Top Part Time Jobs Birmingham

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Top Part Time Jobs Birmingham

Birmingham is a city full of energy and enthusiasm—a great place to live and work. It is also one of the youngest cities in Europe, with under-25s accounting for nearly 40% of our population. Hence, Birmingham has over 400 schools, 15 universities, and three university colleges within an hour’s drive of the city. All institutes in Birmingham provide a variety of part-time job opportunities as well to their students. In Birmingham, students can explore on-campus as well as off-campus job options. For more details about part-time jobs in Birmingham, read this full article.

Average Working Hours 20 hours per week 
Average hourly payEUR 10-EUR 20 per hour
Average monthly payEUR 232.90 monthly 

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Benefits of Doing Part Time Jobs in Birmingham

There are several benefits of doing part-time jobs in Birmingham; here are a few of them listed below:

Top Part Time Jobs Birmingham
  • Birmingham is one of the best destinations for international students looking for part-time jobs. Part-time jobs in Birmingham allow students to gain valuable career-building experience while studying and help them support themselves in their studies.
  • Another advantage of doing part-time jobs in Birmingham is that it helps students build a good network connection for future job opportunities.
  • Additionally, part-time jobs in Birmingham help students cover their living expenses. By taking up a job in Birmingham, you will not only be able to keep better track of your funds but also gain work experience.

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Rules & Regulations for Part Time Jobs in Birmingham

Here are the rules and regulations you can go through before enrolling in a part-time job in Birmingham:

  • In Birmingham, part-timers have a right to equal pay, including bonuses and other expenses. For example, in the construction industry sick, and paid leave is available.
  • You can only work up to 20 hours per week.
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Here is a list of some of the most popular part-time jobs in Birmingham. Choose your best part-time jobs and get relevant experience according to your education and field:

Jobs positions Types of Jobs Average Income Per Hour 
Driver CourierPermanent | Part-timeEUR 12 per hour
Van DriverPermanent | Part-timeEUR 10.50 per hour
Kitchen Showroom Sales AssistantPermanent | Part-timeEUR 12.5 per hour
Local Cleaners Permanent | Part-timeEUR 11 to EUR 15 per hour
Warehouse worker Permanent | Part-timeEUR 4.05 – EUR 15.37 an hour
Waiter/WaitressPermanent | Part-timeEUR 6.83 – EUR 11.83 an hour
ReceptionistPermanent | Part-timeEUR 12.50 – EUR 15.25 an hour
Housekeeping Team Member Permanent | Part-timeEUR 11,440 a year
Customer ServicePermanent | Part-timeEUR 9 – EUR 11 an hour
Nursery AssistantPermanent | Part-timeUp to EUR 14 an hour
Hotel Room AttendantPermanent | Part-timeFrom EUR 10.42 an hour
Bar Crew MemberPermanent | Part-timeFrom EUR10.60 an hour

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Eligibility Requirements for Working Part Time Jobs in Birmingham

Here are a few of the eligibility requirements that you need to follow while applying for part-time jobs in Birmingham:

  • You must have a Tier 4 visa to be eligible to do part-time jobs in Birmingham.
  • Furthermore, you must have a valid passport and study visa.
  • You must also be pursuing your degree from a designated institution in Birmingham.
  • Additionally, the applicant must provide proof of English proficiency.

Top Companies Offering Part-Time Job Opportunities 

Here is a list of some top companies that are offering part-time job opportunities in Birmingham:

  • Mama Roux’s
  • Sommar Waterloo
  • Inicio Cleans 
  • So Pristine LTD 
  • Purecraft Bar & Kitchen
  • FB Holdings 
  • Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre
  • Resolute Management Limited

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Birmingham Average Working Hours Per Week

The average working hours for full-timers is either 9 hrs for 4 days or 7.5 hrs every day. On the contrary, the average working hours of part-time workers is 15-30 hours a week. It is important to note that on a student visa, a person is allowed to work only for 20 hours per week. 


Is finding a part-time job in the UK difficult?

It’s really easy to find part-time work in the UK if you’re willing to do almost anything. You can work at pubs, restaurants, grocery stores, university unions, and other establishments for up to 20 hours a week. You will be paid the minimum wage, which is approximately five pounds per hour, although most occupations pay more than that.

What is the best part-time job in the UK?

Here is a list of some Best Part-time Jobs in the UK
Computer Programmer
Teaching Assistant / Tutor
Customer Service 
Pet Care

Where in the UK is it easiest to find work?

The top five cities for job chances are Milton Keynes, Oxford, York, St. Albans, and Norwich. These cities have robust employment rate growth, high average earnings, and good business density. Oxford has the highest employment rate growth of any UK city, rising 16.4% between 2021 and 2022.

Which work is easy to get in the UK?

Diamond Sawing & Drilling Operator, Veterinary Surgeon, Online Trainee Sales Executive
Clinic nurse, are some of the easiest jobs to get in the UK.

How to get a job offer in UK from abroad?

To get a job in the UK a person must have a certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer. Moreover, the job must come under the list of eligible occupations and must offer a minimum salary to the individual. Additionally, the employee must be proficient in English. On a work visa, a person can work for 5 years. A visa extension can be applied later on.

This was all about part-time jobs in Birmingham, for more such blogs on part time jobs follow Leverage Edu. Call us our experts to learn more about how you get part time jobs in Birmingham. 

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