED 
Adam Vital Hospital6,000 AED 
Marina Pharmacy4,000 AED 
Mercato Family Pharmacy8,000 AED 
Al Garhoud Private Hospital5,000 AED 
Pharmacist’s Letter6,000 AED 
AstraZeneca4,000 AED 

Pharmacist Salary in Dubai Based on Cities 

Salary information for positions similar to pharmacists in Dubai can be seen in the picture below.

Pharmacist Salary in Dubai

Highest-Paying Pharmacist Jobs in Dubai 

We have compensation data for positions that are comparable to pharmacists in Dubai in the table below.

Jobs Positions Average Salary 
Hospital Pharmacist10,000 AED 
Retail Pharmacist4,500 AED 
Staff Pharmacist5,500 AED 
Assistant Pharmacy Director394,300 AED
Clinical Consultant330,700 AED
Biotechnologist301,600 AED
Clinical Pharmacist307, 400 AED
Clinical Programmer164,200 AED
Nuclear Pharmacist323, 500 AED 

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What is the average salary of a Pharmacist in Dubai?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a pharmacist makes an average of AED 11,500 a month. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a pharmacist’s supplementary financial remuneration ranges from AED 2,300 to AED 12,000, with an average of AED 6,000.

How much Does a Pharmacist make a year?

Here is the average pay of a Pharmacist based on the report we get from different sources: 
₹19.6 lakhs per year (approximately USD 23,300) based on
₹20 lakhs per year (approximately USD 23,800) based on Payscale
₹260,000 per year (approximately USD 3,100) based on

What is the Pharmacist’s average salary by country?

Here is a list of a few Top countries with the highest Pharmacist salary
Pharmacists’ average salary in the United States is US$133,014.
Pharmacist average salary in Canada is CA$106,000
Pharmacist average salary in Australia is A$88,843
Pharmacist average salary in Switzerland is $83,600 – $127,000

Can I become a pharmacist in another country?

It usually depends on the curriculum of the university where the pharmacist got his degree. Besides the recognition of the diploma, the guest country may also ask for other criteria, like knowledge of the language, specific national regulations (prescription-only medicines, reimbursement, etc. ), reliability, etc.

This was all about the Survey of Pharmacist Salary in Dubai in 2024: By Experience, Education, and Cities. For more articles on salaries follow the Jobs Abroad page on the Leverage Edu site. 

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