Part-Time Jobs in Berlin that International Students Can Take Up

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Part Time Jobs in Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is rich in offering a diverse range of part time job opportunities to the students. In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed the importance, rules, various types of part time jobs, the key industries offering part-time job opportunities to both national and international students, and also how to apply for part time jobs in Berlin. In Berlin, part time are in huge demand as it helps the students to earn extra cash and also it provides them a good opportunity to develop their skill set while studying abroad.

Average Part time working Hours 20 hours
Part time income per week 10 – 15 euros per hour
Part time income monthly 450 euros per month
part time jobs in Berlin

Importance of Part Time Jobs in Berlin

Part time jobs have become very popular among students as they not only provide financial support but also help them grow in their professional careers. Check the importance of part time in Berlin listed below:

  • Berlin is comparatively less costly than other European countries so it is easier for the students to do Part time work and manage their cost of living & tuition fees.
  • Berlin offers a diversified job market for the students so that they get valuable experience in different fields which will further help them to build a strong professional career.
  • Students are able to expand their network and socialize as Berlin is the home to many multinational corporations that offer part time job opportunities.

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Rules for Part Time Jobs in Berlin

Students who are looking for part time jobs in Berlin must know the rules & regulations. This is to ensure that students are able to manage their studies and work without any hassle. Check below the mentioned rules & regulations:

  • International students should check their visas as there are certain restrictions on the number of working hours during their studies.
  • The students who belong to non-EU/EEA countries will need a work permit to get part time jobs. 
  • Part time workers are allowed to work for 120 full days and 240 half days in a year. After this, the students can work as a tutor or student assistants in universities.
  • Part time jobs will help students to get familiar with Berlin’s work culture and also the work ethics followed in Berlin.

Berlin offers a variety of part time jobs to students. Check some of the part time jobs listed below:

Job TitlePart Time Wages
English Instructor€23 per year
Babysitter€13.51 per hour
Bartender€12 per hour
Cashier$12 per year 
Waiter/Waitress€8.75 per hour
Delivery Driver€1,109 per hour
Courier€1,160 per month
Library Supervisor€49,435 per year
Blogging & Content Writing€63,431 per year

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Key Industries Offering Part Time Jobs in Berlin

Berlin offers dynamic employment opportunities in various industries. Some of the key industries offering part time jobs in Berlin are listed below:

How to Apply for Part Time Jobs?

There are part time job options for both national and international students in Berlin. Interested students must check the below given steps on how to apply for part time jobs in Berlin.

  • Firstly, check your eligibility for part time jobs based on your visa.
  • Secondly, prepare an attractive resume and cover letter and upload it on various job portals.
  • Thirdly, explore the various job options available in the job market such as local job agencies, online job portals, and local newspapers, and then apply for the respective jobs as per your interest.
  • Search for various industries & organizations that offer part time jobs.
  • Once you start getting invitations for interviews from your applications, start preparing interview questions & answers as per the job role.
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What are the top part time jobs in Berlin?

A wide range of part time job opportunities are offered by Berlin across various industries. Check some of the top part time jobs below:
Sales Associate
Tour Guide
Social Media Manager

Which industries are hiring for part time jobs in Berlin?

Part time jobs in Berlin cover a wide range of industries making it possible for individuals with diverse skills & backgrounds to find employment opportunities. Check below some of the listed industries hiring for part time work in Berlin.

What are the working hours for part time jobs in Berlin?

The working hours for part time work in Berlin depend on various factors such as visa, residential permit, etc. However, the students are allowed to work for 120 full days and 240 half days in a year.

How much can a student earn through part time jobs in Berlin?

The earnings from part time jobs depend on the type of industry, working hours, and also the skills and qualifications of the students. However, the minimum wage that is offered in Berlin for part time work ranges between 10-15 euros per hour.

This is all the information about top part time Jobs in Berlin – A Comprehensive Guide for national & international students, if you want to read more blogs on part-time jobs follow Our page on Leverage Edu

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