What is the Average Bartender Salary in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2024

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Bartender Salary in Dubai

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, hotel, or bar and watched the skilled bartenders mix and serve drinks? Have you ever wished you could learn that skill and turn that dream into a career? This profession is exciting and one of the most demanding due to its high potential. If you are looking to become a professional bartender and want to know exactly how much you can earn as a bartender, This blog is a complete guide to help you understand the bartender salary in Dubai. Let’s explore here!


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How Much a Bartender Earn in Dubai?

The world of bartending in Dubai offers a range of salary possibilities.  While the average bartender pulls in a yearly salary of 95,720 AED (approximately 7,976 AED monthly), the spectrum can be quite wide.  Newcomers to the scene might start around 48,340 AED annually (4,028 AED monthly), while seasoned bartenders with experience and expertise can command upwards of 152,000 AED per year (12,666 AED monthly).

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Bartender Salary in Dubai By Experience Level 

Experience behind your job can have a big impact on a bartender’s pay. You can investigate your pay range depending on your experience here.

bartender salary in dubai

Bartender Salary in Dubai By Education Level 

Once you’ve determined the skills needed, you must pursue official training or schooling if your goal is to work as a professional bartender. Having the right education can help you get paid more. 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
High School74,540 AED
Certificate or Diploma127,700 AED

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Bartender Salary in Dubai By Organisation 

If you work as a bartender, several organizations may provide varying compensation ranges. Here are a few of the top businesses that pay bartenders the highest salaries. 

Organisation Average Salary Per Month
Marriott International1,591 AED
Jumeirah4,091 AED
Hilton4,733 AED
Atlantis The Palm, Dubai5,000 AED
Ritz-Carlton3,000 AED
Sheraton8,000 AED
Waiter2,000 AED
JW Marriott2,000 AED 
Addmind Hospitality Group4,000 AED 
W Hotels2,000 AED 
Riu Hotels7,000 AED 
SLS Hotels3,000 AED 
MH Alshaya4,000 AED
Rotana Hotel Management2,000 AED
Accor2,000 AED
Hyatt14,000 AED
Al Habtoor Group8,000 AED
Starbucks3,000 AED 

Bartender Salary in Dubai By Cities 

The majority of Dubai’s cities provide bartenders with a fair income with Apple Jobs, a result of the increasing demand for bartender labor in the region. We have listed the top cities with the largest income ranges here. 

bartender salary in dubai

Bartender Salary in Dubai By Positions

Similar to bartenders, there are a variety of vocations available in the hotel and hospitality industry. These are a few of the highest-paying jobs in Dubai. 

PositionsAverage Salary Per Month
Server2,688 AED
Front End Associate3,913 AED
Host/Hostess4,363 AED
Food Runner2,580 AED
Front of House Team Member4,949 AED
Beverage Server3,500 AED
Barista3,000 AED
Waitress/Bartender1,007 AED

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How much does a Bartender earn in Dubai?

In Dubai, a bartender typically makes AED 3,000 a month. In Dubai, the highest bartender pay is AED 4,500, while the lowest salary is AED 2,000. This is predicated on fifteen Dubai-based bartenders who recently signed up with GulfTalent. The most recent openings are listed under Dubai’s bartending jobs.

Is 3,000 AED a good salary in Dubai?

Is 3000 AED a decent wage? Though the UAE isn’t the cheapest place to live, 3000 AED can appear reasonable. For necessities, it’s OK, but not for savings or entertainment. With this salary, you can also have trouble finding cheap accommodation because rent is one of the major expenses in the United Arab Emirates.

Do bartenders get tips in Dubai?

Since your waiter or waitress is probably splitting their tip with the kitchen workers, it’s traditional to tip them a little bit more than you would a bartender. You can round up to the next big amount at pubs and cafés in Dubai, or you can tip a little amount each time you order a drink.

This was all about the average bartender salary in Dubai. For more such informative blogs, follow Leverage Edu and our official page, Jobs Abroad. 

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